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Hawaii Vacation Deals | One Day Sale From $122

We’ve mentioned these flash sales before on Alaska Airlines. Unfortunately they don’t always include Hawaii destinations. Today, however, we found some great spring Hawaii deals to four Hawaiian Islands starting at just $122 each way. The trick is that to get these prices you need to act today only, April 15, 2015, by 5pm PDT.

Hawaii Vacation Deals For April 15, 2015

Fares: Each way including all taxes/fees. Travel can commence either on the US Mainland or in Hawaii.

Airline: Alaska Airlines.

Travel dates: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from April 22 through May 20, 2015. Some dates through early June just slightly higher depending on route.

Book by: 5pm PDT on April 15, 2015.


  • Bellingham $122
  • Portland $189
  • Seattle $219
  • Anchorage $240


  • San Jose$179
  • Oakland $219
  • Seattle$249


  • Oakland, San Diego, San Jose $179
  • Portland $247


  • Oakland $169
  • San Diego $189
  • Portland $239


8 thoughts on “Hawaii Vacation Deals | One Day Sale From $122”

  1. Hi!

    I’ve been tracking flights from the San Francisco Bay area down to Kona, Hawaii for a while now and rates just seem to be steady with a mild increase. However, after reviewing your guides it seems that I should be expecting fares to become a bit lower in the upcoming weeks for travel in early September.

    At what price should I expect to pay for a flight from northern California down to Hawaii? Having never been to Hawaii before, i’m not sure what a good deal is when I see one. And also, should I still expect to see fares fall? Right now a Round Trip is ~465 before taxes.


    1. Hi IC,

      We already see Bay area to Kona at $480 including all taxes/fees for mid-week early September on Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines. Not sure how much better it could get – potentially up to $100 less. But of course no one knows for sure, probably not even the airlines at this point, as we’re a bit too far out.


  2. Oops. Received the email alert on April 16, but the deadline for the Alaska Air deal was April 15. Yes, I checked with AA, and it’s gone.

    1. Hi RD,

      Might want to check on your email setup. Did the email go to spam perhaps? What we can say definitively is that the email was distributed in the morning on April 15.


  3. I’ve always thought anywhere in mid-America be damned as far as boosting visitors in airline seats to HI. Neither the airlines nor the Hawai’i Tourism Bureau seem interested.

  4. Planning to go to Oahu in mid September. When would be the best time to start looking for fares?


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