Breaking: Reopening News from Hawaii's Lieutenant Governor

Breaking: Travel Reopening News from Hawaii’s Lt. Gov.

Emergency room physician and Lieutenant Governor Josh Green this afternoon had a one hour Facebook Live session to talk about Hawaii reopening plans and pre-travel testing, among other things.

The reason this is so important is that Green is the person responsible for Hawaii’s upcoming travel testing program.  We said earlier today we would update you when he spoke, because of his significance, and following are some of the highlights. Green was at home and filming from his son’s bedroom, which was the reason for the stuffed toys in the background.

When do pre-travel tests need to be performed? Green said that tests need to be taken within 72 hours of departure, whereas the state website is in conflict, and says within 72 prior of arrival. That is a significant difference when travel can take six or more hours, and the point needs clarification.

Which tests will be accepted? He did not state by name all of the tests that would be permitted, but did specifically mention these will all be NAAT type. He also for the first time added the Abbott ID Now test to accepted tests. Mail-in tests will be part of the solution too, as he mentioned multiple times, but further details on those were not provided.

Who are Hawaii’s testing partners? Green mentioned that they are partnering with CVS, Walgreens, Kaiser Permanente and Vault, which offers a $150 saliva based check swab test. Hawaii’s Oceanit Labs may be added later if approved by the FDA. 

Airlines may be doing tests. We had not heard about this before, but Green said that some of the airlines will be doing COVID tests at mainland airports. While he didn’t provide more information, he did confirm, as we have stated multiple times, that the state has no authority to require testing prior to travel. 

What is the minimum age requiring testing? All persons will have to be tested at this time, Green said, without regard to age. But CVS, for example, only will test passengers 12 and older.

What if your test result isn’t obtained in time for travel? If the test does not come back prior to your arrival, Green reiterated that those visitors will be required to quarantine until results come in.

Quarantine hotels? Green also said he would like to see specific hotels set up for quarantining arrivals. No further details were offered.

Testing for interisland travel without quarantine. Green expects that to be approved within the next couple of weeks.

What about international arrivals. The Lieutenant Governor said that plans are in process for other countries including Canada, Japan, and Australia. He said Japan may even come slightly before the October 15 mainland reopening. That having been said, however, the state website says, “Currently, international travel restrictions prohibit European and other countries from traveling to the U.S.”

How did Green contract COVID? The Lieutenant Governor reiterated it was while he was driving in a car on the Big Island with two members of his team. We’d heard that they hadn’t worn masks for the entire time, but honestly can’t speak to that. Someone asked on Facebook why Green wasn’t wearing a mask on a radio interview the day that he tested positive.

Lastly, Green alluded to Hawaii picking him as governor in the future. He also said he doesn’t generally like politicians and his primary focus is that of being a doctor.


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  1. According to Bloomberg news, United Airlines just announced they will do pre-flight testing at SFO for $250 per person. Results in 15 minutes. I would link it, but you don’t allow links ….

    No mention if kids under 12 included. I did not se anything announced on United’s website.

  2. Thank you for all your hard word putting together the plan for reopening. However, how do we get our under 12 grandchildren to Hawaii from the mainland? We are Maui residents and our children want to bring our grandchildren to the Islands for the holidays. How do the under 12 get tested? Also, will you still need a test during summer of 2021? If so, how will families ever be able to come to Hawaii if you have little ones.Please try to get some company be willing to test the under 12 year olds. Thank you for taking the time to read this.Dick A

  3. Please post this. I was a resident of Kauai for 11 years. I am now in South Dakota. Our governors in Iowa and South Dakota are making big mistakes. The President has urged mandatory masks. The gov of IA is not taking the HINT. South Dakota’s Gov opened up Sturgis. No masks there for the bikers. Family and friends are getting COVID 19. People are dying. Make a very careful decision for Hawaii please. Don’t be in a big rush. Be Safe!
    Donna J.

  4. What a joke they’ve had since at least April to put things in place. This is going to be yet another disaster from a clueless state leadership. I don’t see any new answers here. .

  5. On the state website they mention the pre travel test has to be from a CLIA certified lab. Now that they are accepting the Abbot ID Now test, which is a rapid test giving results in 15 minutes, does anyone know if it can be done at a local medical office rather than from a certified lab?

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