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Hawaii May End Restrictions For Vaccinated Travelers Next Week

Great news for Hawaii visitors today as Lieutenant Governor Josh Green has said that he now expects Hawaii to reach 60% fully vaccinated in as little as one week. When that happens, Hawaii will drop all COVID testing and quarantine rules for fully vaccinated US visitors, although visitors will continue to use Safe Travels.

Until then, visitors must comply with Hawaii Safe Travels by obtaining a specified COVID test from a Hawaii Trusted Partner within 72 hours of departure for Hawaii.

60% of Hawaii residents fully vaccinated within reach.

Governor David Ige announced last week that the testing requirement for vaccinated domestic travelers would end once 60% of Hawaii residents become fully vaccinated against COVID. As of Thursday, that figure stood at 56%. Ige said, “At 60% fully vaccinated, the state will accept proof of vaccination as an alternative to testing for domestic travel.”

Earlier this week, the state eased other travel requirements as all restrictions on interisland travel were dropped without regard to vaccination. Also effective this week, those vaccinated in Hawaii can enter Hawaii without further restrictions.

70% of Hawaii residents fully vaccinated is harder to estimate.

Ige said that “At 70% fully vaccinated, ALL travel restrictions will be dropped.”

Hawaii’s Emergency Management Director, Major General Kenneth Hara, said last week that he expected that 70% threshold would be achieved by mid-July. When that happens, travel to Hawaii would resume as it was before COVID.

Others in the administration, however, have indicated they believe that goal could take far longer to achieve.

New vaccine incentives.

A new incentive program recently went into effect to encourage those not yet vaccinated to get their shot to help the state achieve its goals towards reopening. It includes deals, discounts, and prizes for those vaccinated.

All Interisland travel restrictions were eliminated.

As of June 15, there will no longer be any restrictions flying between islands. That means no tests and no vaccinations are required when traveling solely between Big Island, Kauai, Maui, and Oahu.

International arrivals remain in question. 

There is almost certainly going to be a Safe Travels component that remains for international arrivals. That hasn’t been determined yet, but Hara has mentioned that it is still under consideration. The lieutenant governor said that international arrivals would “Not be greenlighted for some time.”

What about kids?

It appears that children ages 5 and up will still need to be tested for travel to Hawaii, as is currently the case.

Updated 6/17/21.

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  1. Could you please answer a couple of questions for me about the Safe Travel app? Is there one for the iPhone? Is that where I load my trip info prior to arriving in Honolulu?

    1. Hi Michael.

      The answer is yes to both of your questions. Let us know if anything else.


      1. I called into tge Beat if Hawaii and they said there was no app. What do I need to show when I get off the plane in Honolulu?

  2. Not clear if the lifting of travel restrictions will apply to Canada as well? and of course, Canadians who have been vaccinated in Canada not the US.

  3. Hi !
    Would you know if the exemption to pre-travel testing for fully vaccinated travelers will apply to all passengers arriving on domestic flights regardless of their country of origin? If my flight to KOA leaves from SFO (example) would I not then need a test? Or would it still be necessary as I am not a US resident and as my first flight would originate in Canada? Would appreciate any info anyone could give me 🙂

    1. Hi Carol.

      Good question. We have not seen anything about that so far. But we expect to get more information in July.


  4. According to the CDC one is not considered fully vaccinated until two weeks after the second dose, or in the case of J & J, one dose. Are they defining fully vaccinated as the date of the second shot, or 2 weeks later. If its’ two weeks the date optimistically wouldn’t be until late July.

    1. At this point no. Which was my comment. The state really needs to look at allowing fully vaccinated Canadians onto the islands the same as US citizens.

  5. What about those people that have had Covid and have built natural anti-bodies to the virus? They don’t need a vaccine yet they are still being discriminated against. It’s time to open the state to ALL TRAVELERS and stop this nonesense.

