Hawaii Ends Testing July 8 For Those Vaccinated

Hawaii To End Testing July 8 For Those Vaccinated

Hawaii Governor Ige has just said that starting July 8, no testing or quarantine will be required for those fully vaccinated. This was announced at a press conference held in Honolulu. The exemption is for those vaccinated in all US states and territories.  Others had been calling for a date certain, rather than waiting for the 60% fully vaccinated residents, that the governor had been most recently indicating as the benchmark for this change. Under pressure, today’s change was announced prior to achieving the actual 60% goal.

Other Hawaii Safe Travels protocols will remain in force.

Hawaii arrivals still must upload proof of vaccination to the state’s Safe Travels website. They should also bring a copy of their vaccination card with them

Those who have not been fully vaccinated, including children age 5 and above, must still comply with pre-travel testing in order to avoid quarantine.

At the same time, Ige announced that social gatherings can increase to 25 people indoors (previously 10) and 75 people outdoors (previously 20) throughout the state.

Restaurants opening up too. 

Restaurants will also now be able to have 75% of normal capacity, up from 50%.

What’s the next step?

Ige remains focused on the 70% fully vaccinated resident mark as the time when the state will cease all COVID-19 restrictions. It is not clear, however, that Hawaii will be able to achieve that goal.

He said that at that point, “The Safe Travels program will end, and we will invite everyone to be able to travel to our islands.” We read that to mean at that point, international travel will resume.

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  1. I’m flying to LIH with a layover in HNL on Jul 9th. When completing the safe travels info do I enter info for the first leg, SFO-HNL or the second, HNL-LIH? My flight from HNL-LIH isn’t listed unless I say I’m flying from HNL when actually I’m coming from SFO and HNL is just a layover.

  2. Question, I am going to the big island and have not been vaccinated. How do I get information about testing prior to the trip?

  3. Regarding the AlohaSafe Alert App for Maui. Does that still need to be downloaded before arrival? Mahalo!!!

  4. First dose: Pfizer
    Second dose: Moderna

    Is this acceptable and considered “fully vaccinated” for Hawaii?

    1. You better consult your doctor. Vaccines aren’t supposed to be mixed. Whoever vaccinated you should have known better.

      You have to have 2 doses of the same vaccine to be considered fully vaccinated.

        1. Alan B – According to the CDC, it’s likely safe and effective, but researchers are still gathering data to be sure.

          Because the safety and efficacy of a mixed-product series have not been fully evaluated, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people get two doses of the same vaccine.

          Sorry, didn’t mean to trigger you.

  5. Great news! I hope that they have rental vehicles. I’d like to go back in the fall and be assured of a prepaid vehicle when I arrive.

  6. Thank you for your information. My family and I will be visiting Kauai in July. Our flight leaves on July 8th. Does this mean we do not need to have a COVID test if we are fully vaccinated?

    1. Beginning July 8, 2021 – travelers vaccinated anywhere in the U.S. will no longer need a pre-travel test to skip quarantine

    2. This was my question, our flight leaves July 10th. We have the covid testing appt for July 7th…the safe travels site does not let you upload vaccinations from outside of Hawaii, nor does it even mention it. Sure hope things get clarified before July 7th, otherwise we’ll have to take the test anyway. Ugh. Thank you BOH for all your work keeping us updated.

      1. Hi Becky.

        That is scheduled to be updated on July 1 for travel starting July 8.


        1. Hello BOH – yes, I tried yesterday, the site has been updated, it did let me get all the way almost to the end but when I tried to select my travel date of July 10th it wouldn’t let me finish. I’m guessing that I can’t upload until July 8th … which means we’ll probably keep the test appointment since I don’t trust things not to change at the last minute. Boy, so many hurdles. Hopefully it all goes smoothly. Thanks again,

          1. Hi Becky.

            We were told July 1 is when it should work completely. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.


  7. What about those who have had covid and have the antibodies should this not be treated the same as being vaccinated?

    1. Probably. But how would they verify this? Vaccinations can be verified, as well as the rapid Covid testing results. They are not just gonna take your word you have antibodies. You could take a test showing you have antibodies. But at that point, you might aw well just take the test Hawaii is asking for instead of figuring out a way to work around it.

    2. If I have recovered from COVID-19, but still test positive for the virus, do I still have to quarantine?
      In order to qualify for a COVID-19 exemption to the 10-day quarantine, you must submit the following two pieces of information
      A copy of a positive molecular COVID-19 test (NAAT or PCR) from a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified laboratory taken no more than 90 days and no less than 11 days prior to your departure date.
      A signed letter from a medical provider stating that you have not exhibited symptoms and are fully recovered – this letter must be signed at least 10 days after your positive test and no more than 14 days from your departure date.

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