2015 Update | The Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii

2015 Update | The Cheapest Time to Fly to Hawaii

Our four-step 2015 guide to Hawaii travel deals features the best time to fly to Hawaii throughout 2015 and how much you can expect to pay. We’ve included the most likely dates to find Hawaii deals that not only help you save on Hawaii airfare, but on accommodations and activities as well.

Step 1: What to Pay for Hawaii Deals.

Great news for 2015! We expect to see more competition and discounting than normal on Hawaii routes. This is based largely on extremely low fuel prices which permit the airlines to still make money even on reduced airfares.

West Coast Departures: Starting from about $300 round-trip including all taxes and fees for spring and fall 2015.

Midwest and East Coast Departures: Expect to pay $250 to $300 more although some sales will result in even lower prices.

Tip: Overall, low season airfares should be down moderately when compared with 2013-2014.

Step 2: When to Travel for Hawaii Deals

  • Through March 12, 2015.
  • April 7 through June 4, 2015.
  • August 17 through November 19, 2015.
  • If you are traveling at the Christmas/New Year holidays, the lowest priced dates will be December 24, 25, 31 and January 1.

Tip: A spring or fall Hawaii vacation gets our unequivocal thumbs up. First, the very best in Hawaii weather is found during spring and fall. You can also luxuriate in the feeling of having the islands all to yourself, something that’s only possible during low season.

Step 3: When to Buy Hawaii Deals.

This largely depends on your flexibility and how determined you are to take a Hawaii vacation. Sometimes the deal that is available now is the best option even if it isn’t the rock bottom price, rather than one that may or may not materialize later. Monitoring for the very best fare can also be quite time consuming.

  • Winter and Spring 2015 travel – Hawaii deals will continue to appear from now through winter. Check our latest Hawaii airfare sales.
  • Late Summer and Fall 2015 travel – look for Hawaii deals to start appearing by early Summer 2015.
  • Christmas in Hawaii travel – most advantageous to book as early as possible, or at the very last minute if there is any remaining availability.

Tip: At Beat of Hawaii we have our fishing net out to catch Hawaii travel deals for you. We’ll reel them in and be first to let you know when they appear. Please subscribe to our free mail and Facebook updates then stay tuned.

Step 4: Best Gateway Cities for Flights to Hawaii – AKA Where the Deals are.

Some cities continue to have increased competition. Travelers using these airports can expect to benefit most in terms of best pricing and greater availability. Those cities are:

  • Bellingham
  • Oakland
  • Portland
  • San Diego
  • San Jose
  • Seattle

Airlines that Fly to Hawaii.

The two primary choices from the west coast are Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines. Both are great carriers that have a wide range of offerings. Their prices on competitive services are usually but not always similar. There are other choices as well.

  • Hawaiian Airlines flies to Honolulu, Hawaii (Big Island), Kauai, and Maui from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle. They also offer inter-island service between all islands.
  • Alaska Airlines flies to Honolulu, Hawaii (Big Island), Kauai, and Maui from Anchorage, Bellingham, Oakland, Portland, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, and Seattle.
  • Allegiant Air flies to Honolulu from Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Their base pricing can often be the lowest. However, they feature a la carte pricing that includes fees for carry-on luggage and even water on board. Their seats do not recline.
  • Legacy carriers, including American, Delta and United all have a range of flights to and from Hawaii from most areas of the U.S. While there can be (and recently has been) discounting on these companies as well, it is not nearly as frequent as on the airlines above which specialize in Hawaii.

Lastly, we look forward to your comments and questions. While we are not able to respond to all of these individually, we hope that we have answered many of your most asked questions here or in previous comments. If you would like to respond to others’ comments and questions, we encourage that.

Watch for updates.

We continue to update this information as changes occur. Also subscribe to our free deal alert emails.

E komo mai – Welcome to Hawaii. Mahalo and A Hui Hou!



  1. G Carnell (2 days ago)

    I have been stalking prices for a one-way ticket from Honolulu to Denver September 19. Alaska has $354 fares. I this the time to purchase or wait it out?

  2. Jeff (3 days ago)

    Greetings.. My fiance and I along with a few family members are wanting to fly to Honolulu from Does Moines, Ia, mid October. When in your opinion would be a good time to book tickets.
    Thank you

  3. Aslan Sun (3 days ago)

    Hi, we are looking for tickets from San Francisco to Honolulu August 1 – August 15, 2015. Right now I am seeing $710 per ticket. Should I buy now or wait or better deals? Thanks.

    • Beat of Hawaii (3 days ago)

      Hi Christy,

      The price is $661 at the moment. Hard to say for your dates. It could go either way.


  4. Kirk (3 days ago)

    Question flying from Charlotte (May 5) to Honolulu (May 13). When and when should I get my ticket? Looked at a lot of the travel cites and the average price is 700$. Do you have any suggestions on flights and off the beaten path / not so much touristy places to go and eat?

