2015/2016 Update | The Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii

2015/2016 Update | The Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii

Our four-step 2015/2016 guide to Hawaii travel deals features the best time to fly to Hawaii and how much you can expect to pay. Just updated in July 2015, we’ve included the most likely dates to find Hawaii deals that not only help you save on Hawaii airfare, but on accommodations and activities as well.

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Step 1: What to Pay for Hawaii Deals.

Great news for the rest of 2015 and into 2016! We expect to see more competition and discounting than normal on Hawaii routes. This is based in part on increased inventory as well as on continued low fuel prices which permit the airlines to make money even on reduced airfares.

West Coast Departures:Lowest sale airfares starting from $300′s round-trip including all taxes and fees.

Midwest and East Coast Departures: Expect to pay $250 to $300 more although some sales will result in even lower prices.

Tip: Overall, low season airfares should be down somewhat when compared with 2014.

Step 2: When to Travel for Hawaii Deals

  • August 12 through November 19 and December 1 through 10, 2015.
  • If you are traveling at the Christmas/New Year holidays, the lowest priced dates will be December 24, 25, 31 and January 1.
  • Try to avoid June 15 to August 11, Christmas, as well as January and February, which are traditionally the high season dates. We’ll update the possibility of deals at that time when more information is available.
  • Spring Break 2016 will be covering most of March. Spring Break an expensive time to visit.

Tip: A spring or fall Hawaii vacation gets our unequivocal thumbs up. First, the very best in Hawaii weather is found during spring and fall. You can also luxuriate in the feeling of having the islands all to yourself, something that’s only possible during low season.

Step 3: When to Buy Hawaii Deals.

This largely depends on your flexibility and how determined you are to take a Hawaii vacation. Sometimes the deal that is available now is the best option even if it isn’t the rock bottom price, rather than one that may or may not materialize later. Monitoring for the very best fare can also be quite time consuming.

  • Late Summer and Fall 2015 travel – look for Hawaii deals during Summer 2015 and thereafter.
  • Christmas in Hawaii travel – it is most advantageous to book as early as possible, or at the very last minute if there is any remaining availability.
  • Winter 2015/2016 travel – airfare sales may start during late summer or fall 2015, or thereafter.
  • Spring 2016 travel – airfare sales may be combined with winter 2015/2016 sales appearing late summer or fall 2015. There will also be spring sales appearing thereafter.

Tip: At Beat of Hawaii we have our fishing net out to catch Hawaii travel deals for you. We’ll reel them in and be first to let you know when they appear. Please subscribe to our free mail and Facebook updates then stay tuned.

Step 4: Best Gateway Cities for Flights to Hawaii – AKA Where the Deals are.

Some cities continue to have increased competition. Travelers using these airports can expect to benefit most in terms of best pricing and greater availability. Those cities are:

  • Bellingham
  • New York
  • Oakland
  • Portland
  • San Diego
  • San Jose
  • Seattle

Airlines that Fly to Hawaii.

The two primary choices from the west coast are Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines. Both are great carriers that have a wide range of offerings. Their prices on competitive services are usually but not always similar. There are other choices as well.

  • Hawaiian Airlines flies to Honolulu, Hawaii (Big Island), Kauai, and Maui from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle. They also offer inter-island service between all islands.
  • Alaska Airlines flies to Honolulu, Hawaii (Big Island), Kauai, and Maui from Anchorage, Bellingham, Oakland, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, and Seattle.
  • Allegiant Air still flies to Honolulu from Las Vegas and Los Angeles although we aren’t sure for how long. Their base pricing can often be the lowest. However, they feature a la carte pricing that includes fees for carry-on luggage and even water on board. Their seats do not recline.
  • Legacy carriers, including American, Delta and United all have a range of flights to and from Hawaii from most areas of the U.S. While there can be (and recently has been) discounting on these companies as well, it is not nearly as frequent as on the airlines above which specialize in Hawaii.

