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Weekend Beat: News, Hawaii Deals, Free Things to Do

Here are but a few of the things we’re following at Beat of Hawaii this weekend.

1. Hawaiian Airlines says they’re interested in flights to Hawaii from Europe. We’ve said for years that Hawaiian is interested in flying to Europe, so there is no news here. The fact that they are likely to get upended by a division of Lufthansa, did come as a minor surprise. We’ve also expected to see Thomson Airways get into the Europe to Hawaii fray.

2. Is Hawaiian Airlines seriously considering acquiring Airbus A380 jumbo jets? That possibility made the news this week with a statement in that regard by CEO Mark Dunkerley. As for A380’s, we’ll update you soon on what we believe this talk at Hawaiian is all about. In the meantime, let’s just say don’t start planning for an A380 ride to Hawaii anytime soon.

3. Virgin America’s acquisition by Alaska Airlines is temporarily stalled. Word on the street is that the companies are in a holding pattern while the Dept. of Justice continues to review the plan. While it is nearly certain to go through, some number of additional weeks may be required before any sign-off can occur. Once the companies do merge, they will still run as two individual airlines from the public perspective, at least through 2017.

How to score free trips to Hawaii and Hawaii Deals too!

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Things to do in Hawaii: Free or value at the top of the list.

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  1. While on my phone this am I came across a wonderful article written by a man that has been writing about Maui for 30 years. The article is about 10 things you should know before you rent a car. It was a wonderful article. By the time I walked from living room to office I lost the site and cannot find it. I woukd be oh so very grateful if you can identify the article for me. Thank you so very much.

  2. Unfortunately, the last time I signed up for a “win a free trip to Hawaii” contest I found myself on the receiving end of multiple unwanted email offers from unrelated businesses. Reed the fine print of the contest rules and many include the statement that your entry is theirs to use as they wish, including your email address, which obviously some of them bundle and sell. Beware.

  3. No questions, just appreciate your work. Looking fwd to the day I can show my daughter your beautiful State.😎🏄🏼🌴

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