New Alaska Air Tool Finds Cheapest Hawaii Flights From $99

A Hawaii airfare sale finder tool, either new or at least new to us, is something unique we discovered for finding the cheapest airfares to Hawaii on Alaska Airlines.

It currently features four routes from the mainland to Hawaii for under $100 and three more for just $105. The page lists specific dates on which these fares are available, from May through November. However, after checking further, we were able to find these same fares available on other nearby dates as well.

  • San Diego to Honolulu $99
  • San Jose to Kona $99
  • San Diego to Maui $99
  • San Francisco to Maui $99
  • San Francisco to Honolulu $105
  • Los Angeles to Honolulu $105
  • San Jose to Honolulu $105

How does this work in relation to traditional Hawaii airfare sales and U.S. DOT requirements?

We will contact Alaska Airlines about this and report back with further details. This method of offering specific date and route deals appears to avoid U.S. DOT regulations on how airfare sales are promoted.

Closeout! The Last Of The $99 Airfare To Hawaii Sales Is Today

These are specific deals available and not a Hawaii airfare sale.

First, the DOT requires that any advertised airfare (which this appears to skirt) must be available in a reasonable quantity unless the advertisement clearly indicates a limited availability (which this does).

The DOT doesn’t specifically mandate a minimum number of seats or percentage of seats that must be available for an airline to promote an airfare sale. Airlines must nonetheless ensure that advertised prices are genuinely attainable in adequate numbers by consumers.

Hawaii Airfare Sale

When sale airfares are available only under very limited conditions or in extremely limited quantities, this must be clearly communicated in the advertisement, as is the case here. This is intended to prevent “bait-and-switch” practices, where airlines could advertise a low price that is so limited in availability that it lures consumers into buying higher-priced yet more available fares.

Airlines must also adhere to DOT’s full-fare advertising rule, which says that any advertised fare must include all government-imposed taxes and mandatory fees, allowing consumers to see the total cost upfront.

One thing to note here is that the Alaska Airlines sale airfares shown, at least today, are Basic Economy, or the most restricted type. That will not appeal to many Hawaii visitors. Having said that, Alaska has the most generous rules associated with their Alaska Saver airfares.

What are your thoughts on this type of Hawaii airfare sale promotion?

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2 thoughts on “New Alaska Air Tool Finds Cheapest Hawaii Flights From $99”

  1. All is good going or getting to Hawaii but return flights seem to be at least 50% higher if selecting a approximate 7 day return time. Get there cheap but pay the price to get back home. IMO most of the low fare calendars seem to work that way. I thought there was some article about not allowing (banning) one way arrival with one way return ticket purchases to and from Hawaii also. Any update on that anyone?

  2. Seems very similar to Google Flights. Maybe Alaska Air would prefer you use this type of search tool within their own ecosystem as opposed to Google Flights which can track all airline routes … except SW.

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