Lastly, we look forward to your comments and questions. While we are not able to respond to all of these individually, we hope that we have answered many of your most asked questions here or in previous comments. If you would like to respond to others’ comments and questions, we encourage that.

Watch for updates.

We continue to update this information as changes occur. Also subscribe to our free deal alert emails.

E komo mai – Welcome to Hawaii. Mahalo and A Hui Hou!



  1. Rebecca (2 days ago)

    Hello! We are taking our entire family (11 people and 2 infants) to Kauai from Salt Lake City, flying March 24-April 5 2016. Currently tickets are running about $675 that we can find. Do you think there’s a chance we’ll see some sales on tickets this fall or early next year?
    Thank you!

    • Beat of Hawaii (2 days ago)

      Hi Rebecca,

      At 10 people, most airlines offer special group pricing. Please call Alaska Airlines and Delta Airlines group sales desk and inquire. Also would love to hear what happens.


  2. Michelle (3 days ago)


    Booking flight to Oahu from October 8, 2015 through October 15,2015. Flight per person is $600, should I book or wait? Do flights typically increase or decease the closer it get to October 2015? Your input is greatly needed and appreciated!

    • Beat of Hawaii (2 days ago)

      Hi Michelle,

      All we know is contained in the post. Fall deals not out yet and LA doesn’t see great deals at this point in time. Perhaps $100 savings is possible by waiting.


  3. Lisa (3 days ago)

    i have a group of 40+people including children we are planning to fly june 30-july 7 2016 when is the best time to book flights and good deals,, we will be going to Oahu

    • Beat of Hawaii (3 days ago)

      Hi Lisa,

      Please contact the group sales desk at the airlines that fly from your location to Hawaii. You will definitely qualify for a better airfare.

      Please let us know what happens.


  4. Ryan (4 days ago)

    Hi My wife and I are traveling from Portland, OR on Sun Nov 1st to HNL. I am looking for a direct flight on that day and see two options from Alaska at $244 and Hawaiian at $289. We are traveling back from Maui to LAX on Thursday Nov 12th. I see Hawaiian at $300 on that day. I know you say fall deals should be coming soon, but do you see these prices going down at all, and if so are there any target rates we should be looking at? Or is this the best we can expect.

    • Beat of Hawaii (3 days ago)

      Hi Ryan,

      No one knows for sure, but at the same time we’ve been following this market closely for many years.

      Nov. 1 is totally low season except that it is weekend which will ding you. $600 doesn’t seem right, so we do expect it to come down. Perhaps by more than $100. Not sure exactly when that will happen.


  5. Nico (5 days ago)


    Planning on purchasing a RT flight to Maui from Aug 19-23, it’s around 625 RT via Hawaiian airlines, do you think rates will go down? Thank you for your tips!

    • Beat of Hawaii (3 days ago)

      Hi Nico,

      Should go down if you can stand waiting. No guarantees.


  6. Dave (5 days ago)

    Looking to fly to Hilo from the midwest more than likely Minneapolis in October 2015. When would be the best time to book and fly and what would be a good price? Would it be better to look for another airport to fly out of?

    • Beat of Hawaii (4 days ago)

      Hi Dave,

      Wait a month or so and see if it gets any better. Over $900 currently. Best hope is probably in $700′s.


  7. Candis (6 days ago)

    I am traveling with my family to Maui will be staying on the beach flying into OGG on Oct 18-24. Tickets are at $761 a ticket but with tax $855. Is this a good price or should I wait. I don’t want my 2 year old to sit by a stranger because the seats are filled up? SORRY I’M FLYING FROM TULSA TO OGG.

  8. Anh (6 days ago)

    Hi! Planning a family trip to Maui in 2016 end of May/Early June. Our kids are done with school on 5/26. We can fly out of SMF, OAK, or SFO. $600/pp a good estimate for flights? Any tips on when to book? We will ask for mid week check in at resort. I have Delta miles, but can use any of the other carriers. Thank you!!

