Maui Fare War

Maui Fare War | $109 From Three Airlines

If you missed the cyber deals, it’s still not too late to buy a ticket to Maui at a great price, wrap your confirmation, and put it under the tree. It’s another great day to buy tickets to and from Hawaii.

To say the least, winter in Hawaii is a fabulous time. While nights and early mornings tend to be cool, there’s an abundance of sun, and temperatures up to 80 degrees mid-day are not unusual.

Today’s Hawaii airfare sale is from three Hawaii-centric airlines, American, Delta, and Hawaiian. At this time, Southwest isn’t participating. Today’s sale is also unusual because it comes on a Friday, whereas most Hawaii sales tend to start on Tuesdays.

In any event, remember that this could end at any time, and will definitely end soon. If you don’t take advantage of it right now, there’s no need to comment that the fare isn’t available. It is.

Maui Fare War | $109 From Three Airlines

  • Route: Los Angeles to Maui $109 (no other routes currently included)
  • Airlines: American, Delta, and Hawaiian
  • Travel dates: January through early March 2023
  • Availability: Excellent at this time
  • Travel days: 7 days a week with some availability on weekends

Notes for booking this Hawaii airfare sale:

  • Airlines change fares as many as five times daily, and sale availability decreases when tickets are purchased.
  • Don’t wait to buy these later, as they will be gone.
  • You can commence your travel either on the US Mainland or in Hawaii.
  • Prices are one-way and include all taxes and fees.
  • Book online only – these fares are never available by phone.

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2 thoughts on “Maui Fare War | $109 From Three Airlines”

  1. Speaking of Maui.. here’s an interesting tid-bit.
    Releasing mosquitos in Maui

  2. Delays and cancellations. Now fare wars. How about standing back and sorting things out first. I know weather can not be helped but there is more going on than that.

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