Hawaii ABC Stores

Hawaii ABC Stores and 7-Eleven

Japanese owned 7-Eleven recently announced plans to double its presence in Hawaii. They will add 46 stores to the existing 55 stores on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island over the next five years.  The chain which first came to Hawaii over thirty years ago has 41,000 stores nationwide.

Does 7-Eleven’s Expansion Cut Into ABC Territory?

ABC has 78 stores, including 58 in Hawaii, all strategically located in tourist areas. There are a number of different style stores with everything from the basic Waikiki model and “Superette” with more groceries, to the gigantic Ala Moana shopping center location, and finally the Big Island Gourmet Market.

What I Like About ABC.

As cliche as they are, there’s always something to buy, for visitor or local alike. And you can frequently get some pretty good deals at ABC too. Personally, I like sandwiches, starting at $2.25, reasonably priced t-shirts and hats, baby clothes, bottled water (99 cents), and their hours (from early morning until very late at night).

What’s your take on Hawaii’s ABC stores?

ABC Stores’ History

It all began in the 1930’s, when current owner Sidney Kosasa began working in his parents’ Honolulu grocery store. That was followed in 1949 by his opening of his own chain of Hawaii drug stores. Sidney imagined before most people, the tourism explosion that was soon to rock Hawaii, and Waikiki in particular.

The Vision: Fairly Priced Merchandise Conveniently Located for Hawaii Visitors.

The first ABC store, as we know it today, opened in Waikiki in 1964. He remains true to his vision today, and ABC stores is ranked among Hawaii’s top businesses, selling more macadamias, sunscreen and souvenirs than any other store in Hawaii.

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6 thoughts on “Hawaii ABC Stores and 7-Eleven”

  1. Along with Hilo Hattie, ABC stores to me and my wife *ARE* Hawaii!
    We love to collect the coupons for ABC store merchandise along with saving the receipts for merchandise!
    Several years ago, we were staying in Waikiki at the Princess Kaulani and there was (is?) an ABC store right outside the hotel. During that stay, we collected coupons to collect a full set of coffee mugs depicting the bird of paradise on it. Since we have a full set, we cherish these mugs!
    This year (in about 20 days) I’m going to be brave and eat one of those Spam Musubi things that they sell…that should be interesting!

  2. I am a HUGE fan of the ABC stores. I miss them when I travel to Kauai! And I don’t really feel like I’m in Waikiki until I see my first ABC Store. I love their consistency, prices and fresh fruits. They are a mainstay of my vacation in Waikiki. I can get EVERYTHING I need fresh everyday, no need to buy a bunch of stuff up front.
    I appreciate 7-11’s. They are here for me in California, but Melissa S is correct, no Aloha feeling there nor at the ones in Hawaii.
    ABC stores are the BEST.

  3. I really like the ABC store and often visit for essentials, affordable souvenirs, t-shirts and more. I have even purchased through their catalog from my home in South Dakota. I can not ever see having that Aloha feeling from the 7-11 chain

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