178 thoughts on “Now Until December | Flights to Hawaii | All Islands $139”

  1. Aloha!
    Please and Thank You 🙂
    It will be our very first chance to travel with our 18 month old and our very first to Hawaii 🙂
    Flying from SEA 2 adults+toddler, flexible dates for 2 weeks, and flexible with activities.
    I would appreciate any recommendations on cheap flights, travel dates and which island/city to go.

    Anna d

    1. Hi Anna.

      Our focus is on getting you here on a budget. Where to do and what to do is another matter. There are many online guides and your library undoubtedly has many Hawaii travel books.

      From Seattle you can expect to spent from just over $300 RT. Keep your eye out as we frequently post deals from Seattle. Best prices are for spring, late summer and fall, mid-week.


  2. looking for airfare for 4 (2 adults, w kids 13+)
    Mar 15th, 2020 – departing PDX, to Honolulu
    March 18th, afternoon from Honolulu to Maui ( Kahului )
    March 23, Return from Maui to PDX

    Can connect from Eugene OR for departure city if needed.

  3. Hi – We are looking to fly from Boston to Honolulu leaving between 7/31 and 8/3, spending 2 nights then hopping to Maui for 5 and Kauai for 4 before returning. Any recommendations for flights. Having a hard time finding anything under $1000-$1200.

    1. Hi Sarah.

      We just looked at RT to Honolulu for simplicity and since inter-island fares are so cheap. 7/31-8/13 on United for $641 RT with good connections.


  4. Please and thank you! WE want to fly to Kauai on October 2,2020 and return on October 14th. We would like to fly out of San Luis Obispo or SAN Jose.

    1. Hi Cheryl.

      Best price by far will be from San Jose. Your Friday departure will be more expensive than your mid-week return. So best price is maybe $179+ outbound and $139 return.


  5. Looking for a flight the first week of October. However it’s over $900 from Phoenix to Maui. When will they drop?

  6. Aloha! PLEASE and THANK YOU🏝
    Trying to get to the Big Island for a long in the making family gather.
    My clan is In Kona.
    I want to go from Boise, Idaho at end of March.
    Seeking reasonable fare on most direct flight. Any advice? Please and thank you.

    1. Hi Jennifer.

      Best thing we’re finding is $481 RT on United with a quick connection. 3/25-4/1. There are few decent possibilities because that is the peak of spring break. Weekends add $120 or so. Not likely to improve.


    2. Its feb 23rd..
      “Were the deals posted on feb 21 for 0only 1 day?!?

      I’ve been trying to find lower fares to big island or kaui
      From stl.lambert airport missouri,..

      Please help”

      1. Hi Kevin.

        Yes that’s how the airline industry works. When we post the deals, you need to buy them right then, not hours or days later.


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