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Anh,

      It is hard to know what will be happening next year. But historically, those dates should be good – especially mid-week, and best out of Oakland (or San Jose if possible). You might plan on $500 per person. You probably won’t see sales for late spring until this fall at the earliest, and they could come much later. It depends on how the airlines are doing and if they need to fill seats.


  9. Samantha (6 days ago)

    Hi there!

    My fiancé and I are looking to travel to Honolulu to be there for a wedding on August 22nd. Tickets are a bit pricier than we can afford right now…any advice on which days of the week are cheaper when selecting departure/arrival days? If we should hold out a little longer on better deals? Which sites might we find those deals?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Samantha,

      We haven’t seen anything yet for mid-August but still believe that will happen in the next few weeks. Mid-week travel will be significantly cheaper. Suggest booking on the airline sites directly.


  10. Candis (6 days ago)

    I am traveling with my family to Maui will be staying on the beach flying into OGG on Oct 18-24. Tickets are at $761 a ticket but with tax $855. Is this a good price or should I wait. I don’t want my 2 year old to sit by a stranger because the seats are filled up?

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Candis,

      Missouri to Hawaii doesn’t see deals. Flying on weekends is worse. Mid week there are flights for under $700 all inclusive. Might or might not drop.


  11. J (1 week ago)

    Hi, I’ve been eyeing rates from LAX to OGG in mid September 2015 for a family reunion but they keep going up (now around ~$650 per person). This is the first time we will have to pay for our now-two year old, so we are having a bit of sticker shock. There seems to be deals from SJC to OGG, but nothing from LAX. It seems like flying to SJC to take advantage of the deals negates any savings. Thoughts?

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi J.

      San Diego might be the best bet but we don’t have fall sales yet. We don’t expect much from LA at this time.


  12. Grace (1 week ago)

    Hi my husband and I are planning on taking our two sons age 9 and 8 to hawaii February 27-March 3 2016. Flying from LaX or San Jose California

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Grace,

      Unless something changes with the entry of Virgin America, San Jose will be less expensive.


  13. Yvonne (1 week ago)

    Hello, Two of us are planning to travel from LA to Kailua Kona leaving Aug 18 and returning Aug 24 or so. We missed the $528 fares and now see $600-$700. Any advice about whether this is the best we can do or if we should wait to get a better (under $600) fare. Thanks in advance!

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Yvonne,

      It should work to wait for more late summer/fall airfares. Sometime soon.


  14. Nicole (1 week ago)

    Looking for 3 RT tickets from LAX – Oahu, between Aug 22-29. Saw a deal for $400 per person from Aug 23-27 with Alegiant Air. Do you think they’ll have better prices if I wait? Any tips is appreciated.

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Nicole,

      We would suggest buyer beware in relation to Allegiant.

      For a better price suggest you wait for more late summer/fall airfare sales. Sometime soon.


  15. mila (1 week ago)

    Today I decided I am going to Hawaii! Going by past school holidays, I hope to go the last week of Sept ’16. Is Spring ’16 a good time to start looking for flight tickets? I live in San Jose, CA so I have 3 airports to choose from. What do you recommend as a good island for families w/ limited travel experience? Thanks in advance!

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Mila,

      We don’t suggest islands. There are plenty of guidebooks and online forums that will help with that decision.

      For the best price you may need to wait until summer 2016.


  16. Jeannie (1 week ago)

    Hi – I am looking to go to HNL end of October from NY. When will be the cheapest time to book this?

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Jeannie,

      That’s running nearly $800 right now, so if you wait there may be $100 or more savings possible. Sometime soon – no one knows exactly when.


  17. daniela (1 week ago)

    How about us, kamaina? When will be a good time to fly to mainland? :) thank you!