    1. Exactly, and requiring proof of vaccination is a violation of your HIPPA rights. Stop the nonsense.

      1. Incorrect.

      2. providing proof of your vaccination status is NOT I repeat NOT a Hippa violation.
        “is showing your vaccination status protected by Hippa?”
        No. If an individual voluntarily discloses their vaccination status to a HIPAA Covered Entity or Business Associate, the information they have provided is still protected under the HIPAA Security and privacy Rules.May 25, 2021

        What is HIPAA Law regarding Vaccine Passports?
        HIPAA law regarding vaccine passports is the same as any other proof of vaccination. Only HIPAA Covered Entities and their Business Associates are required to comply with HIPAA. Therefore, if an individual is asked for a vaccine passport by their health plan provider, the health plan provider is subject to HIPAA law. However, if an amusement park operator requests to see a vaccine passport, they are not a HIPAA Covered Entity or Business Associate and therefore not subject to HIPAA law.

        Does the same apply with regards to Negative COVID Tests and HIPAA?
        Yes. If an employer requests evidence of a negative COVID test before allowing an employee to return to work, or a university requests evidence of a negative COVID test before allowing a student to resume in-person tuition, neither is in violation of HIPAA law provided neither is a HIPAA Covered Entity nor Business Associate.

        If an Individual Discloses their Vaccination Status Voluntarily, do they Forgo HIPAA Protections?
        No. If an individual voluntarily discloses their vaccination status to a HIPAA Covered Entity or Business Associate, the information they have provided is still protected under the HIPAA Security and privacy Rules. If an individual voluntarily discloses their vaccination status to an entity not covered by HIPAA, the disclosure is not subject to HIPAA Rules.

    2. Absolutely! When I traveled to Germany, Netherlands and Iceland a month and 1/2 ago, either a vaccine or antibody test was valid. We were treated professionally and kindly until we returned home to Kauai where we were met with the National Guard and ordered to remain in our home for 10 days despite the vaccine and negative test? At some point it’s time to question the government and their ridiculous demands.

    3. “Natural immunity” is not better than the vaccine. Have you gotten your antibody levels checked? How do you know you are well protected? There have been many studies now showing that those who’ve had covid are not immune to reinfection particularly with the variants. Just ask people in India who got the Delta variant after getting having gotten an earlier strain… many of whom died. Now, the Delta variant is spreading in low vaccination areas of the US. Antibody levels in a fully vaccinated person are higher than “natural immunity” and provide more protection from variants. Get the vaccine so all of us can return to normal life!

  6. None of these updates ever includes kids under 12. We are coming with five grandkids under 12 in July. All the adults are vaccinated. What will the state expect for the kids?

    1. Anyone not vaccinated, no matter age, would have to get the test from a Trusted Partner for Safe Travels. I’m traveling in 2 weeks & all of us are vaccinated except my youngest child. If they drop the test requirement for vaccinated individuals, my child will still have to get tested. And we all still have to upload documents (vaccine record or negative test) & go through the questionnaire to get the green checkmark to be allowed to bypass quarantine.

    2. Dear John, children 5 & up will need to be tested in order to go to Hawaii. It says that right @ the end of the article

  7. While we are thrilled the state is opening up to tourism we are saddened that as Canadians ( who will be fully vaccinated as of next week ) we will not be included in the “fully vaccinated exemption”. Canadians account for a large percentage of visitors and home owners to all of the islands, but mostly Maui & Oahu. While we did not have a problem providing the negative COVID test through Safe Travels for our trip in February – April it was a stressful procedure ( not knowing until the eleventh hour that we were ok to travel with the negative test ).We hope the state fast tracks an exemption for fully vaccinated Canadians.

    1. I think at this time, everyone entering the US by air needs to provide a negative test result (see link). This would be the reason that Hawaii couldn’t lift the requirement for Canadians even if they wanted to.

  8. We were there June 9-16 and I agree with Kelli except we flew in from Long Beach airport. We felt so relieved to get that green check mark on the safe travels site! We also got the wristband which allowed us to skip the lines at OGG.

  9. I just don’t understand why a Hawaiian COVID vaccine is better than anywhere else in the US. Especially since they acknowledge you’ve received a vaccine. Paying $300 for a COVID test that is totally unnecessary is beyond me. I really love Hawaii and have been visiting for 20 years, but continued $300 testing and outrageous car rentals is really testing my family’s limits.

