Big Island Cancelled Indefinitely | Pride of America Update

Our favorite cruise ship has just changed directions again and is indefinitely cancelling plans for weekly stops at both Kona and Hilo on the Big Island. The Pride of America update is as a result of “uncertain conditions resulting from volcanic activity” on the southern tip of the Big Island. The Hawaii-based, 2,138 passenger Pride of America is the only ship that provides regular weekly trips exclusively within the Hawaiian Islands.

This is very unfortunate news for visitors and especially for the businesses on the Big Island. We hope that the Pride of America Big Island stops will resume very soon. On the bright side, you’ll now have the ship as an overnight stay in Honolulu. It also opened up a second port on Maui. We’ve enjoyed the views from Lahaina when docked there previously and you will too.

How long this new itinerary will be in place is unsure. When we checked the NCL website today, we saw Big Island stops resuming on August 4. Our suggestion is to call NCL if you are currently booked or plan to sail with them this year.

Big Itinerary changes Include Overnight in Honolulu and Lahaina Stop

The company will hold the ship in port overnight after boarding on Saturdays. Departure for Maui will now be on Sundays at 5 pm instead of Saturday at 5 pm. The ship will dock at Kahului on Monday morning through Tuesday afternoon, then anchor at Lahaina on Wednesdays before continuing on to Kauai on Thursdays.

Norwegian said “Hawaii is an incredible destination and we are proud to have faithfully visited its ports for the last 14 years. We will continue to monitor the situation and hope to return to Hilo and Kona again as soon as possible.”

We’ve enjoyed two Hawaii cruises on Pride of America and have thoroughly liked the ship and crew.

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Stay tuned for a further Pride of America update. Photo by Beat of Hawaii taken along the Big Island Coast in September 2016, showing lava flow from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

7 thoughts on “Big Island Cancelled Indefinitely | Pride of America Update”

  1. Can you give us an update on NCL POA port stop on the Big Island? Does August 4 look realistic for the cruise line to return to the 2 port stops? We have reservations for Mid September and are watching patiently as we plan our port activities on the islands.

    1. Hi Steve.

      Suggest contacting NCL to be sure. It is our understanding that they have returned to their normal itinerary.


  2. This is really a shame and it’s adding insult to injury for Big Island businesses already suffering because of this volcanic event. The only area affected by this lava flow is Puna. As far as I know the ship never gets to that area anyway. The air quality is the only issue and since the volcano has been active for 40 years, the air quality has always been an issue. I think if you cancel this portion of your tour, then you should not be allowed to return to it in the future. It’s selfish and unnecessary.

  3. We are looking to visit Hawaii in December. Looking at dates Dec 12-Jan.9. How soon should I book a flight and any suggestions on how to get the cheapest flight possible. Will fly out of Houston, Tx or Austin, Tx.

  4. Hello. We are coming Fromm San Diego
    To Maui for the Maui invitational basketball tournament and are looking for flights 11/17 to Maui and 11/22 return. We would
    Love to use Southwest, but they just released the balance of
    Their 2018 schedule without offering anything on Hawaii. I suppose it is possible that they will include 2018 flights to Hawaii as part of a separate announcement and it will be in time for this tournament. Could you please share what your reading of the tea leaves tell you about when Southwest will begin selling tickets and making flights? Right now I am
    looking at @$1,100 to $1,400 per person round trip but have a Southwest companion pass and plenty of points so I would love to wait and use Southwest if there is a reasonable possibility they wil offfer service for those dates eventually.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Doug.

      Our take is first possible chance for Southwest flights is December. If you can’t change travel dates then prices will remain high. Leaving two days earlier improves options by hundreds of dollars.


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