Maui Fare War

Fare War: Maui Flights $119-$129 This Summer And Fall

Fares on Maui Flights have just plummeted for summer and fall travel. This as everyone seems to want to go to Maui. There’s a ton of airline competition too.

The result is that airfares that are incredibly competitive and remain so. We scored these deals today on Maui flights. There are seven cities you can depart from, and travel dates are from mid-August to mid-November, depending on the route. Including many weekends. If you have been missing your long walks on beautiful Makena Beach or any of your other favorite Maui activities including the unforgettable whale watching season, start searching, then book your return to the Valley Isle today.

Fare War: Maui Flights $119-129 Including Weekends

✈ Los Angeles $119-123 on American, Hawaiian, Southwest, and United nonstop.
✈ Oakland from $119 on Hawaiian and Southwest nonstop.
✈ Portland $129 on American one-stop.
✈ Sacramento $129 on American one-stop.
✈ San Diego $119-123 on Alaska, Hawaiian, and Southwest nonstop.
✈ San Francisco $119 on Hawaiian and United nonstop.
✈ San Jose from $119 on Alaska, Hawaiian, and Southwest nonstop.

Check for Honolulu, Kauai, and the Big Island, too, as there are also deals on those islands! 

Here’s how today’s deals work.

Travel for these Hawaii deals is mostly through mid-August through mid-November 2022, although some routes end sooner. The prices listed are the lowest we found today in this date range, and other days are higher. Availability is limited and varies by route. Fares are primarily for mid-week travel, Monday through Thursday. Many weekend dates too. Search using the monthly availability calendar on the airline websites.

Notes on availability:

▶ We almost always find cheaper fares than can be advertised by the airlines, but with less availability. Keep that in mind as you’re searching.
▶ If you can’t find what you’re looking for, see our Need Help section below.
▶ Airfares change up to five times daily, and the availability of seats on sale decreases as seats get booked.
▶ To take advantage of these deals on Maui flights, you should find and book them now.
▶ Start travel either on the Mainland or in Hawaii.
▶ Prices listed are each way, including all taxes and fees.

How to book:

Book at the airline websites online; these fares are not available by phone. Try using the monthly fare calendar for more options and to locate the cheapest fares.

If you need help?

Please leave any questions and comments below – but only please or thanks gets a reply. If you cannot find what you are looking for, availability may be gone. Please sign up for our free email updates to get notified of the next Hawaii deals.

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