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35 thoughts on “What Went Wrong: United Airlines Hawaii First Class Review”

  1. Thank you for the great review. Love reading the reviews. Any suggestions on how to report a bad experience to an airline? For instance you said you received 100 bucks in in flight credit for a lousy meal. Thanks

  2. I grew up with family on Big Island and so traveled to and fro often, usually on UA (out of SFO); haven’t been on UA to Hawaii in at least ten years (now SEA based and am usually on AS) – the one thing I want to know is do they still play the “halfway to Hawaii” game?!? I’d look forward to playing on each and every flight; I won on my last trip (large box of mac nuts was the prize) and this is still a very fond memory.

  3. I bought 4 first class tickets to Hawaii the plane was very old no seats to recline into beds no television no radio no nothing I paid $9.700. Got a meal that was gross going to contact lawyer because United airlines will not return calls.

  4. Please check the definition of Polaris class with United, preferably with their corporate offices. It is very specific and to my knowledge doesn’t apply to first class across the board. Unfair to mis-characterize.

    United can’t decide whether routes to Hawaii are domestic or international, from anywhere on the mainland. Getting the right mix of revenue, amenities and plane is tricky. These routes are lost leaders, meaning demand is high but from vacation travelers, not corporate execs on expense accounts. Hence lower fares and less revenue. Also, longer route, bigger plane. Bigger plane, more comfort and amenities. West Coast flights are basically over-water, domestic flights. And flying domestically is pretty iffy these days.

  5. My grandson and I flew United economy with a group to Honolulu in June 2023 and were extremely disappointed that there were no back seat video monitors for in-flight movies Or WIFI on the final leg-Frisco to Honolulu. It made the long trip very difficult for some of the high school kids who are usually on their phones all the time. I understand that wifi is iffy crossing the ocean, but think All flights from the mainland to Any of the Hawaiian Islands should have in-flight movies as some kind of entertainment for the long trip.

  6. BOH: Flew UA 2380 from SFO to HNL last night, via a 737-800 MAX. There was no wi-fi or internet about 15 minutes outside SFO. For a plane that was only a few years old, the aircraft’s bulkhead screens were frozen to the previous flight (ORD to SFO) over Davenport, IA which was odd given the age of the A/C.

    What was worse was the 24.5 year old 772 from EWR to SFO. During taxi, a light standard cover fell down and thankfully hit no one. And the climate controls for the A/C were frozen (pun intended) on full blase cold. Also, the A/C did not have individual fans for each seat, just the vents that ran the length of the A/C….which blew very cold air the entire time. I had a sweatshirt and two blankets on and was still quite cold.

    1. Hi Justin.

      Thanks for the report. According to FlightAware, that was a 737 Max 9 that you flew on last night. We’ll report back after two flights on that plane that are coming right up. Have been lucky to avoid the 772 with 8 across business. And really enjoyed their Dreamliner Polaris.


  7. I have flown United to HNL through Houston (and often connect the same day- so I have a back end time constraint) at least once, sometimes twice a year, since 2008 from either DCA or IAD. I competitively shop other airlines, dates, times, you get the picture. In 2008-1011/2012 my ticket was no more than 850-900. In April 2021 it was just under 1700 for economy plus (upgraded for free bag and seating in that area); I flew American through Phoenix to Maui to connect later that afternoon this April and did a similar type of upgrade for just under 2K.

    I am already looking at this April and man would I like some of that magic juice BOH is drinking to get the prices you are!

  8. Have you sent in comments to United regarding the catering and about how you prefer a multi course service rather than a single tray? I also love multi course service, but my sources at United have told me that most customer’s have asked for one tray, and don’t want multiple courses anymore. I think the only way for it to change is Lots of customer feedback.

      1. Love BOH. Maui residents for 15 years. Somehow, BOH got “pushed” on me via Google, probably based on my search history (aside, anyone who thinks we still have any privacy is living in the early 20th century). Anyways, keep the articles coming!

  9. When we went to Hawaii in 2021 the rates for 1st class were fairly inexpensive ($400 RT Via SFO).

    We decided to splurge and pay for 1st but I told my wife we could Only book flights on one of United’s triple 7s. No way I’d pay 1st class on a narrow body.

    We didn’t tell our daughter about the seats and she was surprised and excited to see the lie flat seats. Being over 21 she immediately went for the booze but sadly United wasn’t serving Mai Tais during covid, and she had to ‘settle’ for champagne.


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