$99 Alaska Airlines Hawaii Deals | August Til November

Flying to Hawaii for $99 is possible again today, but not for long, and what comes after that, may yield some sticker shock. Read down for those details after the sale offer.

Today’s sale Hawaii airfares are valid in both directions, starting on the mainland or in Hawaii, on the routes listed below.

Tickets must be purchased soon, as availability is very limited and the entire offer is scheduled to end tomorrow. So it would be best if you buy now. Visit any of the four islands.

See details and available dates below. Enjoy the perfect Hawaii vacation that starts with Cheap Flights to Hawaii! Luxuriate under the glorious Hawaiian sun.

$99+ Alaska Airlines Deals |  Featured Routes to Kauai

San Diego $129
San Jose $99
Seattle $199

$99+ Alaska Airlines Deals |  Featured Routes to Maui

San Diego $129
San Jose $99
Los Angeles $99
Portland $169
San Francisco $99
Seattle $169

$99+ Alaska Airlines Deals |  Featured Routes to Kona

San Diego $99
San Jose $99
Seattle $169

$129+ Alaska Airlines Deals |  Featured Routes to Honolulu

Los Angeles $99
San Diego $129
San Francisco $119
San Jose $99
Seattle $199
Portland $169

Airline: Alaska Airlines.

Purchase and Travel dates: Purchase online immediately; sale ends June 15 or when fares are exhausted. Then travel until June 9, depending on the city pairs. Some routes, however, are only on sale for the next week or two.

Fares and Availability: Prices listed are the lowest fares we found each way in these markets at the time of publication and aren’t always available in both directions. There is limited availability, not on all dates or flights. Some routes are much more limited than others. That’s why prices are lower than those found elsewhere. These are “saver fares,” have limited or airline assigned seat selection, and are last to board. Main fares are priced at $30-$40 more.

Tips: Travel can start either on the US Mainland or in Hawaii. Try looking for one-way fares and combining two of those into and out of different islands to create your own custom island hopping in Hawaii experience!

How to Book: You cannot call to get these Alaska Airlines Hawaii deals. Online booking only. Additional fees and other fares may apply to phone reservations.

Updated, June 14, 2022.

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274 thoughts on “$99 Alaska Airlines Hawaii Deals | August Til November”

  1. We are traveling from the St. Louis area to Maui on Feb 1, 2020. When is the best time to book airfare for that far out? AA seems like the best bet from stl to ogg. Any ideas please?

    1. Hi Sherri.

      Saturdays are always more expensive. Currently starting just over $800 with good connection. There’s some chance it could drop to the $650+ range if you choose to wait. No guarantee it will though. If that happens, it might be in late summer to early fall.


  2. Do you think it’s likley at this point that Oakland to Hawaii on Alaska Air, June 12, 12:30pm departure will fall below $789? Just one way. Waited too long now the price is twice as much as before in March. Not sure if I should wait and take a chance. Not flexible on date.

  3. My family of 4 is looking to for flights to HNL from the California Bay Area or Sacramento. Dates are October 12 (a Saturday) or 13th – October 19 (a Saturday) or 20th. Right now best I have found is $440/person round trip on Alaska. Should I try and do better than that?

  4. Aloha,
    Love the site! We are a party of 6 traveling to Honolulu from SF Bay area July 19-26. SFO, Oakland, or San Jose airports are easily accessible. I’m seeing Alaska at $540+ pp, and Hawaiian at $650+ pp. Any chance these will improve, or just book now? Any insight helps! Sun country is cheapest, but not sure we want to try them.
    Thanks so much!

  5. We are planning to go to HNL and LIH from SFO or OAK this June. Any chances there will be a “summer deals” coming up soon? or the $350 Hawaiian airlines (one way) fare is already a good deal?

  6. Hello,

    Love this site! Thank you for all the updates on airfare, etc. We are flying from PHX to LIH in July. I have fares for $624 on hold with American. We were able to fly last July for just under $500. Do you foresee that happening again? Thank you!


  7. I will be traveling home to Albany, NY from HNL on March 18, 2020. Wondering if I should wait for Southwest deals. We have already booked our flights over. I’ve been glued to your Southwest and other fare deals. Thanks.

    1. Hi Linda.

      No plans for Southwest to offer single ticket service from east coast. So a west coast stopover would be needed. Not sure yet where spring break could fall which will impact pricing, so hard to predict target cost right now. Right now it is pricing from about $900.


  8. Hello!

    Thank you for all you do to help us with getting the best deals for Hawaii. My family of 6 will be going to Maui from SLC Dec 20 to 27. Do you have any ideas what I should anticipate the fares to be for that route? Would it help if we were to travel a day earlier or later? When would be the best time to book flights? Thank you again for any direction you can give me.


    1. Hi Nicole.

      Thank you. Looks like that is going to cost about $1,000 with a good connection. No reason to expect it to go lower on Fridays at the holidays. If you come and go a day earlier that would help significantly as there are fares as low as about $800.


  9. Thanks for providing such great, timely information! My family of 6 (all grown adults) will be traveling to Kauai in October from Sacramento. I don’t know why pulling the trigger is so hard for airline tickets. I would be grateful for your advise on airlines! Thank you for all your time in answering everyone’s questions! I think my son and fiance will be getting married during our trip!

    1. Hi Leslie.

      If you’re a Southwest person, then suggest waiting as it is highly unlikely this will drag on until then. Let’s see what happens with the Max return to service. So wait at least a month, or even longer. You’re traveling in off-season when waiting actually works. Let us know how it goes for you.


  10. Aloha. I’d like to fly from JFK to Kahului this October. Would prefer Hawaiian airlines.
    Should I wait or jump on the $758 coach fare?
    Many thanks for your excellent website

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