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83 thoughts on “Stunned! Hawaiian Airlines First Class Lie-Flat Review”

  1. The best first class experience! I’ve tried 3 airlines to and from, delta was the worst!!!! Hawaiian by far the top no matter where you are in first, I will only fly this airline between Hawaii and California, well worth the price! 🌸💓🌺

  2. We love Hawaiian airlines & fly them exclusively to Maui. I wish I had never discovered the lie flat seats, we can never go back to steerage. We had the same issues you mentioned (having to phone to cancel / no Wi-Fi. We also don’t like not having a lounge available. When you pay over $2k per ticket from West coast, a lounge should be assumed.
    Don’t even get me started on the new LAX terminal. It’s bad enough that we stopped booking LAX and drive another hour from Central Valley to SFO to avoid that LAX terminal nightmare. Long long walk, no dedicated 1st class check In line Hard pass on flying Hawaiian from LAX.
    Hawaiian has the best onboard staff & once on board flying first is so worth it. The vacation starts 6 hours earlier!

  3. I do love the HA 1st class. I had the opportunity to fly several times. The international flight, in my opinion, was well worth it!Although, the personnel/gate attendees on the international side needed lessons in customer service. Food was great but I wished we had a choice in our meals! I had to utilize call cntr and that was an undesirable experience! FA were stellar!

  4. A bit late to the party but I just booked 2 seats using Hawaiian miles (LAX-HNL-LIH) for only 40,000 miles OW. I had seen miles cost as high as 80,000. I switched my 26,000 coach seat for the F seat just like that.
    Really looking forward to comparing HI best product to UA and AA.

  5. Flew hawaiiN airlines business class round trip to Tahiti from Honolulu Oct 2022.
    My experience was not positive. First despite having TSA was not assigned on boarding pass and had to request. Unfortunately this has been an issue with every Hawaiian airline flight. Hours spent on line with poor customer service hasn’t resolved the issue.
    The check in process in HNl was chaotic hard to know which line to use for check in.
    The lounge was awful.Agents were rude, food was poor. Sadly same food was on board lay flat seats poorly designed for your feet because of cone shape am 5 10 had to cross ankle to fit. Not comfortable. Finally air temp was cold only 1 blanket/ customer😬
    I live in Maui and avoiding Hawaiian Air if Possible.

  6. I concur. My Hawaii Airlines Business/First has consistently beat United HANDS DOWN! I long for a direct Denver to HNL flight via Hawaiian!

  7. I fly on Hawaiian regularly in First Class and my main complaint it the low quality wines, they are merely swill, almost undrinkable. And we pay a lot for our tickets.The food on HA, back in the day, when Chef Bev Gannon was creating the menus was way above par, today First Class food is just so so but every now and then a bit better. The flight attendants are always tops.

  8. My boyfriend and I flew Hawaiian Airlines first class in October. I assumed that the seats were going to be the lie-flat type. I was sadly mistaken. Our seats were comfy but not worth the extra cost. The seats reminded me of our Lazy-Boy recliners that we have at home, with the exception of being able to recline all the way back. We were barely able to recline at all. My feet barely reached the footrest. That was the biggest complaint I had. The service was amazing. The stewards that we had on both legs were beyond nice. The food was the best part of the whole experience. I really wish the airlines would do away with the one-time use plastic that they all use. If you think of the amount of trash that they make everyday, it’s horrifying!

  9. Hawaiian Airlines lie flat 1st class. I flew from Honolulu to Seattle in the 1st class lie flat. I was very comfortable and well accommodated. The service was lovely.
    Aloha 🌺🌴🤙

  10. Carl is exactly right – my sister and I flew LAS to HNL overnight and with no mattress pads we both found the seats too hard to sleep without pressure points. The padding is very thin.

    What are they thinking not including mattress pads on an overnight flight? It may be only 6 hours but we book an overnight to sleep.

  11. My wife and I had typically flown first class betwen LIH and PHX.
    Once they changed to lay flat on the HNL/PHX leg we found the lay flat seats “too hard”
    so subsequent trips just do extra comfort.


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