New Alaska Flights Mean Low Bay Area Prices

alaska deltaToday’s announcement from Alaska Airlines is great news for both Hawaii and California’s bay area.

Starting in March, the company will offer these new services:

  • Three times a week between San Jose and Maui
  • Four times a week between San Jose and Kona
  • Daily service between Sacramento and Maui

This announcement falls right on the heals of  this week’s start of Alaska’s Oakland to Maui and Kona service.

What this means is that competition from the Bay area to Hawaii will be even stronger than it is already. That virtually guarantees good deals in this all-important to Hawaii market.

Inaugural pricing:

  • $169 between San Jose-Maui, San Jose-Kona and Sacramento-Maui
  • Purchase tickets by Nov. 24, 2009 (“may” be extended)

What we might see next:

I still expect to see further competition in the Southern California to Hawaii market. Recently Continental positioned into a prior Aloha Airlines slot at Orange County’s John Wayne when they announced upcoming service to Honolulu. That still leaves room for service from Orange County to other Hawaii airports.  San Diego is also ripe for expanded Hawaii service, possibly from Alaska.

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