Incredible Maui airfare war today

Maui Airfare War: NYC $191 + Atlanta, Dallas, Others

Great prices from distant places as a Maui airfare war has just sprung up. Prices on today’s Maui Flights sale have dropped to lows rarely if ever seen. Travel during the fall and coveted snowbird season of winter, from November 2022 until February 2023.

It seems like everyone still wants to go to Maui. So there’s tremendous airline competition, and that results in airfares that are very competitive and becoming more so all the time. We found these unpublished deals today on Maui flights. There are many mainland departure cities to pick from, and travel dates are mostly November until February, except for holiday weeks, depending on the route. Including many weekend dates! If you have been missing those walks at Makena Beach or any of your other favorite Maui things to do including Maui whale watching, don’t wait, and book your return to the Valley Isle today.

Maui Airfare War: NYC $191 + Atlanta, Dallas, Others

✈ New York $191-$196 each way on Hawaiian Airlines and United Airlines

✈ Atlanta $187 each way on United Airlines

✈ Austin $150-$154 each way on Alaska Airlines and United Airlines

✈ Baltimore $187 each way on United Airlines

✈ Calgary 177CAD on Westjet

✈ Dallas $184 each way on United Airlines

✈ Houston $187 each way on United Airlines

✈ Nashville $187 each way on United Airlines

✈ New Orleans $187 each way on United Airlines

Here’s how today’s Maui fare war deals work.

Travel for these Hawaii deals is mostly from November until February although some routes have different dates. The prices listed are the lowest available, and other days are higher. Availability is very limited and does vary by route. Fares are mostly for mid-week travel, Monday through Thursday. Many weekend dates, especially Sundays. Search using the airlines’ monthly availability calendar directly or Use Google Flights to find availability first.

Notes on the availability shown:

▶ We find cheaper fares than the airlines can advertise, but with less availability.
▶ Airfares change many times daily, and sale availability is reduced as seats are booked.
▶ Book now if you want to take advantage of these deals. They won’t be available tomorrow.
▶ Start your trip either on the Mainland or in Hawaii.
▶ Prices listed are each way, including all taxes and fees. Round trip travel is not required.

How to book:

Book online only – these fares are not available by phone. Try using the monthly fare calendar for more options and to locate the cheapest fares.

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