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New Today: On-Arrival + Interisland Testing Option for 10K Passengers Daily

The mayor of Honolulu has issued a statement that indicates that Oahu plans to soon offer yet another new option for avoiding quarantines in Hawaii. The city plans to ramp up to be able to provide passenger-paid testing for those who have not been able to pre-test before departure from the mainland, and for those wishing to travel interisland. Arriving passengers would remain at the airport while awaiting results within 1-6 hours.

This is an interesting testing development and something we suggested as an adjunct to pre-travel testing months ago.

Mayor Caldwell said in that regard, Honolulu “Plans to request approval of a post-arrival test for those who have not received a pre-travel test. Once the mobile lab is up and running the post-arrival test would be conducted at the airport, and would be administered by a third party, and paid for by the traveler. The City and County is working to procure a mobile testing lab that would be able to conduct up to 10,000 tests a day. This post-arrival test would require arriving passengers to remain in quarantine until they receive negative test results within 1 to 6 hours. In addition, the City and County of Honolulu supports the implementation of an inter-county, pre-travel testing program and would look to use this same mobile testing lab to conduct the test upon request by the inter-island traveling public.”

There will obviously be much more on this coming out soon. This brings up the question about what happens when you travel to Hawaii and then turn up positive on arrival? The options aren’t good, with either a 14-day quarantine or a quick and expensive return to the mainland.

56 thoughts on “New Today: On-Arrival + Interisland Testing Option for 10K Passengers Daily”

  1. I am confused about travel to Kona. The post says that if you transit through Honolulu with a negative test and retest in Kona, you do not have to quarantine. My transit is through Maui. No stay over. Do the same rules apply?

  2. Hi, I’ve been following you throughout this pandemic and appreciate the information you have been sharing. I will be traveling from Phoenix to Hilo with a plane change in Honolulu. Will my pre-travel (72 hour) test be all I need to change planes in Honolulu?

  3. Aloha guys, many thanks for such a great website. Best info to be found about the opening up of the islands. I do have a travel question that even Hawaiian air could not answer. A friend will be returning to the mainland… His flights are Ogg-Hnl-San Diego. Does he need a COVID test before leaving Ogg and does he need to fill out The Safe Travels forms for both segments..Thanks

    1. Hi Dick.

      Thanks. There is no quarantine flying from Maui to Honolulu (only the other direction). So nothing should be needed, and as far as we know, Safe Travels is not related. You can always check with the state, although comments say that they cannot be reached.


  4. Many thanks for producing such an informative website. This is my go to spot for reopening information. I have noticed that several people are having trouble filling out the Safe Travels form, especially the trip log. Do you happened to have a copy of the form and the medical form so that I can review prior to travel. Thanks very much. Keep up the great work. Mahalo, Dick A

  5. Full time legal Hawaii residents should be given the tests for FREE. We pay Hawaii Income Tax and are not allowed to travel FREE to, from, or around our HOME state. Please tell me why we should have to pay to come home? Thank you.

    1. Hi Lala.

      Perhaps ask your state representatives, since we have nothing to do with it. It did strike us as odd that you can probably fly interisland for $30 but will have to pay $130 for the test. On the neighbor islands, you may also have a lot of time spent, since, on Kauai, the only testing site is a 45-minute drive from here.


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