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Hawaii Weddings | 10% Airfare Discount and First Class Upgrades

Hawaii weddings’ get some good news today. If you’re planning on being married here in Hawaii, a new offering provides a 10% discount on flights and possibly a free 1st class upgrade. Hawaii wedding guests receive a 5% discount. Combine that with some of the Hawaii deals on air we’ve recently featured to make Hawaii weddings that much more affordable. Here’s how it works.

Hawaii Weddings | 10% Airfare Discount and First Class Upgrades

This offer is from Hawaiian Airlines. First you need to be a HawaiianMiles member. That’s free. Next you provide proof of an upcoming wedding (there are several ways to do that). Your Hawaii wedding must be scheduled to take place between 2 and 11 months from your program registration date.

All  round trip Hawaii flights from mainland and international origination cities are eligible. Discount applies to travel up to two weeks before and two weeks after wedding date.

  • 10% savings for wedding couple only.
  • 5% discount for up to 200 guests.
  • Free one way 1st class upgrade for wedding couple can be earned when 25 guests participate.
  • Read about Wedding Wings for all terms and to sign up.


3 thoughts on “Hawaii Weddings | 10% Airfare Discount and First Class Upgrades”

  1. Is there any word on when/if same sex couples will actually be able to be married on any of the islands in the upcoming months? I see that Hawaiian Airlines is supporting civil unions in this deal…but I know that there are couples who would actually like to be married in Hawaii.

    1. Hi Michelle.

      It will be before the special session of the state legislature later this month and may then be possible starting mid-November. That’s what we’re hearing but it should be in the news over the next two weeks.


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