Caught Off-Guard: Problems Could Impact 43% Of Hawaiian's Mainland Fleet

Hawaiian Airlines’ Flight Schedule Up-In-The-Air Following Surprise Announcement

A small airline like Hawaiian is disproportionately impacted compared with global players when problems of this magnitude arise that are out of their control.

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20 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines’ Flight Schedule Up-In-The-Air Following Surprise Announcement”

  1. This is getting more ridiculous by the day. HA needs to start leasing other aircraft to maintain their schedule. They have already taken customers money in advance, like myself and refuse to refund because technically my flight from LAS to OGG is still scheduled in September, and if there is a problem, good luck finding a seat on another airline at the last minute.

  2. Hi BOH,

    I noticed that N780HA (the first Hawaiian Dreamliner) just took off today — for the first time in a while — from its storage location at Kelly Field (SKF) in San Antonio for Payne Field (PAE) in Seattle. It left me wondering if it’s getting any final maintenance done before continuing on to HNL for delivery to Hawaiian.

    Thought I’d flag that for you guys!


    1. Hi Will.

      Thanks. Yes, we did see that and others noted it as well. We’ll update if that has any immediate significance.


  3. We were very happy to be flying HA this time but this has totally upended our trip and HA will not help us-without , paying a huge change amount !


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