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Daniela,

      Virtually all deals we post work in either direction, starting on the US Mainland or in Hawaii.


  18. Chanhthy (1 week ago)

    We are planning a trip Oct 6-Oct 13 from San Jose to Honolulu. I see that Hawaiian airlines to Honolulu is $219 and then Alaska airlines to San Jose is $199. Is this a good price to book now or will it go lower later on?

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Chanhthy,

      That’s a good price – as San Jose has the best Hawaii deals right now. It might get a little better but not significantly.


  19. cece (1 week ago)


    I’ve been searching like mad for my Oct 12-20something trip and the tix from Montreal to Honolulu are way cheaper than from new england, but they jump around a lot in prices and in the last couple of weeks I’ve seen them go from 500 to 700 and it makes me nervous! Air Canada is the airline I’m looking at, do you have any tips? will they go down again? I hope cause I saw one as low as like 495 or something…should’ve bought it.


    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Cece,

      Westjet is running in the mid-$500′s and Air Canada Rouge is about $150 more. Not sure why or if they will come into line.


  20. Brianne (1 week ago)

    HI there,

    Would appreciate some advice on fares. I’m looking to fly out of LAX to KOA-Kona on Tuesday October 20th, 2015, returning Tuesday October 27th. So far been seeing everything around $634 r/t. Think I should wait another month in hopes of a drop? Thanks for the help!

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Brianne,

      Yes it would be good to wait and hopefully there will be some relief. Unfortunately LA isn’t seeing great deals.


  21. Judy Collins (1 week ago)


    I am looking for a direct flight from Maryland to Honolulu 9/4 returning 9/17/15.
    BWI, Dulles, Phila, Newark are all airports we are considering. Will these dates go on sale, if so when should I book my air?

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Judy,

      Only Newark and JFK see any regular deals. Those could drop somewhat with next fare sales which should appear soon. The other airports see only the very rare sale.


  22. Keri (1 week ago)

    Hello! I am planning to travel from SEA to OGG 8/30/15, returning 9/6/15. Do you anticipate prices lowering to the $300-400 range in the next few weeks? They have been hovering in the mid to upper $500s. Thank you!

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Keri,

      That route should drop somewhat. Perhaps into the $400′s instead of $500′s.


  23. Irene (1 week ago)

    I so enjoy getting the updates on your website. Plan on flying to Maui for the week of September 22nd out of LAX. Am waiting to see a price drop. Still at 600.00 for it. Do the flights usually get cheaper out of LAX to Maui, or is it just for the outlying airports like San Diego? Thanks.

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Irene,

      You get it. San Diego sees the deals. LA at this point in time, does not. No sign of that change unfortunately.


  24. Susan (1 week ago)

    We are taking a trip to Hawaii for Thanksgiving what is a good price for airfare during that week. I’ve been looking and so far $950 seems to be the best, does that seem right? We’re going 11/23-11/28 because that’s when our daughter is home from college and she has to be back by 11/29. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Susan,

      Yes that sounds about right for those Thanksgiving dates. If you want to plan ahead that is probably what it is going to be. If you want until the very last minute and there is still availability, that might be somewhat less.


  25. Wayland (1 week ago)

    Hi- My family and I have booked our timeshare in Oahu from Oct 2nd to 10th. I’ve been watching air fights from LAX daily since April when prices were at $580. But since then they have gone up significantly. I hope I didn’t miss that window of opportunity. Do you recommend purchasing the ticket at the current rate now or do you forecast them to come down?

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Wayland,

      LA doesn’t get great deals – at least not at this point. It may again but no one knows for sure. San Diego does far better. Having said that, prices should ease somewhat when fall sales are announced, sometime soon.


  26. Jeannie (1 week ago)

    Hi – I am looking to go to HNL end of October. When will be the cheapest time to book this?

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Jeannie.

      Not sure where you are traveling from, but watch for sales announced on our site as soon as they are released. Should not be long.


