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LA to Hawaii $191 Each Way

Okay, I know this isn’t exactly the deal you had your heart set on. I’m also waiting to see something close to $100 cheaper. On the other hand, regular prices to Hawaii have been creeping into the stratosphere recently, so this is actually quite an improvement.

We’re in the Fall deal season and they will surely be coming sooner than later. If you need to book now, this isn’t half bad.

Route: Los Angeles to Honolulu.

Cost: $191 each way, $420 round trip, all inclusive.

Airline: Hawaiian, Delta, United/Continental Airlines (airline availability varies by date).

Travel Dates: Approximately November 22 to December 13 and January 3 through February 3.

Photo courtesy of Beat of Hawaii friend Colleen.

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  1. Hi I’m Interested in the ticket from LA to hawaii at Janurary 3.
    Could you send me more information to my email?

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