Hawaii Weddings Hit The Skids

Getting Married In Hawaii | Money Saving Tips

Hawaii deals and Hawaii weddings don’t need to be antithetical. And since Hawaii weddings can come in so many forms, we are kicking off the discussion today with some key money saving tips and discounts.

A Hawaii wedding is iconic yet remains accessible

The natural beauty of our islands makes for an unequalled backdrop for both your wedding and honeymoon. It’s a celebration and vacation all in one. It simply doesn’t get any better than that!

The wedding industry in the islands is booming, from officiants and photographers, to venues, caterers and planners. The choices are also burgeoning, so that you can pick anything from a costly extravaganza to a plan-it- yourself beach wedding at minimal cost with proper permits.

Save on Hawaii Weddings: First Pick your date carefully.

Since Beat of Hawaii visitors are largely economy oriented as we are, let’s consider some primary ways to save money on Hawaii weddings:

1. Timing is key. To save money, pick dates between spring break and the first week of June, and from late August through early December (except Thanksgiving). Planning your wedding for late spring or fall will save significantly on airfare and accommodations. Those are the times you and your guests can find Hawaii deals. Expect to save 50% compared with high season travel prices. Fare sales for spring and fall usually occur 60-120 days prior. Therefore, to save the most money, plan your Hawaii wedding when these fare sales are available.

2. Hawaii discounts on wedding travel and groupsHawaiian Airline Wedding Wings offers travel discounts for all Hawaii weddings. These 5-10 percent off discounts even work then they are fare sales and apply to both those getting married and their guests. It can also include a first class upgrade for the wedding couple. For groups of 10 or more travelling together, you can almost always save on both airfare and accommodations. Check with airlines’ group travel desk for discounts that are not published. Always ask about wedding packages on accommodations as well as multi-room discounts.

3. Choose an off the beaten track venue. Beach weddings are popular and inexpensive, but have certain requirements in Hawaii. Non traditional, low cost venues can vary from parks to gardens. Ask your wedding officiant for advice.

4. Consider vacation rentals. To save money, rent a large home for the entire wedding party and host the event and reception there too. Be sure to check with the vacation rental company first for prior approval.

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Photo of wedding makers among the sunbathers at Ala Moana Beach Park, Oahu.

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  1. My wife and I got married on Maui two years ago. It was an amazing experience! We expected a good number of our invitees would not come due to the cost and distance, so we were pleasantly surprised to have 75 close friends and family make the trip. Being in Hawaii puts everyone is a great mood – everyone was relaxed and had a great time. Overall, our money went much further in Hawaii than it would have for a comparable event around the Bay Area. We were surprised with how reasonable the costs were – it was a lot cheaper than we initially thought it would be. Getting a good local wedding planner is a must. I cannot say enough good things about Lena at Belle Destination Events – she was absolutely amazing. Mahalo!

  2. Is it possible to reserve a picnic area on or near a beach and throw a simple wedding that way? Would be a very inexpensive way to go.

    1. Hi Diane,

      Beach weddings require a permit from DLNR. As far as we know, a wedding officiant will be required to secure that permit.


  3. Hawaii is one heck of a place to get married. Even with discounts won’t a Hawaii vacation/wedding still cost you a small fortune? It seems like no matter how you slice it, it will cost you quite a chunk of change.

  4. Money saving tip — special event insurance covers the same thing as wedding insurance in respect to the event itself. It costs much, much less.

  5. If you get married at Poipu Beach on Kauai, you may even have a monk seal in attendance! I have sen it happen many times!


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