Hawaiian Anticipates Summer Boom, Adding More Flights Pre-Merger

Hawaiian Anticipates Summer Boom, Adding More Flights Pre-Merger

In anticipation of a robust Hawaii summer season, at least from some locations, bellwether Hawaiian Airlines is boosting its flights between Honolulu and Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, Austin, and American Samoa.

Hawaiian “is preparing for strong summer travel demand to and from Hawaii by increasing flights.”

The new routes all operate using their legacy Airbus A330 widebody aircraft (featured image) or the latest flagship Boeing 787-9, which will also be included on some flights between Los Angeles and Honolulu.

This comes while the proposed purchase of Hawaiian Airlines by Alaska Airlines remains pending various needed approvals. That includes the the U.S. Justice Department, which has at least for now, stopped the JetBlue/Spirit merger. Even though there are substantial differences between that and the Alaska/Hawaiian deal, regulators are strongly opposed to airline mergers of any kind.

This “limited” good news for Hawaiian is noticeably missing many other potential additions.

In relation to Hawaiian’s overall network, these increases were few. There are no added flights coming to the neighbor islands, including the Big Island, Kauai, and Maui. There are also no additional flights to Hawaii from the airline’s other key mainland gateways. Those include San Diego, Long Beach, New York, Ontario, Phoenix, San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

Hawaiian Airlines summer 2024 flight changes:

Los Angeles to Honolulu. A fourth daily flight will operate between May 24 and September 2.

Las Vegas to Honolulu. The airline will increase the service from four flights weekly to daily from May 24 through July 28. The route features an Airbus A330 widebody.

Boston to Honolulu. Hawaiian is adding one weekly flight each Thursday, bringing the total to five flights each week between May 23 and August 1.

Austin to Honolulu. The airline will increase its flights by one, resulting in a total of four flights weekly from May 24 through August 2.

Pago Pago, American Samoa to Honolulu. Hawaiian will add a Wednesday flight, increasing service to three weekly flights between May 22 and September 4.

Do you have any thoughts on these new Hawaiian Air flights?

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6 thoughts on “Hawaiian Anticipates Summer Boom, Adding More Flights Pre-Merger”

  1. Hawaiian Airlines nor any airline flying from Brisbane since covid thus forces us to fly to Sydney or ? to get to Hawaii thus adding 100’s$ to fare.

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