    1. So, if you can, use Walgreens. This is who we use and they don’t charge us a COVID test fee and we have results back, usually within 2-hours. Although I don’t recommend it, last week, I tested on Saturday

      Hawaii’s vaccine isn’t better, it’s that the state can verify that you got vaccinated. Anyone can fake the CDC vaccination card, but when you’re vaccinated in Hawaii, they can verify that your vaccine card/document is legit.

  10. pt 4
    Standing at the walk of remembrance looking out at the memorial, it all of a sudden hit me how absolutely terrifying it must have been that day to see Japanese planes coming from all directions and attacking. There is literally no place to go and hide or even fight back. I thank god every day for our great men and women in the military who serve this great nation and protect us from things like that. The history at Pearl is so rich you can literally feel it as you walk around.
    A note to those who dont get tickets for the memorial or hear that its closed. NOT TRUE first of all. There is always a stand by line. I decided to go thru the museums, the submarine (which was SUPER cool. I know I would not last ten minutes in a sub though!) and everything else first before getting in line on stand by. The line by the time I got there was much shorter waited about 30 minutes in line and since I was alone at this one I got to tag into a larger group and see what I have been waiting to see for many years. The memorial. Wow talk about a tear jerker. You immediately feel the 1200 or so souls who are still buried in the ship below the memorial. SO SO SO Glad those I was with made me just GO. Because everything I was reading on their sites made it appear there would be no way I would get on. Just GO. Do not let that stop you. If you need to stand in line to get on DO IT!
    I did not end up having time to visit the USS Missouri so I will do that on another trip. This part of my vacation was so well worth it. I am a history buff but I learned so much there about that day and days after that now I realize I was not taught in school even half of what happened that day and beyond.
    Overall I must say due to BOH great web site and information and just being there made this trip fantastic. The local bus system rocks and gets you anywhere you need to go for 5.50 for a day pass. I am sure I will have much more to say but dont always believe what you are told. GO and experience it!

  11. pt 3
    The 2nd time we went grocery shopping the meat shelves were pretty much stripped clean. We heard from several employees that due to Hawaii’s reopening, even with all the covid restrictions that the suppliers way under estimated the amount of food especially meat that would be needed to keep up with all of the tourists.
    The place we stayed had convenient BBQs at the 6th floor swimming deck area we used quite a bit to save on money going out.
    We did go out several times and while prices are definitely higher than the mainland I was pleasantly surprised it did not cost us much more! Yes drinks are expensive but they are pretty much everywhere. Bartenders were great mixed up good strong drinks and all were super friendly and obviously happy to be back at work!
    We had an inside friend on our rental car which was great considering the price gouging I have seen on here others have paid.
    We toured the entire island stopping at several road side stands and local restaurants the food service and people were just fantastic. All smiling and happy to see us coming to spend our money with them. I tried as hard as I could to really focus on small businesses and feeding them with as much money as I could. I dropped probably 600 or more just on Souvenirs!
    Dole factory is a must stop. Sure its a tourist trap in a way but well worth it. BE sure and get some pineapple icecream while you are there! OMG so so so yummy! I ordered two pineapples to be delivered right after I got home. We dug into those last night! YUMMMY
    I want to emphasize that everywhere we went we were met with friendly faces, happy to see us ready to make sure we had a fantastic vacation.
    Pearl Harbor has been on my bucket list since I was a kid. I still get emotional when I think about it. I discovered that I had two relatives on the USS ARIZONA when it went down. As I was on the memorial a host of emotions came up. For the first time in my life I truly understood what Freedom isnt free means! part 4

