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Ten Hawaiian Airlines Routes Set to Resume

The Hawaii flagship carrier just announced its resumption of a reduced schedule between Hawaii and most of its US mainland gateway cities starting August 1. That as Hawaii begins welcoming travelers who choose to participate in a pre-travel C0VID testing program which will soon be revealed. The airline will also increase its inter-island service at that time. For the past three months, Hawaiian has been offering only essential flight services connecting LA, San Francisco, and Seattle to Honolulu.

Beat of Hawaii: As Hawaiian, together with competitors Alaska and Southwest prepare to resume, we expect to see deals  and more route information announced in the days ahead. Stay tuned for that.

Hawaiian is also starting daily service between Honolulu and Portland as of 7/1 and daily service from Honolulu to San Diego and Sacramento as of 7/15.

Starting August 1 it will restart service between Honolulu and Boston, New York, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Jose, and Oakland. At the same time Hawaiian will resume the following:

  • Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento to Maui.
  • Los Angeles and Oakland to Kauai
  • Los Angeles to the Big Island.

Other routes will resume subsequently.

21 thoughts on “Ten Hawaiian Airlines Routes Set to Resume”

  1. We have been blessed to be “stuck” in Hawaii. Keep cancelling our flight. I don’t care!

  2. Since my August 1st Hawaiian Air flight from Portland was canceled yesterday, I think things are still changing in unpredictable ways… Anyone know WHY August 1-2 and other August dates are being canceled?

    Friends were leaving out of SFO were also canceled!

  3. Western Canada 🇨🇦 should be on the Hawaii list. We have a very small pan demic situation, considering most of the USA

  4. Alaska doesn’t have Hold capacity for 500 crates. The September weather is awful and the tarmac is dangerously hot, so connecting through HNL is dangerous. Letter of acclimation will do you no good. Hawaiian is your best answer. They’ve been really helpful transporting my pittie and pointer every Christmas.

  5. We’re coming for 3 months to our condo September 2nd. Problem is we’re bringing a large dog in the hold. We need our direct flight as inter-island can’t fit a 500 crate. Alaska can’t answer if they’ll be flying direct then.

  6. Mahalo for your updates on the airlines providing service to/from Hawai’i.
    I had reservations on Southwest for a July 1st direct flight to Sacramento, however upon check-in I ran into problems… (1) HNL to SMF is currently canceled, and (2) I was not even notified and only learned of the cancellation in a conversation with the the airline agent less than 24 hours prior to my now canceled flight. No explanation was given, just a re-book for the following week and re-routing through OAK. SMF is a new addition to the Southwest flights…are they having difficulty getting it started, or is there another reason for the cancellation. I have a return flight for Sept. 1st from Sacramento to Oahu and wondering if there might be problems with that also?
    Much appreciation for the updates you share with us!

    1. Hi Cathy.

      Until August 1, and perhaps even a bit beyond that, airlines continue to regroup. Flights go on and off schedule with little or no notice. We don’t have further information, but expect that to all change once we return to a more normal travel environment.


  7. Aloha Guys!

    In Checking, just to do so, I noticed that Car Rental Prices are absolutely inflated, nearly Double…that’s even on discount sites! I paid just under $200 for one week in Maui last October, and now its almost $350 for one week!! Can you find any better deals, for early September?


    1. Hi Jim.

      Yes, you are seeing that correctly. Doesn’t make sense with parking lots full of cars and no renters. So we do expect that will improve and will keep an eye on it.


    1. Hi Max.

      That route appears to be coming back the second week in August. That is subject to change of course.


  8. When will guideline for testing come out, in Calif not able to find a test site that has 72 hrs turn around results, called many sites & HMO, all 4 to 7 day turn around. This includes CVS pharmacy they only test for person with sysphoms & still 4 to 7 days turn around, waiting for better instructions from Hawaii government.

  9. Will there be inter-island service between Honolulu and the Big Island when flights to Honolulu from Sacramento resume on July 15th? Thanks!

    1. Hi Bill.

      Yes, there are inter-island flights available. Keep in mind that to avoid 14-day period, however, travel must commence starting August 1.


  10. So when is the governor going to announce the COVID-19 testing program partnership with CVS? We are flying August 8 and need to schedule it.

  11. Hi!

    We were scheduled to fly on Hawaiian from Phoenix to Maui on July 30th. We saw the writing on the wall about 3 weeks ago and cancelled our flight and banked the money for a future flight. After thinking about it, I chatted online with Hawaiian and asked them for a refund and they refused. After seeing this article, we could not have flown there on that date anyway and they are not flying from Phoenix directly to anywhere in Hawaii for the foreseeable future. Could you maybe give us some advice to how we might be able to get a refund instead of credit?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Steve.

      You might see we have had hundreds of other comments on this subject. What seems to have worked best is to contact the airline via direct messaging in social media (FB or Twitter). Let us know how that goes.


  12. WHY is Portland Oregon not on this list? My understanding is from your site that Oregon is the number 2 place visitors come from?

  13. Will not be going to Hawaii anytime soon, as long as they mandate the c0vid testing 72 hours prior. Nor reasonable on a timeline or financial aspect. There going to be losing a lot of vacationers to this.

    1. 100% agree was planning to visit but test results take anything from 5 to 10 days. Just not practical. And no guarantees so I get a test and result doesn’t show up b4 my flight what happens

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