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Magnum PI Robin’s Nest Now Controversial Obama House Hawaii

Waimanalo has always been a favorite beach, and it looks like a former president feels the same way. Why is this so mired in controversy?

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128 thoughts on “Magnum PI Robin’s Nest Now Controversial Obama House Hawaii”

  1. Strange how all the biggest climate change fear mongers are just fine with building mansions at sea level. I guess Obama really does believe he has “stopped the rise of the oceans”.
    How do all the politicians become one percenters? What a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. I’m no supporter of the former President – just the opposite. But, the article gave no proof that sea walls are environmentally destructive just an assertion. The beaches on Oahu are in a constant state of erosion and then sand is brought in – no sea walls involved. It’s nature’s way.

    Let the former President enjoy his retirement – keep him away from DC where he can only do mischief. Hey, maybe he’ll run for Governor – hard to be worse than Ige.

  3. The Obama’s are out of touch with reality. It would have been impressive to see him do what’s right per the Environmentalists. Pretty sure they know what they’re talking about. Especially since they boast their support of the climate and environment. Rules for thee, not for me…

    1. Hey Jennifer, do you really think the Obama’s have an inkling on what’s going on with their new mansion? Doubt it, but they should. Not sure how nice a neighbor they would be except to the other elitists they hob nob with.

  4. Just another example of the elites doing whatever they want talking out of both sides of the mouth. No this isn’t political, because they use politics to divide us.

  5. Aloha Rob and Jeff. Wow. Have been a Magnum PI and Hawaii 5-O fan since the beginning. Am available for housekeeping, gardening etc. Oh yes. Sunset cruise on Holo Holo last night was fantastic 😊. Tonight Hukilau for birthday dinner. Leave tomorrow ( too soon). But will be back as always. Mahalo for the article.

  6. I can understand the angst that seawalls may cause beach erosion. I also see the support for the other side, including precedent. I have looked at this issue and it is murky. Beyond that, if the home’s buyers followed the laws in purchasing it then that is done. The prior owner obviously used laws that supported them. Most people would. If there is a complaint, it should be at the Legislature/DLNR for not changing things. We live in a capitalist country and that can be good and bad.

    1. This is the best comment on this whole thread. Everyone followed the laws! If the law is wrong – change it!

  7. Of course he named it Waimanalo Paradise, because he doesn’t want to pay taxes on it. It is probable turned into a non-profit type of estate, the same way Hillary Clinton avoids paying taxes by donating all of her income to her own “Clinton Foundation”, and then spends it. Nothing new here but corruption and avoidance of taxes by the elitists.

    1. What about her emails??? LOL, you made this very partisan but in fact there is
      elitism on both sides of the isle. Graft, dishonesty and nepotism is at a whole new level and added hate to the mix, but it’s always existed.

  8. I think Barack needs to pay for a restoration of the historic site he just demolished, kick his friends out, and make a public apology to the state of Hawaii. How dare he demolish Robin’s Nest. Man, I’ve loved him for years, but I’m done now. Whoa.

    1. If you haven’t been there, literally across the street are homeless American’s, some living in tents and others in abandoned vehicles…kinda wondering where they will be moved off to once construction is finished. Doubt the Obama’s want them for neighbors as he did little/nothing to help them. I hope other Hawaii homeless join the Obama’s in their new neighborhood…haha. Maybe then he will truly bring hope and change.

  9. what about the public beach right next to it? That’s one of the most popular local beaches along with the lagoon?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. That’s a great beach. I didn’t realize we were so close to the estate when we stopped there.

  10. I have been driving past this property a handful of times every week, for years. I believe most everyone knew this was happening when former President Obama’s close connection was said to be the new owner, in 2015. Doesn’t look like anything from the original Magnum PI estate is left. Pillars for the foundation are poured and it looks like it will be a very large beachfront estate, and I am happy for them. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches on Oahu, IMO.

  11. we come to hawaii every year and ride by this place just to see a glimpse of magnums house went by in feb of this year and saw it was leveled wont bother to waste the gas to go by anymore should have been left as a tribute to magnums show

  12. Nice for Obama. Sadly, he turned out to be just another aloof, out-of-touch politician who got elected on promises, kept very few of them, and rode off into the sunset to enjoy his millions of $$. Basically a decent guy? Probably. But still another member of the entitled elite.

    1. Mr. “Life-on-the-Cuff”! Tony Rezko Rental in Chicago, the White House, Oahu and Martha’s Annually on the cuff, with entourage, now living large!

  13. Thank you for the update.
    You said much of it has been leveled. Does that mean all the main house or just the outbuildings? Is a new home being built yet?
    I hope you will keep us posted.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Nancy.

      That’s all we know at the moment. We’ll get over there and let you know more as soon as we can travel. 🙂


    2. I don’t believe anything is left from the original estate, except maybe the entrance area?

  14. I guess I can still be surprised…it makes me sad that even in these times when we can see how fragile life is and the importance of kindness to one another, that some feel compelled to put such negativity and hate out into the world.

    This family has deep ties to and love for Hawaii (and definitely vice versa.) I think that if they have as much right as any of us to the Aloha and joy and especially the community that Barack’s grandparents raised him in. I know personally that when you are born and raised in the islands, no matter where you may end up living and working Hawaii is always the home of your heart, and you pass that love and respect on to your kids as well.

    1. As a Kama’aina I can see no reason to say Obama should not come back to Hawaii. Ignoring the politics, I would have seen more merit to this if he had given Honolulu the benefit of a Presidential Library but I guess Chicago is where his real heart lies.

    2. I agree with everything you said, Carolyn!
      I can’t imagine that the Obamas would not be wonderful stewards to the property and a great asset to the community!

    3. These are experienced Mount Olympus caliber politicians. Accordingly, until one has eaten or spent what they offer, one would do well to not truly believe it to be theirs.

      “Il ne faut pas toucher aux idoles: la dorure en reste aux mains.”
      “(Never touch your idols: the gilding will stick to your fingers.)”
      ― Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

    4. Obama didn’t really have all that great an attachment to Hawai’i until he became President. Chicago was his home, remember? After he was elected, though, and had free trips to Hawai’i on Air Force One, he came to Hawai’i all the time for vacations, with his entourage of servants and Secret Service agents, who had to stay in Waikiki, and drive over to Kailua for their shifts. Nah, that didn’t cost the taxpayers much. Funny how that works.

      1. Obama grew up in Oahu and went to school there up until High School. His mother lived there until she passed away and his sister still lives in Oahu. Why don’t you not know this?

        1. Yes, he was raised there.

          The interesting thing to me – a visitor to Hawaii since 1965 – people are always complaining about Oahu traffic and parking, especially Waikiki/Honolulu traffic. Thankfully, Oahu won’t be his full-time residence and traffic/parking will only be murder some of the time.

        2. SV,I did know this, and that he went to Punahou, but after he left for college, Hawai’i wasn’t really his home anymore.

  15. Never missed the old Magnum. Tried watching the new, but it does not capture my interest like the original. Maybe if I wasn’t such a fan, it would .
    Now Hawaii 50, because it’s the next generation, I enjoy watching it.

  16. Hi DeeDee.

    Suggest you wait a few weeks until we get clarity on the ending of the 14-day isolation, then hear from the airlines. You’ll get there with either one, we just don’t have any clarity yet on routing and schedules.


    1. So funny reading that comment from 2020 “let’s wait until the end of the 14-day isolation”.


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