Beat of Hawaii 5th Birthday

Hawaii Deal Website Turns 5

Beat of Hawaii has been known for frequently being the first to post Hawaii travel deals including unpublished fares. Mahalo to our supporters, many of whom have been along for the ride since early on.

Our Hawaii deal website was started in January 2008 by us two gray haired entrepreneurs living on Kauai. Last month we celebrated five years of publishing with 1,400 articles written to date. Last year Beat of Hawaii was viewed over 1 million times. We are grateful to our following of over 30,000 regulars who receive free email updates together with those on Facebook and Twitter. Our Facebook fans now number over 10,000.

Hawaii Deals for Every Season

Beat of Hawaii AuthorsThe need for Hawaii deals in order to travel to Hawaii on the cheap is greater than ever. We otherwise expect to see rising prices across the board for Hawaii travel. Finding deals quickly when they do arise is now key to the otherwise elusive, economical Hawaii vacation.

One bright light ahead for Hawaii visitors is Southwest Air. Look for new cheap Hawaii airfares when Southwest finally does arrive in the islands. They will use Oakland as their Hawaii hub.

Yesterday we published Hawaii deal strategies for each travel season. Also, when making your Hawaii vacation plans, don’t forget about your car rental. Be sure to lock in Hawaii car rentals before purchasing airline tickets for summer and holidays. We expect the cost for rentals for these times to be excessive or cars may be entirely unavailable. We use Discount Hawaii Car Rental, which was pointed out to us by visitors.

About Beat of Hawaii

Founded by two Kauai residents, Rob Kvidt and Jeff Tucker, in January 2008, Beat of Hawaii was featured in the book, “Ask Arthur Frommer.” Our site has appeared repeatedly in national and international press including USAToday. We will continue to offer frequent updates tracking Hawaii air deals, industry news and Hawaii tips.

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5 thoughts on “Hawaii Deal Website Turns 5”

  1. Jeff, congratulations to you and Rob on 5 years of excellence! I tell everyone who asks me about visiting to subscribe to your updates and to check your site for the best info. I didn’t realize you started in Jan 2008.
    We moved here March of 08 (after visiting for 30 years) and I discovered your site soon after. In fact, I was the one who told you about Discount Hawaii Car Rental (.com) as I had used them for years. Thanks again so much for the great work you do keeping us all informed of travel and other important Hawaii news.

  2. Congratulations on 5 yrs of great work keeping all the far flung ohana connected via the latest ” great flight deals”!

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