  12. part 2
    Hawaii itself.
    We did not see many of the local Hawaiians until we got away from Waikiki. Most of the workers at hotels, stores etc were of asian decent. Very few times on Waikiki did we actually encounter locals.
    I will say this do not for one minute trust locals on the beaches. They seem nice enough however many were there just to cause problems. Such as talking about other tourists who were there and spreading rumors. It almost ruined a long time friendship and relationship with who I came from.
    Beaches were wonderful, clean and just wow beautiful! Yes there are homeless and drug addicts like any other big city or area but for the most part they kept to themselves and didnt bother us.
    Drinking and smoking on the beach. It appears pretty much everyone drinks at the beach. I had heard that smoking was seriously frowned on in Hawaii. Not true. Just smoke where it says dont smoke here. I just walked to the sidewalk and stood out of the way any time I wanted to have a smoke. As for drinking at the beach. Pretty much everyone was doing it. Until evening time for the most part 5/0 stayed off the beaches. When they did approach even those who were blatantly violating the rules, the officers were very very nice and gave multiple warnings before actually ticketing anyone. Sadly as usual there were those who felt they had every right to do whatever the hell they wanted to do. Cussing at cops and telling them I am more important than you and you have not right to say anything to me never flies with any officer. Why? why…
    ABC stores are literally everywhere you went. Prices were not nearly as bad as I expected they might be. If your looking for cheaper souvenirs go to Walmart or off the main beaten track and prices are much much better! I found several neat out of the way places got sun dresses for both my daughters and grand daughters and a bunch of fun items to bring back for family and friends.
    part 3

  13. HI BOH,
    I promised after my recent trip 6/4-14 on Oahu that I would report back.
    1. Covid testing went very smoothly. We used a Hawaiian airlines testing site right at PDX. It was quick and easy and self administered. We had our results back in about 8 hours.
    2. Pre clear travel. We showed our QR code (which has NO personal information on it) to the lady at the check in desk. She scanned our codes and we received wrist bands. At the air port we got right on and when we landed in Hawaii we were directed around all of the lines for those who didnt have pre clearance and were quickly on our way into Honolulu.
    3. Everyone we met were very friendly. Businesses are quickly working to get opened back up.
    4. I did encounter one older couple who had taken their covid test 15 minutes too soon. They were pre cleared to arrive but once they arrived they were told at the airport they would need to quarantine for 10 days NO exceptions. They stayed in their room for two days with no food or drink because they didnt have a smart phone and the place we were staying Waikiki Banyon does not allow any food service delivery inside the building. All of us pitched in and made sure they had food and something to drink. They were forced (due to the quarantine) to choose to go home sadly. This overly tight restriction especially considering both were fully vaccinated and got negative results on their covid tests seemed way over the top to me. Fortunately their travel agent arranged for their driver to take them on a nice tour of the entire island before dropping them off at the air port to go home.
    5 Everyone on the flights to Hawaii and back home all to a person complied with mask regulations and both were very nice quiet and smooth flights. I have never traveled on Hawaiian air (my usual go to is Alaska air) I have to say from check in to actually being on the plane all were very friendly helpful attentive and just fun to be around.
    6. Hawaii itself. part 1.

    1. Paul, I finally found your summaries of your trip. Thank you so much for reporting. So very helpful!
      Looking forward to the beautiful island of Kauai soon!

      1. Lisa. You are very welcome. There is a lot of posters who non stop negative and frankly untrue information. There is a ton more to report but hopefully I covered the basics.

        1. Hi Paul.

          We’ll second that. Thanks for your nearly 500 comments to date and for taking the time to write your trip report!


          1. Boh Guys!
            No thank you! And you are welcome! Without this website I would have probably run into many issues. We had a fantastic time. Everyone was generous and happy to see us. The only thing I will say unequivically is DO NOT trust the drinking locals on the beach. Had several issues with locals who were transplants basically trying to cause trouble in the groups that would talk to them. Otherwise I will be back SOON! I am looking into purchasing a condo there.

  14. Thanks for the update, I really hope they also open to international flights. I come from Italy and I would have the flight in August … I’m crossing all my fingers!

    1. Dear Gwen, yes you should be good when December rolls around. I’m planning my life long dream vacation trip to Oahu next year & I’m getting very excited & can’t wait!!😍

  15. While we wait for the state of HI to fully open, i want to add a tip. We flew from Kansas City to LAX, and then LAX to OGG today via Southwest Airlines. We stumbled upon a desk near Gate 9’s restroom area where we obtained a Pre-Clear wristband by showing our ID and QR code from Safe Travels. That free little wristband enabled us to avoid a lengthy line at OGG. Within 20 min of landing, we had our luggage and rental car! Be sure to find out grom your airline exactly where this magical desk is located at the airport you are leaving from (final leg of your flight). Thank you BOH for always having such great info and tips on Hawaii travel.

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