Mauka Concourse at HNL - What's missing?

Something Big Went Missing at Honolulu Airport: Visitors Take Notice

Beautiful as it may seem on arrival, where are the food and the tropical fragrances at the new Mauka Concourse at Honolulu Airport (HNL)?

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87 thoughts on “Something Big Went Missing at Honolulu Airport: Visitors Take Notice”

  1. I would like to add I am scheduled to return in March of next year. I am not looking forward to my arrival which will be awful at the new terminal. My husband and I have visited Hawaii for the last 30 years once or twice a year extending our stays up to 3 months. I am not looking To a gleeful arrival. I don’t even know if I have a place to stay because of the Gold Coast condo restrictions to 90 days. Even though I made the reservations before I left in March of this year.

  2. I used the new concourse in March of this year.. Did not know you needed to walk and walk and walk and walk to get anywhere once you got off the plane or had to walk getting on the plane.. It was not well marked at which direction to go to get to baggage or any other place.. I hope there is innerterminal transportation once inside that concourse your sunk unless it’s changed. My kids took me to the airport to come back to Oregon and we drove around for 30 minutes looking for a parking place.
    Also it was a surprise you couldn’t get a sandwich or anything as you waited for your plane since you have to get there hours ahead of time.

  3. Arrived from Oregon on Hawaiian and had to walk to farend of the baggage claim. Made no sense and was very irritating. Why can’t the closer baggage claim used. Just made no sense.

  4. As a Hawaii resident I can say “good riddance to overpriced, unhealthy, terrible food”. I will not miss 150% marked up restaurants nor the disgusting mini store sandwiches. The real story would be a class-action law-suit against purveyors gouging travelers a 200% markup for a bottle of water. Having to walk past establishments with miserable, underpaid employees is in itself an eyesore. The uncluttered, new terminal is a welcome change.

  5. This makes perfect sense. Since Hawaii is trying to reduce tourism, why would it provide good food, outdoor ambiance, and wonderful natural fragrances at its primary airport? That would defeat the purpose.

    1. Spacious but yes a long walk to the far end baggage. Again poor planning also with the no food concessions. No building permits because that office has had scrutiny issues possibly. HNL does not greet with an Aloha tropical ambiance. Poor execution.

    2. Yes! After our miserable experience last week at HON I tend to think the new governor should be happy about this as well as $1000 fines for using the wrong sunscreen.

  6. Hawaii airport has to be one of the absolute worst Honolulu the one I’m referring to. I’ve been to the new terminal and yes I completely agree with the review.

  7. Funny that this topic came up. My husband and I landed on Saturday and we talking about what a wasted space that was. No food options. We figured more was planned but for now it’s just wasted space. We fly in four times a year. We miss the open air spaces. As soon as you stepped off the plane you new you were in Hawaii…🌺

  8. People griping about the food quality and having to walk a bit more. No sympathy from me. Can’t stand the transformation of airports into malls. Eat at home before you drive to the airport or wait until you arrive at your destination. Or pack few snacks. The human body was designed to survive without consuming calories every two hours, trust me on that. No wonder >50% of us are obese: food, food, food.

    1. Agreed! The only reason I could see a demand for restaurants inside the terminal would be for travelers continuing on to another island after arriving in Honolulu. Let’s say you caught a 6 AM flight out of LAX, it’s now 5 hours later, maybe you have to wait an hour before your connecting flight to Kauai; that would be a good time for a meal, and I wouldn’t blame somebody for getting hungry. But if your final destination is Honolulu, for Pete’s sake, just leave the airport, and go a couple miles and get a real meal at a real restaurant!

  9. It’s such a shame of how bad our airport is. I just got back from Koreas inchun airport where it was rated one of the best. Awesome food dining and entertaining.
    We have to start moving forward and learn from the other countries


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