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Hawaii Mask Mandate Officially Dropped Outdoors + More Changes Are Coming

Hawaii joined the rest of the country late yesterday and moved closer to CDC guidance, as Governor Ige proclaimed that masks are no longer required outdoors, period. The new rules have immediate effect and apply to everyone in Hawaii. However, that has in no way changed the indoor mask mandate, which as of today, continues to be in effect statewide.

This comes both as Hawaii moves into synch with the other states eliminating mask mandates. In addition, Hawaii’s vaccination program continues with upcoming incentives to encourage residents not yet vaccinated to get the shot.

The health department said that wearing a mask in large outdoor settings is still recommended while not required. Also, an increase in the size of permitted gatherings is likely coming soon. All of the counties are looking at that now.

The governor also said Tuesday that restrictions on outdoor water sports would be eliminated starting June 1. That means that events such as regattas and surf competitions, among other things, can resume.

“Surfing and outrigger canoe paddling are so much more than sports. They are a part of our culture and a way of life. I look forward to seeing our kids out in the water competing in surf contests and regattas again.” — U.S. Senator Brian Schatz said in a statement.

When will indoor mask requirements end in Hawaii?

CDC has already indicated that those vaccinated are not required to wear masks indoors or outdoors, except in limited situations.

At present, about 50% of Hawaii residents are fully vaccinated, with 70% partially vaccinated. However, the state appears determined not to eliminate indoor mask requirements until some unknown number of additional residents are vaccinated.

Ige said, “Until more are vaccinated, we must continue to take precautions indoors and in large groups because those actions are important to slow the spread.” The Health Department director confirmed the governor’s decision-making, saying, “We want to do it when it’s safe. What we’re really watching is the rate of vaccines.”

July 4 start of vaccination travel for visitors is still on.

There is no indication of any wavering in the state’s plans to allow fully vaccinated travelers, including those from the mainland, to travel here without any further restrictions.

57 thoughts on “Hawaii Mask Mandate Officially Dropped Outdoors + More Changes Are Coming”

  1. Sadly, The true economic consequences are yet to be felt. Even if droves of visitors come back to the islands – will it be enough?

    Inflation and evictions will hurt so many – not just Hawaii. :0(

    Not just the renters and homeowners, but also the rental property owners. How would you like to have rental property and be unable to collect a cent of rent for over a year? How do you hang on? Or how about investing a ton of retirement money into a condo that you thought you could rent out to help make payments – only to find that YOU get to make the payments with no income from the property. (wish we had that problem, ha ha) But, it really isn’t that funny.

    So, ultimately, the rich will get richer (those who HAVE $$$$ will be able to buy property for a song) and the poor (the renters, folks behind on their house payments, rental property owners who don’t have enough ‘back up’ to survive) will get poorer and have a hard time finding a reasonable place to live.

    And so it goes…….

    But, on a happier note, at least folks have come to their senses about masks. They don’t really protect. They just make you think you are ‘doing something’ when there wasn’t much we could do.

    1. Masks DO help prevent the spread and the only reason that is being lifted is due to the amount of responsible people who are fully vaccinated. Why do doctors and nurses wear masks if they dont work. Please study some science
      As for mortgages specifically there are forbearances which can help ease the pain but many home owners apparently don’t know that is available.

      1. Paul

        Wearing a mask outdoors is like putting sunscreen on at night.

        Navigating a government program to get mortgage relief is a nightmare. Almost 3 million households are at least 3 months behind on their mortgage payments. 8 million renters are at least 3 months behind on their rent payments.

        Also millions are in default on their automobile loans I’m not aware of any relief program for those people.

        Do you think individuals that exhaust their mortgage forbearance options will start making their payments? Experts are saying when these options run out the housing market is going to be flooded with repo’d homes.

        This is a looming crisis its going to be really bad..

        1. Richard,
          I never did get the outdoor mask rules. I do get them if your in close proximity just to be safe. But to walk on the beach you have to wear a mask? I have not once outside Unless there was no way to socially distance worn a mask.
          I did a three month forbearance. It was as easy as contacting my mortgage holder, signing paperwork and I was considered on time with my payments thru the entire thing. They handled everything. SO for me it was very easy to do. All I am saying is with some effort help is there.
          I was offered to skip car payments for up to a year if needed which fortunately I did not need that relief. I think many figure its just going to be too hard so they dont try. Now if one was already way behind which i was not I dont know how that works or if its harder.
          “Do you think individuals that exhaust their mortgage forbearance options will start making their payments?” If they are working absolutely. I had to pay three months to straight to be considered whole and the three months will show up at the end of my mortgage.
          You are right about one thing. With eviction moratoriums being lifted many many could be come homeless over night. Hopefully there is help. We pay taxes and I dont consider any money the government gives back to me/us free its tax money I/we have paid into the system.
          Here in Portland where I live its estimated that 50 to 100 thousand could be homeless if something isnt worked out.

