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$80 Hawaii Fare War | 4 Airlines From Across U.S.

Hawaii fare war today on Maui Flights plus those to other islands, this fall, and winter. These are prices we’ve never ever seen before from some of these airlines. Get them fast if you want them since they won’t last.

Everyone seems to want to go to Maui. For that reason, there’s a lot of airline competition from across the U.S., with great airfares that are saying low. there are also great airfares to the other islands, albeit slightly more in some cases.

This is fast changing, so there could be routes we’ve missed and others that will soon be gone. We’ve uncovered deals from many departure cities coast to coast that you can choose from, and travel dates are mostly now until mid-December, then January until February, depending on the route. Including many weekends.

If you have been missing your time on Maui, or are ready to enjoy the unforgettable whale-watching season, book your Valley Isle vacation today.

It is important to note that to get these airfares, you will have to scour for them. We start looking using Google Flights and then move to the airline websites. However you do it, act quickly since availability is very limited given the steep discounts offered.

Los Angeles to Maui $80 on Delta, Hawaiian, and United.

Los Angeles to Honolulu $86 on Delta and Hawaiian.

Los Angeles to Kauai and Kona $105 on Delta, Hawaiian, and United.

San Francisco to Maui $80 on Hawaiian and United.

San Francisco to Honolulu $87 on Hawaiian and United.

San Francisco to Kauai $80 on Hawaiian and United.

San Francisco to Kona $80 on Hawaiian and United.

Atlanta to Maui $187 on American.

Denver to Maui $144 on American.

Houston to Maui $156 on American.

Minneapolis to Maui $171 on American.

Nashville to Maui $186 on American.

Orlando to Maui $184 on American.

Salt Lake City to Maui $144 on American.

St. Louis to Maui $171 on American.

Tamps to Maui $186 on American.

Here’s how today’s deals work.

Travel for these Hawaii deals is mostly through mid-December then early in 2023, although some routes end sooner. The prices listed are the lowest we found today in this date range, and other days are higher. Availability is limited and varies by route. Fares are mostly for mid-week travel, Monday through Thursday. Scattered weekend dates. Search using the monthly availability calendar on the airline websites or use Google Flights.

Notes on availability:

▶ We find lower-priced airfares than those advertised by airlines, but with reduced availability.
▶ If you don’t find what you’re seeking, please see below.
▶ Airlines change fares up to 5x daily. Availability decreases as tickets are purchased.
▶ Don’t wait if you want to take advantage of these deals. Find and book them now. They will be gone within hours.
▶ You can start either on the US Mainland or Hawaii.
▶ Prices are each way, including all taxes and fees.

How to book:

Book online only – these fares are never available by phone.

Need help?

Leave questions and comments below. If you want a response, we request a please or thank you.

Lastly, if you don’t find what you are looking for today, please sign up for free email updates to be notified of the next deals.

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8 thoughts on “$80 Hawaii Fare War | 4 Airlines From Across U.S.”

    1. Hi LC.

      That was posted yesterday, and the fare is gone as of now. If you want the deals we post immediately, it is best to either 1) get our content in Google News or 2) via Facebook.


      1. Unfortunately your yesterday is usually my bedtime LOL. No worries I was just hoping to snag a good deal. I’ll still be in Maui in September so good times. Aloha

        1. Hi LC.

          Yes, time zones. We have readers who are in all of them, so what to do? But either Facebook or Google News will be closer to real-time for you. The emails we send are more of a wrap-up.


  1. Every time I see stories like this, I have to wonder does the left hand know what the right hand is up to? Cutting routes one day followed by fare sales the next day… Reports of stretched beyond capacity airport facilities? Apparently, not a significant problem according to the airlines – let’s push more people to these same locations with lower fares. The point here is the airlines need to get on the same page with the powers that run the various airports across the Hawaiian Islands and fix the entire system (like now) before doing anything to cram more people into a system that cannot produce a reasonable customer experience…..

    1. While the airport management (read: the Hawaiian government) is mostly to blame for this problem, the airlines are a significant contributing factor to the existing issues at the Hawaiian airports and need to play a role in getting this issue solved post-haste.

      Short of what is on display in Washington, D.C. on a daily basis, I cannot recall a more incompetent cast of players producing such an unacceptable travel experience with respect to arrival and departure of air passengers.

      It is frustrating that a state with the beauty Hawaii posses is so handicapped by an inadequate passenger travel system(s). To be sure, Hawaii has a unique set of challenges but they are not unsolvable. Get it done.

  2. This is why Hawaii is so overcrowded. Airlines are all publicly traded on various stock exchanges. The SEC should require them to Price their flights with a profit in every single case. Probably around six to $700 per seat, more for longer flights.

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