Mauka Concourse at HNL - What's missing?

Something Big Went Missing at Honolulu Airport: Visitors Take Notice

Beautiful as it may seem on arrival, where are the food and the tropical fragrances at the new Mauka Concourse at Honolulu Airport (HNL)?

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87 thoughts on “Something Big Went Missing at Honolulu Airport: Visitors Take Notice”

  1. Lame. The open air and age gave it character and was part of the charm of flying to Honolulu. Bummer they felt the need to “upgrade” facilities that were part of the experience.

    1. The so-called “Experience” became very Lame when the walk to claim baggage became a marathon without directions. The “Experience” somehow has become much less appealing than airports in some “Third World Countries.” The Aloha Greetings, any of the other Positives that had been a wonderful greeting have disappeared into the inactive volcanoes never to be experienced again. The Jasmine in the air has been replaced by the exhaust fumes from airplanes and the feelings of hospitality and friendliness have been mostly replaced with the Ignorance of grumpy older workers. If This is what the Hawaiian Experience has become there’s no wonder why many won’t return, they could go to New York or New Jersey for that!

  2. Airports around the world need to get with modern world food culture and offer vegan, plant based menus. As a vacation destination even Maui is horrible at this. While Maui does have a few small vegan restaurants, the vast majority of hospitality businesses here do not serve decent plant-based fare.

    1. The Actual Demand isn’t there, at least not enough to support entire restaurants devoted to it. Maybe someday in the future it will be but for now the flatulent cows have cornered that market. That brings up the subject of why plant based entire meals for the human race isn’t a good idea for Climate Change, Flatulence. Cows are being blamed for Climate Change, will it only worsen when all humans are forced to become vegan? Of Course it will, 8+ Billion People releasing their Flatulence will add significant amounts of Green House Gasses! They will then need to Cull Humanity to make things better.

  3. Went thru this extension coming back from Hilo. Nice, new, big airport style. No concessions, long walk to baggage, and lonely feeling. Surprise, concession building permits slowing making it a functional space. Grassroot has it correct, local Hawaiian Government has paralyzed every facet of our society. Even Fast food at Ala Moana Center builds out rather than be delayed by a very ineffective Government.

  4. Just flew out from the new concourse on 10/26. Nice start, with huge passenger amenity upgrade potential. The biggest problem is that HDOT runs it. So many delays on all of their projects. Create a port authority that focuses on the airport itself and perhaps they can right the ship.

  5. Entrenched old boy network does nothing for airport unless kickbacks of some sort are on the burner. FAA has many decades worth of issues with airport, run by state DOT. No miracles on the horizon…


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