Unimpressed: Review Of Hawaiian Airlines Economy + ExtraComfort on Wide-Body

Review Of Hawaiian Airlines Economy + ExtraComfort on Wide-Body

Awful legroom and embarrassing “food” on one hand. A lovely widebody plane, a unique solid Hawaii brand, and on-time performance on the other. Hawaiian Airlines economy review plus Extra Comfort.

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65 thoughts on “Review Of Hawaiian Airlines Economy + ExtraComfort on Wide-Body”

  1. I’m 4’9″ and didn’t have enough legroom in economy to cross my legs which is new to me. I usually fly Southwest and can stand up and move q bit in my seat. The seats on Hawaiian are extremely cramped and have almost no cushioning. Can’t imagine what it would be like to be 6′ in that space.

  2. This is the Worst airlines Ever!!
    Do yourself a favor and don’t book any flights with them they don’t really care about their passengers I tried their service for the second time to see if I was feeling wrong but unfortunately they have the worst customer service. I’m traveling all over the world and never got this attitude from no other airlines.
    Even if you need to pay extra to it!
    Just don’t go anywhere with Hawaiian Airlines!!

  3. I think that airlines are just wanting to make more money, and making us passengers feel uncomfortable. It’s like seating in a sardine can. I think that all economy seating area should be given more leg room space. Airlines should be concerned with making passengers feel comfortable and not squeezing all in together.
    Seating is small and tight as is and then with no leg room.
    With no leg room, and passengers leaning their seats back, makes matters worse. Hawaiian airlines use to be good on hearing passengers out. Stop adding more seating and making the rest of us feel uncomfortable. Bad business. Take business elsewhere. We all are not the same size. So some of us that a bit fuller,feels very uncomfortable. Your upgrade seating Expensive


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