Seven Hawaii Flight Diversions | Unruly Passenger "Chokes" Out FA

Flight Attendant Choked, Causing 7th Recent Unruly Hawaii Flight Diversion

This bizarre incident adds to six other Hawaii flight diversions for unruly passenger behavior.

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21 thoughts on “Flight Attendant Choked, Causing 7th Recent Unruly Hawaii Flight Diversion”

  1. Aloha Rob and Jeff!
    How about the flight attendant assaulting me as I was disembarking my flight from Maui to SFO as she saw I was carrying my disposable pillow in my arm from my seat in First cabin. She yelled at me stating, “That’s ours, grabbed the pillow out of my arm while her long sharp nails cut my arm in three sections, right in front of hundreds of main cabin guests watching horrified as she did it. My arm bled through my blouse sleeve and stuck until I could get my baggage and soak my blouse off my injured arm.
    I called Hawai’ian Air and spoke to several different people at corporate, who said they’d contact me in regards to the incident.
    No one ever did. Ever.
    The scars are a sad reminder of that flight.
    Mahalo and blessings 🌺

  2. I was on an Alaska Airlines flight to Hawaii a few months ago and was groped by a very drunk make passenger who had brought his own alcohol on the plane. When I reported the incident to the flight attendants and asked to be moved to another seat they ignored me and did absolutely nothing. After the flight I reported the incident to Alaska Airlines they did absolutely nothing, not even apologize to me. Glad this airline didn’t tolerate their female passengers being sexually abused unlike Alaska Airlines.


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