        2. I am guessing that many who are defaulting already had financial issues prior to covid but covid shutdowns made it even worse. The government laid out billions of dollars for rent relief, mortgage relief etc.
          I am also guessing the reason mine went so smoothly is my great credit rating. My bank actually contacted me about my car loan and offered up to 6 months no payment but interest accruing. I turned that down as I really didnt need that money.
          This is where our government can step in and save all of those who are in default and help them start over again with a fresh slate.
          We need the infrastructure plan to roll out and soon as that will create millions of jobs.

          1. Paul

            It’s great that you were able to take advantage of a forbearance program I’m not concerned about an individual like yourself you stay informed and make good thought out fiscal decisions.

            The reason you’re able to take advantage of these programs is do to liquidity in the market place. Mostly pumped in by the feds printing of money.

            This economy has all the ear marks of the mid 2000’s. Soaring home prices, an over valued stock market and now inflation which will lead to higher interest rates a tightened money supply and tightened credit restrictions.

            I’m a car dealer today I was speaking to a friend that runs a Dodge dealership. A year ago they couldn’t give away HellCats which are a 70k to 80k Dodge Challenger. They had a ton of prior year models discounting 20k off.

            Today he can’t keep them in stock they’re now selling for 10k over sticker.

            Do your history and you’ll find that what’s going on today always leads to tough economic times. My guess is after the mid terms the economy is going to go south. Maybe worse then the great recession.

    2. Colleen,

      Folks ran around with hair on fire saying the same thing when Hawaii was shut down. “Oh, it’s going to RUIN Hawaii’s economy!” and “no one is ever coming back to Hawaii”, and “they will never recover from this”, etc. Certainly, there was pain, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t the economic disaster that folks like you predicted. Visitors aren’t QUITE back to pre-pandemic levels, but they are definitely coming back. Since that didn’t happen, now it’s “well, it’s GOING to happen, the impact just hasn’t been felt yet”. Again, I’m not saying that some of the housing issues you referred to won’t be happening. But there ARE some programs in place to dull the impact for people. In the end, when history gets written, I suspect what we will see is that from an economic standpoint it will have been BAD, but not the doomsday that folks like Collen want to turn it into. Personally, I just want to know what’s happening, I’ll let the government of Hawaii decide how best to keep their citizens safe, and to help blunt the economic impact. I’m just a visitor there, enjoying the Aloha and the beautiful place for a few weeks out of the year. So I’ll jump through whatever hoops that Hawaii puts in place to safeguard its residents. It’s not the end of the world, and all of this clutching of pearls and complaining about it is exhausting to have to dig through in order to get to the latest information on what those requirements are in order for me to get on with my Hawaii vacation.

  2. Aloha BOH Bro’s

    Life is full of choices.

    To the woke Hawaii crowd, it’s Rob and Jeff’s Hawaiian travel site they chose who gets posted on their site if they feel an anti island comment is inappropriate they will not post it here.

    I know this, because they’ve found a couple of my comments inappropriate, so they didn’t post it.

    Second covid is not contracted during outdoor activity the CDC said as much last week. Conclusion outdoor mask wearing doesn’t protect you from contracting covid, because no one has contracted covid from an open air outdoor socially distance activity.

    We used to call this giving people their personnel space. Remember that…..

    Scientific evidence is your best chance of contracting covid is prolonged exposure, more than 15 minutes, in an indoor environment aka church, work place, packed bar, senior care facilities which killed thousands etc.

    Weddings, large parties and any event where there is a lot of hugging or human to human fluid contact have also been big spreaders of the virus. No different than cold and flu season.

    Look at the recent latest surge on Kauai from a bar and a large party event.

    That’s how you catch covid.

    Third other than Hawaii, lockdown states verses non lockdown covid infection rates are comparable. California a lockdown states infection rate is about the same as Florida’s a non lockdown state rate.

    Forth there are no winners, other then big corporate, to the non-lockdown state crowd you suffered human lose to Hawaii it caused economic crisis which hasn’t fully come home to roost.

    This is not over for Hawaiian residents who are really going to feel the economic impact when mortgage foreclosures and rental eviction covic mandate’s are lifted. That’s when the human crisis is going to hit Hawaii hard.

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