41 thoughts on “Hawaii Weddings Hit The Skids”

  1. Maybe this will be a small step toward making weddings about commitment, instead of about exotic photo ops and ‘look what we did’.

  2. Aloha! It’s sad to see ‘aloha Karen’ disrupting a ceremony. Not cool. They weren’t bothering anybody. If I didn’t know better I’d think she was disrupting them because they’re people of color because that’s what it looks like from my perspective.

    1. Read up on the context. The woman was sick of multiple violations occurring from the illegal (due to C19) short term rental. Getting married is not a license to break the rules.

  3. One of my favorite things to do when in Poipu,is, to sit in a beach chair reading a book on the grass in front of the beach house, over looking Lawai beach. Many young couples get married there and it’s a very precious thing to watch. Some of the ceremonies are extravagant and some more minimal, all are unique. It’s start into a lifetime and brings back found memories.
    Rob, you have a wonderful profession. Mahalo.

  4. Aloha everyone
    Such fond memories for the wife and me of our wedding.
    Many years ago we were married on the beach in front of Lahaina Shores on Maui. We stood in the water and threw the leis out into the water at the end of the ceremony. Our wedding person did the ceremony half in Hawaiian and half in English, It was great.
    We can hardly wait to return and enjoy the islands and their culture.
    A Hui Hou

  5. I hope that someone ruins this Karen’s special day sometime real soon. What a jerk! Karma. She will get it.

    1. Exactly. Karma. Can anyone explain the NEED to be mean, hateful, unkind and downright awful to one another as WE ARE ALL HURTING so much as it is. Why put out even MORE hate, unkindness and negativity? Ah, because those who do this, are filled inside with all that they put out. Karma is already in action. But, still innocent people pay the price for other’s hatred. Sigh! I remember a world with more love than hate. Long ago. …. or so it seems. Aloha everyone. Love vs. hate!! Namaste’

  6. I am so sad to see this! Definitely not the aloha spirit I have so loved from our many visits.
    While it may not have been right, this couple was not hurting anyone. This local just ruined what would have been an incredibly happy and blessed day.

    I would also like to mention that if the beach was closed why she didn’t say anything to what appeared to be 2 people on the sand at the start of they video.

    Just sad…

  7. Wow! this makes you want to visit Hawaii and experience Aloha! Nothing like turning people against each other – just another fall out of the cure is worse than the virus. As if Hawaii didn’t need another reason for sane people to bail on it…Holy cow! this beautiful family looked like they were all O’hana and for all we know were renewing their vows- how does the Karen know they were getting married vs. just reaffirming their love? If Hawaii has 14 day quarantine and travel is down to a trickle how come Covid cases are rising? Oh, that’s right, man cannot control tons of viruses and like Sweden needs to let it run it’s course. Don’t take my word on Sweden already coming to the other side of this virus, do your own research (as I see I cannot attach a link here:). Prayers for peace in Hawaii!

    1. I agree with the comments here. I have been reading BOH since the Covid mess started but held my comments until seeing this ruined wedding celebration. This “supposed” local spewing her botched “Aloha” spirit was abusive, unnecessary and cruel. Sadly, she seemed to enjoy being so hateful. Just what I feared would start happening in Hawaii. The us (locals) vs them (visitors) mentality fueled by exacerbated information, partial truths and the refusal to face facts. Our Kauai house hunting trip was cancelled 3 times. Given the undercurrent of latent hatred seen here, I’m not sure I want to visit let alone retire there. Since my first visit in 1970, Hawaiians always seemed better than this.I understand that Hawaiians are frustrated and uncertain of their future. I pray that this woman is not the future of Hawaii. Thank you, BOH for being the voice of sanity amid the craziness.

    2. Sweden: 575 deaths per million – the worst in Scandinavia (even worse than the US).
      Herd immunity: a fantasy until there is an effective vaccine. Historical example: smallpox killed about 400,000 people per year in Europe alone (with a much smaller population than today) until a vaccine was developed. Deaths included heads of state.
      The term herd immunity was coined in relation to vaccinated populations; it has nothing to do with simply letting diseases run wild.

  8. Such stupidity. Who were they bothering? Only one local with anger issues and a bee up her bonnet.

    What should have been one of the best days of their lives was ruined because of idiotic lock down laws and one tita who gotta be right.

    My apologies for that ugly confrontation that should not have happened.

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