    • Beat of Hawaii (3 days ago)

      Hi Kirk,

      $700 is about the right price for off season. It looks like the fastest connection is on USAirways rather than on Delta.

      We suggest the Hawaii Revealed series guidebooks for things to do and places to eat. Also try using Yelp.



  5. Aj (3 days ago)

    Hi, very helpful tips!
    I’m planning on going to Hawaii for my birthday with my fiancé this summer; June 4-June 11. currently, the TOTAL price is around $1,200 for the both of us, and that includes tax. Do you think there’s a chance that it will stay that low until the end of April? Thank you again!

    • Beat of Hawaii (3 days ago)

      Hi AJ,

      You didn’t say where you are flying from or to. Perhaps Washington state? Having said that, June 11 is high season whereas June 4 is low season. Prices for the outbound won’t go up but for the return that is a possibility. Hope that helps.


  6. Jennifer Gorski (3 days ago)

    Hello, I need to book a last minute flight from Chicago to Oahu for next week. Any advice on best options for last minute bookings?

    • Beat of Hawaii (3 days ago)

      Hi Jennifer.

      That looks pretty expensive. You could try booking two separate tickets. One perhaps to Oakland and another from Oakland to Honolulu. That might save $600 although it isn’t the most convenient thing to do.


  7. Martha (3 days ago)


    First, I just wanted to say thanks for all the information that you guys offer regarding flights. And second, I wanted to find out what would be the cheapest airfare i could pay for RT tickets from EWR to HNL from 8/20 to 8/29, non-stop? I see some at around 840, but that’s with a stop on the return to EWR. So I wasn’t sure if I could see the numbers fall well below that $800 price for non-stop flights?

    Thank you!!

    • Beat of Hawaii (3 days ago)

      Hi Martha,

      $1008 for your dates nonstop and of can return on 8/31 instead, then $756.


    • Martha Alvarado (3 days ago)

      Thank you, any chance of those non-stop RT flights from ewr to hnl can drop in the next couple of months from $1007? 8/20-8/29

    • Beat of Hawaii (3 days ago)

      Hi Martha,

      The best chance is if you can avoid flying on weekends. For weekends, not too likely.


  8. mark ceder (4 days ago)

    Hello. I’m wondering if there is a good way to get low fares flying between islands? Are there more popular or less popular times of the day?

    • Beat of Hawaii (3 days ago)

      Hi Mark,

      Very early morning and very late night are the cheapest, mid-week.


  9. mark ceder (4 days ago)

    I’m looking to fly from SAN to HNL May 18-30. If spring deals have been advertised, should I expect a flight around $500, or will lower fare seats be released in the next month? We’re about 80 days out now and I am wondering if prices wlll drop as we get closer to 50 days out.

    • Beat of Hawaii (3 days ago)

      Hi Mark,

      Prices could drop closer to your dates and availability isn’t likely to be an issue, since it is off season.


    • Mark (2 days ago)

      Your info if greatly appreciated! I noticed RT flights from SAN to HNL jumped over $600 today for May travel. Any reason for the increase, or it this likely a temporary spike? Alaskan prices are still in the $400s. Thanks!

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 day ago)

      Hi Mark,

      Yes there may be a lot of variability for May travel. It is still low season and you should be able to do well. Any reason not to fly on Alaska Airlines? We like them and Hawaiian Airlines a lot.


  10. Amanda Pickering (4 days ago)

    Hello! I am looking to book from Ohio to Maui on 9/15/15 and returning 9/21/15. Should I wait for the early summer deals to start showing up? Also, would it benefit me to fly into a different island and then book an inter island flight to Maui? Thanks in advance :)

    • Beat of Hawaii (4 days ago)

      Hi Amanda,

      Yes better to wait a few months to book as availability won’t be a problem. Maui pricing is often comparable with Honolulu. Also flights between islands can run up to $300 round trip. So probably just better to fly into Maui.


  11. Kelli (4 days ago)

    Were planning our trip to Kauai in mid Sept. I am seeing fares from Oakland in the $800 range via Hawaiian Air. Do you feel they will go down further?

    Thank you,

    • Beat of Hawaii (4 days ago)

      Hi Kelli,

      Yes, now is not the time to be buying for fall.

      “Step 3: When to Buy Hawaii Deals: Late Summer and Fall 2015 travel – look for Hawaii deals to start appearing by early Summer 2015.”


  12. Nathan (5 days ago)

    We are looking to travel to Maui (OGG) for our honey moon from Seattle on the dates July 18-28. Is $596 RT per person a good deal for this time? Thanks!

