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Hawaii Deals | Fall Hawaii Airfare from $199 Each Way

The next round of Hawaii deals for fall 2013 airfares is out today. You’ll find good prices traveling to Hawaii from as far south as San Diego to as far north as Portland. Better fares may still lie ahead. Inventory has been reduced by the airlines, however, so how cheap they will go is unclear.

Hawaii Deals | Fall Hawaii Airfare from $199 Each Way

  • Fares below are each way and include all taxes.
  • Purchase by July 2 or when inventory is no longer available.
  • Travel is from mid-August to mid-November 2013, mostly for mid-week travel.
  • To find availability and best fares, use airline’s “Low Fare Calendar.”

San Diego to Honolulu $209 

San Jose to Maui $219 

Oakland to Maui $209

Reno to Maui $270

Eugene to Honolulu $250

Portland to Honolulu $199

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15 thoughts on “Hawaii Deals | Fall Hawaii Airfare from $199 Each Way”

  1. Trying for last 2 wks in Nov…round trip..DFW to Hilo, preferably, but Honolulu, then to Hilo OK. It’s for 50th anniversary. I grew up in Hilo…want wife to know the Hilo I knew. What’s best?

    1. Hi Ron,

      Don’t have any great ideas unless a sale pops up again. Looks like about $900 to ITO. To HNL, about $750.

      Have a great trip.


  2. Been checking flights from LAX to Honolulu for Oct 29-Nov 3. On Hawaiian Air last year our flight was $324 round trip per person. This year, $568 and up each person. Do you think airfare prices will come down for the end of Oct?

    1. Hi Pegs,

      Allegiant is the best bet at the moment. The other carriers aren’t moving yet. There’s a possibility of better price, but it isn’t certain by any means.


    2. I’ve seen the rates for Allegiant but the reviews online about the airline are so bad. From delays delays delays to dirty plane uncomfortable miserable flight. Wish they didn’t get such bad reviews.

      1. Hi Pegs.

        We’ve had many negative comments here and on our Facebook page about their service, and the news has reported issues as well. On the other hand, Allegiant does offer value beyond the competitors. You get what you pay for, and if your foremost concern is cost, they are a viable option.


    3. Yea, I know. That’s true. I’m just hoping Hawaiian Air will drop their prices. Last year we bought our round trip tix from LAX on Aug 28 I think. I keep checking online daily, even multiple times a day. Lol.

  3. Aloha, we are desperately hoping/waiting/wishing for a cheaper fare RT KOA to OAK for the 1st week in Oct. 2013….the price just seems to keep rising. Do you think the fares for this time frame will drop a bit? Or should we just bite the bullet and buy now? I know you’ve said on here before that airlines do tend to release lower fares in August. Mahalo!!

    1. Hi Tracey.

      I’m seeing about $244 each way total, which seems pretty good. It might get better, but it comes down to whether you have the patience to wait for the unknown. If you must travel, that’s a fair price. Given the cost of fuel, etc., the airlines aren’t making at ton of money at that price.


  4. Aloha,
    For early September dates (9th to 20th) from SMF to KOA, should I wait or buy now? Prices are currently $620 RT through Hawaiian. I can see them going higher but I’m not sure if $620 is a good price. Thanks!

    1. Hi Allison.

      It comes down to your flexibility and your patience. While it isn’t certain that prices will improve, it is likely. Can you wait and cope with the uncertainty however? If not then you might want to buy now.


  5. Oh, I see. It had defaulted to sfo when I put all bay area. Thanks! Aloha
    ps you think there’s any chance of flying in July for a similar price?

  6. I couldn’t find anything on their site for less than $350 or so each way…am I missing something? I tried Maui to bay area, and vice versa, from now til dec

    1. Hi Bob.

      I just checked again – looking at both Oakland and San Jose to Maui, and found wide-open availability for the dates and prices quoted. This is on Alaska Airlines.


    2. No Bob, I don’t think July will be economical at all. Little availability and quite high prices – as is normal for July. I’m seeing some west coast fares exceeding $1,000 rt.


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