First Day Blues

Things were quiet yesterday when I took this photo at Nawiliwili Stream on Kauai. The day before the stream saw a visitor bus enter its waters.

Take a look at the “Bus Blunder Blues” photo and article from The Garden Island newspaper. It’s not a good promo for a helicopter company. I’m certain that they do a much better job when flying.

A new employee ended up parking the Blue Hawaiian Helicopter bus in the stream.

As it was sliding down the grass towards the water she managed to jump ship.

A quick career shift was in order.

It also looks like she (or the owner) decided it best for a career change. I saw a “help wanted” ad in the same paper yesterday for a shuttle bus driver.

Have you ever had a bad first day experience on a new job?


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1 thought on “First Day Blues”

  1. It’s a funny article at first. But the issue wasn’t the driver, the issue was the company. They obviously did not train her well enough, did not give her enough practice time in the vehicle. While she has a CDL, that doesn’t mean every vehicle is the same. I feel really bad for her being made a scapegoat on such a public situation. And jumping out? What was she supposed to do, go down with the ship?

    I just hope they train their helicopter pilots better and give them some time with the helicopters before sending them into the field (or the stream, in the above case).

    I’ve had some first day blues, but never at this level!

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