  13. Lisa (5 days ago)

    We are traveling from Las Vegas to Kona on October 28- Nov 5. When should I start looking for reduced pricing for flights this time of year? Right now, it appears they are at $407 one way. I heard that we may want to wait until summer to book. Is this correct?
    Thank you!

    • Beat of Hawaii (4 days ago)

      Hi Lisa,

      “Late Summer and Fall 2015 travel – look for Hawaii deals to start appearing by early Summer 2015.”


  14. Kevin (5 days ago)

    I am looking at visiting family in Hawaii the week after the 4th of July, traveling from NYC to HNL. Should I purchase now or wait until our ETA is a little closer? Thanks for your helpful tips.

    • Beat of Hawaii (4 days ago)

      Hi Kevin,

      Around July 4 is considered prime high season dates, so we’d suggest buying soon. Alternatively, from mid-August you can expect prices to moderate significantly.


  15. Ray (5 days ago)

    Looking at Jan 2016, when is the best time to purchase airline rickets to Ha.

    • Beat of Hawaii (4 days ago)

      Hi Ray,

      Good question. January is generally high season, while not quite as based as say Christmas. Also it looks like you’re flying from the east coast (and not NYC). You might look ahead now from desirable airports. And if the price is in the $800′s or so, it might be good to buy sooner than later.


  16. HawaiiTripPlanner (5 days ago)

    Flying from midwest (minnesota) to Maui then from Maui to midwest(Iowa) tickets for two are around $1700 for September right now.

    I know you say look early summer- but how much more do you think they will really drop. I am planning a wedding and honeymoon and don’t really want the stress of waiting to see about tickets but if the price is going to drop a quite a bit, i would feel much better waiting.


    • Beat of Hawaii (4 days ago)

      Hi Alex,

      Excellent point. It isn’t likely to go down that much for your open jaw itinerary even if you wait.

      Congratulations and Aloha.

  17. Phil (6 days ago)

    Hi BOH,

    RT fares just posted for Allegiant from Las Vegas to Honolulu for late August through the fall. Do you think the other airlines will be more competitive with their prices in a few months from now? I live near Salt Lake City.



    • Beat of Hawaii (4 days ago)

      Hi Phil,

      Other airlines don’t base pricing on anything Allegiant is doing – at least here in Hawaii.


  18. Mark Cenizal (6 days ago)


    I’ve booked our flights in mid-April at around $484 RT from Sacramento to Oahu.
    Do you think the fares will drop?



    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Mark,

      Could go down but probably not by much, if at all.


  19. Mary (6 days ago)

    My husband, daughter and I will be traveling to Honolulu Aug 12-17 right now the round trip is $568. Do you think prices will drop if I wait to purchase tickets?

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Mary,

      While you didn’t say, it looks like you’re traveling from San Diego. With your dates being right where prices change from high to low season, it is possible that prices will drop. No guarantee and no idea when that might happen, if it does.


  20. craig (1 week ago)

    Noticing that prices to Hawaii (from the west coast) for the May timeframe seem to be over $600 and sometimes fluctuate to near $800. This increase started about the time the east coast had bad weather and lots of flight cancellations.

    Did these cancellations create a situation where rescheduled vacations are generating a supply/demand issue?

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Craig,

      Not likely that the east coast is impacting west coast to Hawaii. More likely is that demand for off-season has exceeded expectations and thus the airlines have backed off discounting. At least for the moment.



  21. Nancy (1 week ago)

    I have already bought our flights, open jaw BOS to KOA, July 8th HNL to BOS July31th . for $1017 each. Was that a good price? I need to buy my interisland flights. KOA to OGG July 13th , OGG to LIH JULY 20th, and LIH to HNL July 24th. Should I buy him now or wait?

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Nancy,

      That is priced fairly for your dates. Buy inter-island ASAP as those will only get more expensive and hard to find.


  22. Venkat (1 week ago)

    We are looking to travel during June 1st to 6th from Newark NJ to Honolulu. Right now I’m getting round trip tickets around $835. Are these the lowest? Thanks!

    • Beat of Hawaii (6 days ago)

      Hi Venkat.

      Yes those prices are high for your dates. It is possible they will come down, and it is unlikely they will go up. You might want to wait a while and keep checking.


  23. Sheila Torchia (1 week ago)

    We are looking to travel the last week in May from lax to Honolulu. Right now I’m seeing round trip tickets in the $607 range. Do you expect any price drops between now and our travel date or should we book now? Thanks!

    • Beat of Hawaii (1 week ago)

      Hi Sheila,

      Late May dates have the possibility of further price reductions. Not guaranteed but it is possible. It might be best to wait 2-4 weeks, as it probably can’t go higher.



We look forward to your comments and questions. While we are not able to respond to all of these individually, we hope that we have answered many of your most asked questions here or in previous comments. If you would like to respond to others’ comments and questions, we welcome that.

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