Allegiant: Hawaii Planes In Ready

Allegiant Air has just released photos of their new Hawaii livery, the first of six 757’s acquired specifically to begin service to the islands. I expect to see the announcement of their new Hawaii routes any day, with flights to begin quite soon thereafter. Allegiant has been especially pensive and tight lipped regarding the upcoming announcement. This is perhaps in part a response to Alaska Air’s predatory jump into Bellingham in anticipation of Allegiant’s upcoming Hawaii service.

In the meantime, here are some thoughts about Allegiant’s upcoming Hawaii vacation deals and what to expect:

  • Rock bottom pricing, especially at the roll-out. I would not even be surprised to see sub-$100 pricing each way.
  • An unprecedented fare war will ensue. This will drag, Alaska, Hawaiian and all of the legacy airlines into the mix.
  • Package, package, package. Allegiant has been in the Islands for about a year and a half, putting its deals together. While their airfares will be eye-popping, it will be the unique combinations with hotel and car that will be the standout. It is even possible that they will decide to sell air only in conjunction with a car or hotel package.
  • More ancillary fees than you can shake a stick at. As much as Allegiant is known for amazing prices, they’re recognized as a leader in extracting fees from flyers. Their average flyer willingly forks over more than $30 each way in extra fees.
  • Booking only at That’s the only way to buy their vacation packages. No middle-men and no OTA’s (online travel agencies).
  • Here’s a whole lot more about what I expect from Allegiant.


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Photos courtesy of Allegiant Air.

6 thoughts on “Allegiant: Hawaii Planes In Ready”

  1. Just read the following on an aviation forum regarding Allegiant Airlines Hawaii service.

    “In the conference call this week they talked about Hawaii being delayed until mid-summer 2011 due to the ETOPS process. But I couldn’t pick up on anything about a schedule for the 757s being used on the mainland between now and then. So they are parking them temporarily until the type is added to the certificate and they can be used on the mainland.”

    Do you think this is correct? I am asking because I have been waiting for them to announce their Hawaii service hoping it will be available by Spring 2011. Thanks.

    1. Hi Bella,

      I do not believe that the planes will be used other than in Hawaii service based on what I’ve learned.

      Thanks for writing.

      Aloha, Jeff

  2. You said ” An unprecedented fare war will ensue. This will drag, Alaska, Hawaiian and all of the legacy airlines into the mix.” How soon after Allegiant starts selling flights do you think other legacy air carriers will start dropping their prices?

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