Gilligans Island Hawaii Remake Coming To Netflix

Jane Mansfield was to have starred in the iconic Gilligan’s Island TV show widely associated with Hawaii and about to be reborn.

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58 thoughts on “Gilligans Island Hawaii Remake Coming To Netflix”

  1. Loved reading and going back in time to Gilligans island! The Opening song was fun! Can’t believe there is only one remaining from the show. Are we really that old?

  2. I used to love that show (old enough to see it first run). I laughed so loud when the aliens on Galaxy Quest were worried about those shipwrecked humans from the SS. Minnow.

  3. My daughter and I have gone to Coconut Island a couple of times for science field trips. It’s so beautiful there! Thanks for this article, and for including the clip from the beginning of the pilot episode. I’ve never seen that before, and I had no idea that originally, there was a totally different song than the iconic “Three-Hour Tour” one!

  4. I have enjoyed your Beat of Hawaii feeds for many years now… I live on Maui, but always learn from you guys. Yes I remember Gilligan‘s Island… My dad was the producer. His name was William Froug. I will wait for my husband to return from golf, and we will watch the pilot together. Thanks for sharing the trivia!

    1. Hi Suzy.

      Thanks for saying that and for being a long-time reader. We appreciate your comment and that’s so interesting about your dad being the producer.


  5. Finally something fun. Dawn Wells aka Mary Ann was the only actor in the show that had residuals written into her contract in case there were reruns of the show later in life. Smart woman and smart agent. Helped her have a comfortable life until she passed.

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