Move Over Airline Fees – Hotels Quickly Catching Up

Just like with airline baggage and other fees, hotel extras are cropping up that can very quickly erode your fantastic deal.

In fact, the better your deal, the more likely you are to encounter many of these surprises.

Guests are often being segregated by the rate which they pay in order to determine what extra charges will be applied.  Therefore, if you’re paying a great rock bottom price, expect to see additional charges.

Determine in advance what add-on fees might be applied to your bill.

Remember that when you use Priceline (and front deskeven Expedia or Orbitz), the hotel receives only about 75% of the total of your hotel bill.  When you get a great rate, sometimes too good to be true, the hotel needs to find ways to recoup its losses.

At one Big Island hotel I stay at, for example, self-parking is free unless you are using Priceline.  In that case a $15 per day charge is added.  Also, forget the opportunity to upgrade and check in early or check out late on a Priceline rate.

Before using Priceline at one of the Hawaii resorts, you may want to see what other daily charges apply including resort fees.  That way you’ll have a better idea of what your actual costs will be.

Take a look at the hotel website deals before bidding on Priceline.

You may find more things included by giving the money directly to the hotel.  Some fees may be waived and you have more power to negotiate everything.

If you’ve been stung by the hotel “fee-bee” be sure and share your comments.

3 thoughts on “Move Over Airline Fees – Hotels Quickly Catching Up”

  1. Hi,

    What a great site – very informative. I am getting ready to book an anniversary vacation to Maui the 1st week of November or the 2nd – whatever is cheapest as dates are somewhat flexible. Will flight fares from SFO going to decrease any – they are around $550 r/t right now? OAK service on AA doesn’t start until 11/9 and there is no availability left that week. Is it better to bundle air/hotel together or go separate. I’d love to return to the Fairmont – but don’t see any specials – should I call them direct and ask? Thanks for the guidance!

    1. Hi Sheila,

      A couple of thoughts. I’d check with Pleasant Holidays on a package, since SFO is one of their UAL departure points. I think we’ll see lower prices, and they are trending that way, but whether that will be in time for your trip is unknown. At present the best price seems to be $499 (all-inclusive) on Hawaiian. Check their site using monthly fare calendar to find available dates.

  2. Another extra fee which Hawaii visitors don’t always take into consideration when looking at Hawaii hotel or vacation condo nightly rates, is the accommodation tax! Short term vacation accommodation tax in Hawaii is now already at a high of 12.41%, which did not matter so much for our recent bargain rental of a 1bd/1ba condo in S.Kihei on Maui.

    However, when rental rates go up again to the regular rates for the coming high winter season, when the snow birds from Canada, Alaska and WA state show up, it will add to their expenses quite a bit. We also noticed that most of Maui vacation condo owners charge now an extra cleaning fee.

    We are talking so much about getting Hawaii’s sluggish tourism industry moving again but raising the accommodation tax in July 2010 another 1% won’t do that.

    Aloha Pua
    Best Hawaii Vacation Blog

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