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Super Bowl and Hawaii Rambutans: An Odd Pair Revisited

Three years ago when we were still new to Beat of Hawaii, I was eating a bowl of local Rambutans while psyching up to watch the Super Bowl.

An idea for a post sprang to mind when I read a news report suggesting that sports fans’ stress can be a heart hazard. Why not suggest that others eat Rambutan during the game? This exotic fruit is good for your heart. I know it’s a bit of a stretch unless you live where I do in Hawaii.

The post was born: Can Rambutan Reduce Super Bowl Stress. With a mix of tongue in cheek football jargon, it became one of our most popular posts at the time and continues to rank highly in Google.

Whether you’re a fan of the Packers or Steelers, here’s to a great game day. As to who I’m rooting for, the fact that I once worked at the University of Pittsburgh may offer a clue.

Until the game starts, I’m sitting here poised with Rambutan at the ready.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to the game of finding Hawaii travel deals.


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1 thought on “Super Bowl and Hawaii Rambutans: An Odd Pair Revisited”

  1. Aloha Rob,
    Whether eating Rambutan for releasing stress during the Superbowl, I can’t say but Rambutans are definitely one of my favorite Hawaiian fruits next to Lychee, apple bananas, white pineapples (only on Big Island!), strawberry papayas…yummie.

    And keep your Hawaii vacation deals coming. Our Hawaii blog visitors love them. Aloha, Pua & Keoki

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