Airline pulls back on Maui flights due to lack of demand.

Rare: West Coast to Hawaii $89 Each Way

Fares on Hawaii flights have once again just dropped for late summer to fall Hawaii vacations. Maui is still on fire, plus there is just so much fierce competition. Other islands are all on sale as well.

Today, six departure cities are featured, and travel dates are from mid-August to mid-November, depending on the route. If you have been missing your time on Maui, golf at Wailea (pictured here), or other incredible Maui activities, now’s the time. Don’t forget that whale watching season will be starting soon.

Rare: West Coast to Hawaii $89.

San Jose to Maui $89 on Alaska, Hawaiian, and Southwest nonstop.

San Jose to Kona $89 on Alaska, Hawaiian, and Southwest nonstop.

These west coast flights to Hawaii are $99.

San Francisco to Maui $99 on Hawaiian and United nonstop.

Other west coast flights to Hawaii are $119.

San Jose to Hawaii (Honolulu or Lihue) $119 on Alaska, Hawaiian, and Southwest nonstop.

Los Angeles to Hawaii $119 on American, Hawaiian, Southwest, and United nonstop.

Oakland to Hawaii $119 on Hawaiian and Southwest nonstop.

Portland to Hawaii $118 on American one-stop.

San Diego to Hawaii $119 on Hawaiian and Southwest nonstop and $119 on Alaska and United one-stop.

San Francisco to Kauai $119 on Hawaiian and United nonstop.

Maui has the best sales. But please check Honolulu, Kauai, and the Big Island too.

Here’s how today’s deals work.

Travel at the lowest cost mostly starting in early September until early November 2022, although some routes start in August. The prices listed are the lowest that we found, and other dates are higher. Availability is very limited and depends on the route. Search using the monthly availability calendar on the airline websites.

Notes on sale availability:

  • We share cheaper fares than the airlines can advertise due to DOT rules. But these have less availability.
  • See the help section below if you can’t find these airfares.
  • Airfares change frequently during the day, and prices change as availability is depleted.
  • Find and book these now, as they won’t be available much longer.
  • Start either on the Mainland or from Hawaii.
  • Prices listed are each way and include all taxes and fees.

How to book:

Book directly on the airlines’ websites online; these fares are not available when calling.

If you need more help?

1. Please leave any questions and comments below. We gladly answer any comments that ask with a please or thank you.

2. If you cannot find what you are looking for, availability is either now gone, or wasn’t available for the specific dates you are requesting. Please sign up for our free email updates if you’d like to be notified of the next Hawaii deals.

Photo at Wailea, Maui.

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5 thoughts on “Rare: West Coast to Hawaii $89 Each Way”

  1. Hello BOH editors – a question if I might please….In your experience, would a similar opportunity for low fares be likely to occur in February or May? We have used Skyscanner in the past to try and determine the best times to purchase air fair but we do not have enough real world (practical) experience with Skyscanner in order to place a great deal of trust in them.

    I realize you can’t speak for the airlines with respect to what may (or may not) be offered in the future, but we are considering a return trip to Hawaii (either Kauai or Maui) during Feb or May in either ’23 or ’24. The big mystery for us with respect to air fair is when to pull the trigger on tickets. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or opinions you can offer!

    1. Hi Warren.

      Thanks. Great question. Both seasons should have good fares, depending on where you are flying from. That is based on the currently elevated level of competition from west coast cities, largely due to Southwest entering the picture. The best time to buy for these is typically about 90 days before, but that varies. We’ll publish airfare sales so please stay tuned.


    1. Hello! Would you suggest booking flights for the entire trip from The east coast to Hawaii or is it better to book a flight to a west coast city, and a separate booking to HI? Anyone done this 2 leg trip?

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