  27. Tiffany (1 week ago)

    We are planning a trip to Maui this fall flying from Portland 9/12-19 – flights have been pretty stable the last couple weeks – will they go lower or should we pull the trigger?

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Tiffany,

      In reality no one knows. Fares are good already – that we do know.


  28. Desirae (1 week ago)

    I’m planning a trip to Hawaii from Anchorage Oct 30 – Nov 9, 2015. Prices are about $500 r/t. Is this good or should I wait? Also, my husband expressed wanted to fly 1st class, but I cringe at the cost! Any tips? It would be for me, my husband and daughters (6 & 9). Thank you!

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Desirae,

      That’s a good price. For first class, either a mileage upgrade if you have miles, or if there is space available (which isn’t frequently the case) there are check-in upgrades for $150, which is a great deal.


  29. Kevin (1 week ago)

    My fiancee and I will be honeymooning in Hawaii (October 13 – 20) at Honolulu (October 13-16)and on Kona(October 16-20). I’ve been looking the past month and have seen prices range from $920 – 1150. When is the best time to buy this flight and what prices should I expect?


    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Kevin.

      Per post details – too early. You didn’t say where you’ll be flying from.


    • Kevin (1 week ago)

      Flying from Cleveland, Ohio .

  30. Dawn Croff (1 week ago)

    Looking for best time to fly to Kauai from Detroit, Michigan.
    So far I found a little over $900 for a week end of September. That’s JUST airfare no hotels so wondering if prices go down or what websites I should be looking through. Right now I’m using airfare watchdog and tripadvisor thanks

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Dawn,

      Detroit is one of many eastern cities that has little competition to Hawaii and limited fare reductions, even in low season. It is too early to look. When sales appear for the west coast it will be a better time.


  31. Jennifer (1 week ago)

    We are planning a trip to take our teen sons (18 & 16) to Hawaii in May 2016. When should I start looking for airfare deals to Hawaii? Is it better to travel specific days of the week? We are flexible on the dates in May. We will be traveling from KY. First time going to Hawaii. Thank you for any help!

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Jennifer.

      There aren’t deals per se from KY. However prices should subside somewhat. Look starting fall of this year. Mid-week is cheapest.


  32. Kristina (1 week ago)

    We are going to OGG from MSP 11/11-11/18/15. What airline and route, and when is the best time to purchase tickets?

  33. Judy Alexander (1 week ago)

    Is April 15 through April 25 high or low season in Hawaii?

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Judy,

      That depends on the year. In 2016 it will be low season.


  34. MARIA (2 weeks ago)

    So I have a Party of 10 going flying SAN to HNL Sept 26-Oct 3
    Pricing has gone from $528-$549 r/t pp and I needed to know if I should wait for the fall sales?

    I went SAN to OGG Sept of 2013 and we only paid $375pp r/t so wondering if I should still wait or just pay the high rate?

    Thank You.

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Maria,

      For 10 people, please contact the group travel desk at both Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines. They may be able to help. Let us know.


  35. Suzanne (2 weeks ago)

    Hi! We are planning a trip to Hawaii from San Antonio, Texas (SAT) in June 2016. When (how early) should we start looking for deals on flights and what days of the week are the cheapest to fly?

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Suzanne,

      There aren’t really any deals between SAT and Hawaii. Also June is high season – at least following the first week. So given that, it would probably work out best to buy when fares are first available – at 330 days ahead.


  36. John (2 weeks ago)

    I haven’t flown since I was a child, which was a LONG time ago. I am planning on a secret family trip to Honolulu, Oahu. We will be flying out of a California on December 3rd and returning December 8th. Lax is the closest to us, however, Oakland is way cheaper! Hundreds cheaper, and noticed closer airports are starting to come down on price. Currently the price from Oakland, non stop, is $461 round trip for each person. Now, I have seen the prices jump up more significantly than expected for such a far away date, and supposedly one of the cheapest times to fly. I am not sure if this is a marketing strategy for those in the vacation mood for summer but can’t make summer? Or is this normal, and expect fares to increase the longer we wait. I was shooting for the 3 month prior window, but somewhat want to jump on prices if they are expected to climb. Any feedback would be great and appreciated.

