Super Bowl Hawaii-Style Grinds Include Rambutan Stress-Reducer

Chill Out: 2024 Super Bowl Hawaii Grinds Feature Unique Stress-Reducers

It’s Super Bowl Sunday; wow, football season went faster than ever. At Beat of Hawaii, work will be happening. But that aside, for Super Bowl food on game day, guests who show up will each enjoy an abundance of Hawaii-style grinds, including a traditional dish of stress-reducing Hawaii rambutan to devour while watching the game. Read more on that below. Here in Hawaii, game time is 1:30 pm (HST), so we can step out and enjoy gatherings under the tropical sun. Sorry, East Coast…

Half-time 2024: The breaking point for Super Bowl food binging.

The Super Bowl LVIII half-time show will be headlined by Usher. Try this to whet your appetite.

For some (editor Jeff, for example), Super Bowl parties are about the grinds.

Even for the most avid football fall (Rob’s the example here), it’s a great time to gather with friends and family to enjoy the game and sample iconic Hawaii party dishes.

According to news articles, your heart needs to relax during the game, so to accomplish that, you might want to avoid fatty finger foods like dips, chips, and cheese, for example. More on that follows. This was reported years ago by the New England Journal of Medicine. As avid fans, we are emotionally connected to the game, and if “heart rate goes up, blood pressure goes up…this increases the oxygen demand on the heart.”

Here’s betting that sitting in a lotus position with a plate of rambutan will do just the trick to stay healthy and calm without missing a heartbeat.

Rambutan Super Bowl food | No recipes needed.


And now, our long-espoused relationship between rambutan and the Super Bowl. Rambutan is an exotic fruit and a favorite winter treat here in the islands on Super Bowl Sunday or anytime. You’ll see them for sale at roadside stands or farmers’ markets from December through February. These leathery-skinned fruits with pliable spines may seem odd at first. Whatever you do, don’t bite into them whole.

Here’s our playbook for the best way to prepare a plate of rambutan for the game as a snack, appetizer, or dessert:

  • Score outside with a knife around the circumference.
  • Pass the half shell without the fruit.
  • Down and In. Hold the other half and squeeze the fruit in your mouth.
  • Penalty if you eat the seed inside while you enjoy the sweet taste. Although some friends eat them and say, they are like almonds.

Hawaii-style food choices top the list.

Here’s a day when many here go for the gusto. We offer additional recommendations if Rambutan is not on your playlist. Consider some of our favorite, authentic, and top-rated Hawaii recipes, pics and all.

Epic Malasada Failure Strikes Leonard's Bakery

What’s on your Super Bowl plate today?

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11 thoughts on “Chill Out: 2024 Super Bowl Hawaii Grinds Feature Unique Stress-Reducers”

      1. No Probs!

        First is a Crispy Gau Gee recipe from good old Foodland (I made these for the game – first gone). Make sure you have hot mustard and shoyu for dipping.

        The second recipe is a “blast from the past” (remember HECO’s “Electric Kitchen”?

        When I was a kid though, poke was made from Aku (Skipjack) vs Ahi. Ahi was solely for sashimi and special occasions in my house…

        Hope this helps!

        Best Regards

          1. For Vegetarian friends, I use a Nishime based filling in the Gau Gee adding tofu and then egg and katakuriko for a binder.

            Best regards.

  1. I’m not a “fan-boy” of the NFL or pro sports in general – although I used to fly Cowboys charters at a former airline, which may I add, was a very good deal. But when Staubach retired and Tom Landry got fired, pro football kinda’ died for me … **sigh**

    But this Hawai’ian game-day pu-pu list is great !! It puts into one place some of my Aloha beach-day favorites, even if it doesn’t include a classic Huli-Huli cheeeeekin’ recipe. And Malasadas?? I’m gonna’ swoon …

    While memories of Super Bowl LVIII will only last a week or two – your ono-licious list of break-yo-mout’ pu-pu’s will last forever !!

    Thanks for posting it, Guys. ALOHA

      1. And while I try not to speak for others, I believe we all appreciate the two of you and your collective efforts on keeping us dialed-in on what’s up in ‘da Territory of Hawai’i … ooooopsss … sorry, had a Sunday pu-pu enhanced flashback to the ’50s … (smiles)

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