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83 thoughts on “Stunned! Hawaiian Airlines First Class Lie-Flat Review”

  1. It looks like a wonderful plane, however, having had flown first class from Tokyo for the past decade there are two huge negatives about Hawaiian airlines:

    1. The stewards in the galley near the cockpit speak loudly all throughout the trip including night flights. You’d think they’d speak quietly and be more aware or perhaps they just don’t care about their first class passengers, and lucky you because first class is right up close to them.

    2. The food is the same as economy. It is just plain awful.

  2. Yes I live on Maui, and I have flown in the lie flat seats and I did also find them to be very comfortable. I am only 5‘2“ and it accommodated me very nicely. I was able to sleep laying completely flat after a long trip to visit family and friends. It was such a relaxing experience to feel the aloha from the crew as if I was home already!

  3. Yes, we were very pleased (shocked) they had this aircraft on the Kona to LAX flight. The trip was great and we agree as reviewed here- so much better than the United and Delta flights which do not have lie down seats. The downside to it in LAX was a very long walk(15-20 min) to baggage claim. Hopefully this is a terminal issue and has been solved.Naturally there is no such walk on the return in Kona. Well Done Hawaiian!

  4. It’s important to note that unlike all other major carriers who increase the checked baggage weight up to 70lbs in the premium cabins, Hawaiian does not. I didn’t even bother to look into this because it is standard amongst the other major players, so the flights costs a few hundred bucks total round trip.

    It may seem trivial, but that made it an easy decision to fly on United’s 777 from now on. Larger individual pods are standard on the United 777.

    I was surprised to see the 10/10 rating for seats, followed by a list of things that could be better.

  5. Aloha!

    Over the last 6-7 years I have flown HA, round trip, LIH/HNL to JFK, always using my points to upgrade to First class. Have also flown HA: HNL to So. Korea; and Auckland, in First class (again upgraded w/points). Three weeks ago I flew Hawaiian round trip to BOS/Logan in First class (using points to upgrade). Originally the trip was scheduled for 2020, but of course that didn’t happen. The trips were all excellent…on time, great seats (usually 2C), and the flight attendants’ service was everything you would expect or want. In fact, I think the food has actually improved! Given age and arthritis, I believe that points are best used for upgrades as it allows me to get some sleep on long flights.



  6. My husband and I recently returned to Oakland from Honolulu first class. The gate change was never disclosed, however I had walked outside of the lounge, not much of a lounge but at least it has a restroom and found on the monitor that we had a gate change. The farthest gate, over a 1 mile hike, which wasn’t a problem for us as we knew of the change but many people didn’t know and it further delayed our take off. The flight attendants were only 4 for the entire trip and one of our first class attendants really worked hard to keep the whole plane happy and serviced. We were gracious about the lull in service and aside from one of the hardest landings in our lives, the flight was nice. Our 1st class baggage, 2 pieces were the last of

  7. I would give them a zero out of 10. Lying flat down in first class my $1000 prescription sunglasses fell off from around my neck during my sleep. I heard a noise but I didn’t think anything of it. After I departed the plane, I noticed my glasses were not on me and I knew where they where. They where between the outer seat shell and at the back base of the seat. I told the airline the airplane number and seat and explained my situation and honestly all they tell you to do is fill out a form. I tried for a week calling where the plane landed for someone to look but no one would help. Never fly this airline again and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

    1. Not sure if 0/10 would be warranted for the whole experience for a mistake that was not the airlines fault. Please try to look at the whole picture, and understand that it had nothing to do with the actual flight, onboard service, equipment, meal and drinks, boarding, etc. The problem is losing your $1000 glasses and forgetting it was left behind. I’ve left things on board on other airlines, and I wrote them off. The chances of someone finding something small and in a crack of space in the aircraft would be low. It’s important in any situation to take care of expensive items. Best of luck in future travels. Thanks for having a broad view of airlines and traveling.

      1. Your reply is valid but it was the lack of support in even trying to assist the customer. The staff person on the phone didn’t care and just wanted you to fill out a form. The only way they will ever look would be during a maintenance C check when they hopefully do routine maintenance on the seats. By the time that takes place, my case will be closed (as it has) and then they don’t have to worry about. What’s sad, they pulled a plane to look for a Diamond ring vs spending one evening when it’s parked just to look and reach behind the seat. No one even tried and they closed my case.

    2. Next time put your eye glasses in the case and tuck it away in your bag. How is the airlines responsible for this experience? This review seems ridiculous just because people didn’t stop to look for your glasses your gonna suggest that no one fly’s with Hawaiian airlines.

      1. When the plane is parked in Hawaii on the tarmac, they have ground crews who conduct A-level maintenance checks on the plane prior to departing the next day. They can simply send a note to the maintenance crew to have a look. They have pulled the plane in before for a lady’s diamond ring. I worked in the airline maintenance business for 32 years and I understand the process.

      1. How can you lose your glasses if you know where they are? HAL won’t get them even if I tell them the tail number and seat and where to look. Remember, I was sleeping, woke up and for over a year and a half, these glasses never fell off around my neck. I even put a floaty on the glasses. They will find the glasses when they do a D or hopefully a C maintenance check.

  8. Wife and I have been Flying to Hawaii every winter and Spring for many years, Your review is spot-on.
    As you mentioned the way to go is buy your ticket then upgrade with 50,000 hawaiian miles!
    The key to getting a reasonable cost is to book at least 6 months ahead. Our tickets were around 860.00 each!
    Of course we are retired, so we can plan well ahead.

      1. 1. Since we love Hawaii, and know we want to travel there at least every year, we plan far ahead. Generally we study flights and and book with cash, two flights to Hawaii in coach.

        2. Next, we upgrade using Hawaiian Airlines points we have collected through regular purchases On HA credit cards, (my card and the wife’s card). In short, we focus only on the goal.

        For us, the key is to plan at least one year in advance. We want to collect 100,000 Hawaiian miles during the coming year.

        As soon as we have collected enough points we upgrade with points to first class.

        Nothing tricky or complicated here, just good planning! Aloha!

        1. Thanks!
          So book 2 coach regular coach seats and then immediately turn around and upgrade with points?
          Where is the upgrade option or do yo have to call in for that?

        2. Yes you have to plan months in advance e. There is a limit to the number of seats available for all upgrades using miles. The other day there were 9 seats available but when I requested miles upgrades the agent told me there were not available for upgrades there were for purchase only. Anyone know how many are available for upgrades on each fligjt?

          1. Pat. I don’t have an answer for you. I usually contact reservations and make an inquiry ut I’m think there maybe between 4 and 6 available

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