Loved-To-Death Hanalei Bay Kauai Gets Unneeded Exposure

Loved-To-Death Hanalei Bay Kauai Gets Unneeded Exposure

After it recently received more accolades, we headed out to enjoy some days at Hanalei Bay Kauai. Here’s’ what we found.

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18 thoughts on “Loved-To-Death Hanalei Bay Kauai Gets Unneeded Exposure”

  1. Just came back from Hawaii, including a week on Kauai. I know my comment is well after-the-fact for this story, but BoH served me this story immediately below today’s story on Kauai, so I had a quick read after visiting Hanalei Bay for the first time less than two weeks ago. Maybe I’m the only one who sees the irony in a Kauai visitors who has returned 15 times, talking about a place being loved to death. Maybe take a look in the mirror, and expand your own tourism horizons?

    1. Randy,
      I suspect your subtle insult about the irony of my visiting a beautiful place like Kauai 15 time, as being part of the problem, suggests I either have been a typical tourist by “loving to death” this beautiful island & should destroy somewhere else.
      Maybe you saw the typical tourists who walk on reefs, liter this island & honk horn?
      Not me, I have more appreciation for a paradise like Kauai.
      Every trip to Kauai, I witnessed typical tourists, who have no clue about what this Island was 20+ years ago.

  2. Well said, loved to death is the term I use, my use to be favorite beach was Ke’e beach (for the snorkleing), before the paved parking lot, lifegaurd stand & crowds that destroyed the reef. Hanalei Bay was my 2nd favorite beach (views, swimming, bodysurfing, teenage kids surf lessons). Of our 15 trips to Kauai since 2000, we stayed in Princeville 12 of the 15 times & would spend multiple days in a row sitting on Hanalei Bay, fond memories.



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