More Free Airline Food on Hawaii Flights 2019

Free Airline Food on Hawaii Flights in 2019

Getting ready to plan a Hawaii vacation? We expect more Cheap Flights to Hawaii for spring travel (now until June) will be released in the coming week. Please stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s at look at free airline food on Hawaii flights and what you can look forward to (or not) on your upcoming Hawaii vacation.

Until recently, with the exception of Hawaiian Airlines, there had been a huge gap of time during which most airlines offered no free meals or snacks, even on long flights to Hawaii. American Airlines and United Airlines for example hadn’t offered free snacks in coach (let alone free meals) for almost a decade, but things are evolving in this highly competitive and lucrative airline market. Hawaii is among popular destinations where we will see positive changes in this regard.

Flights to Hawaii with Complimentary Food in 2019

American Airlines. American’s Dallas to/from Hawaii flights now feature free meals in economy together with beer or wine for adults.

Delta Airlines offers complimentary meals on flights between Atlanta and Honolulu and Minneapolis and Honolulu. Together with free beer, wine and spirits for adults.

Hawaiian Airlines remains the long-term standout with regards to food when flying to and from Hawaii. They have always offered snacks plus meals including wine on all trans-Pacific flights at meal times. Previous hot meals have transformed largely into sandwich offerings. In addition, a free Koloa Rum punch is served to adults on flights to Hawaii.

United Airlines, is experimenting with free food on Hawaii flights in economy. Flights to/from Houston this month have featured free sandwiches in coach. To us these were similar in appearance to those offered by Hawaiian Airlines. United said, “we are continuously looking at ways we can improve the customer experience.”

Flights to Hawaii with Complimentary Snacks in 2019

Alaska Airlines has snacks with their drink service that typically consists of cookies and/or pretzels. Adults enjoy a free Mai Tai en route to Hawaii.

American Airlines offers choice of Biscoff cookies or pretzels with their beverage service in economy on all flights to Hawaii except Dallas.

Delta Airlines flights from the west coast to Hawaii have a choice of cheese crackers, Almonds, Chocolate bars or Biscoff cookies provided with their beverage service.

Southwest Airlines is offering a two snack food service on Hawaii flights. The first consists of crackers, pretzels, cheese spread, Tic-Tacs and fruit snacks. The second consists of Pepperidge Farm cookies.

United Airlines, like American, has restored snack service after a long lapse, is experimenting with free food on Hawaii flights in economy as seen above.

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If you’re undecided on whether or not to indulge, you might just want to take a peek at recent airline food news (click title above).

What’s Up Next

Beat of Hawaii’s take: It remains likely that all airlines will restore meal service on routes to and from Hawaii in the not too distant future.

Updated 4/22/19.

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  1. It’s certainly a change in the right direction when airlines begin offering anything that you don’t have to pay extra for. That noted, remember it is airline food. My recent experience with a Hawaiian Airlines sandwich was not a good one. I do like hearing there are some free beer and wine offerings on some carriers …it’s harder to screw that up. Let’s hope this is a step in the right direction. Offer services gratis to please the customer and gain their loyalty. What a concept!

  2. I love flying Hawaiian Airlines. It’s the experience. It starts with boarding with soft Hawaiian music playing, being welcomed by the crew in Aloha wear and flowers, and of course the free drinks. The meals are much appreciated and are yummy. Mostly, I love the pilots. One year the pilot got us there an hour and a half early much to everyone’s surprise and the extra time was spent having lunch on the beach, something we wouldn’t have had the time for otherwise. I fly Alaska as well and sure, the nonstop flights are great, but Hawaiian is just… date I say comfy?? Can’t wait until May and my first trip to Big Island. Mahalo for the article I’m looking forward to my Koloa rum punch now! Aloha!

  3. Recent visitors (I live in Kona) and myself haven’t had the free Mai Tais on Alaska in the past year. Hopefully those are back!

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