$90 Hawaii Flash Sale. Five Airlines. But Is It The Right Time?

In Booming Travel, And Despite Issues, Hawaiian Expands Flights

There appears to be no shortage of demand for Hawaii vacations. So today, bellwether Hawaiian Airlines announced it will increase flights from California and Seattle to Hawaii prior to the upcoming holidays. There is good news, because this announcement will spawn more airfare sales. And the not so good news is that Hawaii has big travel problems lurking for the upcoming holidays and beyond. Read on for all of those details.

The carrier said it is experiencing increased demand, as we have been saying is the case, and as a result they will add more flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. The new flights essentially include a near-doubling of Seattle to Honolulu flights, Los Angeles to Maui flights, Los Angeles to Honolulu flights, and San Francisco to Honolulu flights.

At the present time, these flights are only scheduled to be increased from mid-November through early January. If the demand continues to be this high, however, it would not surprise us to see these extended indefinitely.

The flights between Seattle and Honolulu are using the airline’s wide-body A330 aircraft. Hawaiian will offer the remaining flights on its single-aisle Airbus A321neo.

The good news.

Competition on Hawaii flights at the holidays is already fierce. Just two days ago we posted Spend Christmas in Hawaii | Flights To 74% Off. With more flights will come more sales, which is great for those of you who are still hoping to spend the holidays in Hawaii.

The not so good news to be aware of.

There are shortages and other issues throughout the Hawaii travel industry that are far worse than normal. That includes availability of hotels, vacation rentals, and especially car rentals. Prices won’t be cheap, so the least expensive part of your Hawaii vacation is likely to be airfare.

First, there is also the possibility of TSA issues during the holidays. In a nutshell, here in Hawaii, TSA resources are stretched thin. Some 40% of TSA workers, including screeners (nationwide) remain unvaccinated and there is a November 22 mandate pending. There is the distinct possibility of problems with TSA workers at airports both here in Hawaii and at the mainland Hawaii gateways.

As mentioned previously, our tip is to expect and then check estimated TSA delays before traveling. That information is available via the My TSA mobile app.

Please read: Why Preparing For Holiday Hawaii Travel Means Caveat Emptor

Second, Hawaii restaurants are also troubled at this time. Issues include being capacity limited at 50%, at least for now. That could end soon, but the governor has not yet announced that. In addition, there are vaccination/testing requirements for indoor dining on both Oahu and Maui.

Hawaii car rental issues take the cake.

The prices are very high and the availability is low. For the holidays, we reported that Honolulu rates start from $971/week, Maui starts from $1237/week, Big Island starts from $1147/week and Kauai starts from $1149/week.

See all the latest Hawaii car rental news.


21 thoughts on “In Booming Travel, And Despite Issues, Hawaiian Expands Flights”

  1. Left Kauai on Sunday. Before leaving we took the road out past the airport to the beach past the rental car overflow holding area. Tons of cars there. All kind except Jeeps which are our preferred rental. Rows of Convertibles and big SUVs. 🤔

  2. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but we spent 2 weeks on the Big Island in April and 3 weeks in Kauai, late August and early September. Due to prior planning, we had a wonderful visit both times. Why ? We reserved our car ahead of time, as well as our timeshare, and also made dinner reservations before leaving home. We had not been to the Big Island before, so we had to rely on internet recommendations, and we’re loyal Kauai owners, so we knew where to go… PLEASE reserve ahead !

  3. Good grief! Cramming more people on the islands for the holidays??!!
    It’s already been insane here the past few years (2020 excluded of course). There are NOT the facilities nor the infrastructure for that many people! It’s like cramming 10 pounds of sausage in a 5 lb wrapper. I’ve been guilty of blaming SWA in the past but apparently HA is becoming as much to blame. Hope these visitors know what they’re in for 🤦‍♂️

    1. If not swa it would be someone else. Probably hawaiian air adding more. If the demand is there someone will supply it.

  4. Car rentals is insane. We’re going to Kauai at the beginning of 2022. Got a minivan. Total, including taxes….$4000. Also, good luck finding an alternative, they’re all gone. Mahalo and hope some of that goes to the local economy, they’ve been hit hard.

    1. ROFL…May as well ship your car there and back if you’re flying from California. It would be cheaper! 🤣

  5. Aside from the car rental issues, vacation rentals on the Big Island are still plentiful and cheaper than the other islands. Is there any wonder why mainlanders can’t wait to get to Hawaii? We remain the lowest infection rate, the second lowest death rate, and now more than 70% fully vaccinated.

    Does anyone have any idea why public servants (TSA cops, firefighters, and med-tech) are among the lowest vaccinated? Could it correlate with education?

    1. They are probably the smartest group on the planet! And not terrified to get closer than the arbitrary “6” rule to do the selfless jobs they do to save us! God bless them!

    2. Really? Education? Are you inferring that they are not the sophisticated elites and over educated of the world?
      If so, God help you. We need more like them

      1. They are also brave…..over 500 police officers have died of Covid. It’s been the number one killer of the profession. Just goes to show the wide range of perspectives on this and the damage making this political did. Auwe!

      2. Actually, I was referring to the info channels many of them select. These public servants are much like their military brethren. When the chain of command gives an order, their sworn duty is to salute.

  6. First, there is also the possibility of TSA issues during the holidays. Some 40% of TSA workers, including screeners (nationwide) remain unvaccinated and there is a November 22 mandate pending. There is the distinct possibility of problems with TSA workers.

    If massive disruption is what it takes to end these mandates, then so be it.

    1. I hope all who refuse to get vaccinated are fired and not able to get unemployment. These are the very people who are supposed to Keep You Safe refusing to do the basic right thing and get vaccinated.

      1. Fortunately for us, you don’t get to dictate what the “right thing” is for someone else’s body, PaulC. These are the same people who saved lives when there was no vaccine, and who are still doing so, while people like you who think vaccination is the end all to making it go away (which is a farce), are hoping they are fired.

        If only people who wish bad on these front line workers are the ones who get no help from them, because of the shortage there will be…

        1. Fortunately for us, You Jim dont get to dictate what the “right thing is either” To me if your not willing to do the basics of safety as in getting vaccinated you should not be working in science or the medical field at all. I hope all who refuse it are fired and cannot get unemployment benefits.
          Yes they are the same people however this is Hardly the first and only time they have had to take a vaccine for other viruses and diseases. Why is this one any different?

  7. Aloha!

    I can tell you this, I have more than one friend that’s been in the process to get hired on with the TSA and they are lava slow! They cannot complain about fulfilling positions if THEY are the one’s creating the bottleneck. His background check is (easy) clear and would take one pass with his prior military experience. DHS needs to get their own act together!



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