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi John,

      You should find better pricing ahead for 12/3-12/8 travel from all California airports. But you may have to wait months to realize that. If you need to lock in sooner, that’s understandable, which is what the airlines are counting on frankly.


  37. Cess (2 weeks ago)

    We are planning a family trip to Honolulu this October 10-17. How low should we wait for the flight prices to go before we decide to go ahead and book it?

    • Beat of Hawaii (2 weeks ago)

      Hi Cess,

      No one knows. Fall sales could arise at any time now. There is no problem waiting because October availability is and will remain wide open.


  38. Julie (2 weeks ago)

    My husband and I are planning a trip to Hawaii with a stopover in CA. We’re flying from ATL to CA on Nov 18, then to HNL on Nov 19th returning to CA on Nov 26th. Then, back to ATL from CA on Nov 28th. Any suggestions on routes with the cheapest prices? Buy now at $600 RT from LA or wait and see. We’re flexible on locations in CA, just not on our dates of travel. Should we consider buying a vacation package with the Sheraton Waikiki, our preferred hotel?

    Thank you!

    • Beat of Hawaii (2 weeks ago)

      Hi Julie,

      We don’t know about those packages, so suggest you just price everyone out and see. Gut feeling is that they are not a deal.

      Separate tickets would seem best for your true stopover itinerary. You’re flying over Thanksgiving so pricing and availability could both be issues. It might be best to buy soon. $600 is fair.


  39. Rae Kee (2 weeks ago)


    I’m planning a trip to Kauai/ Oahu in October 12-19. Flying from San Diego to Kauai, then Kauai to Oahu 10/15, then Oahu to San Diego 10/19. Cheapest flight $529 R/T United Airlines, is this a good deal or should I wait?

    • Beat of Hawaii (2 weeks ago)

      Hi Rae,

      Kauai is running a bit higher than Maui and Oahu. Price is fair if you care to buy now. Alternatively, those dates will remain wide open.


  40. Carrie Lee (2 weeks ago)

    Any help would be appreciated. Looking to fly from San Diego to Oahu, then Oahu to Maui, Maui back to San Diego at the end of Feb. 2016/beginning of March 2016.

    Prices are around $250 each way to/from San Diego. Do you recommend purchasing now or waiting for better pricing?

    • Beat of Hawaii (2 weeks ago)

      Hi Carrie,

      That’s a good price for your dates. Might get a little better, but it might now. Jan through Mar will be tight.


  41. EJ (2 weeks ago)

    Just looking at the Hawaii Vacation Deals that were just posted and was disappointed that there were no good deals leaving out of Houston (IAH)! Are there every good deals flying to Maui from Houston? We’re going 9/1 – 9/11. Thanks for the very informative site!!

    • Beat of Hawaii (2 weeks ago)

      Hi EJ,

      There is the rare sale from Houston – we may see that once or twice a year at most. Typically airline hub attacks. The fare for your dates on USAirways/American is $627 which seems like a very good deal.


  42. Joan (2 weeks ago)

    Hi – thanks for all the great tips. We live in Denver and are going to Kauai in late March 2016. Can you offer any tips on getting good flight deals? We have done this trip for the past 2 years and flights are not cheap! Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Beat of Hawaii (2 weeks ago)

      Hi Joan,

      Next year, as indicated, has spring break in March. Therefore it may be worse that normal. It might be best to buy as soon as possible.



We look forward to your comments and questions. While we are not able to respond to all of these individually, we hope that we have answered many of your most asked questions here or in previous comments. If you would like to respond to others’ comments and questions, we welcome that.

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