Flight Expansion: Hawaii Airlines Adds Three New Mainland Routes

Flight Expansion: Hawaiian Airlines Adds Three New Mainland Routes

Hawaiian Airlines has announced three new mainland routes to be effective next spring. These will be well received as other airlines have curtailed Hawaii flights to these destinations.

First, Hawaiian will fly daily between Salt Lake City and Honolulu starting May 15, 2024. The flights will operate using the narrow-body, 189-seat Airbus A321neo aircraft. SLC represents the 16th mainland gateway served by Hawaiian

Hawaiian CEO Peter Ingram and SLC Airport manager Bill Wyatt gave customary quotes about the new flights improving tourism and educational times between the states. Hawaii has long been a popular destination from underserved Salt Lake City. Utah also has a large Pacific Islander population estimated to be about 60,000.

Red-eye HA flight 84 departs HNL at 6:50 pm and arrives SLC at 5:15 am the following day. From Salt Lake City, HA83 departs at 7 am. and arrives HNL at 9:55 am. You’ll recall that many Hawaii visitors prefer red-eye returns to the mainland since it provides an extra day in Hawaii without an additional hotel night required.

Underserved Sacramento to see new Hawaiian Airlines flights.

Hawaiian also announced it is expanding service from Sacramento with four times weekly flights to Kauai, starting May 24. They will also begin three times weekly flights to Kona, effective May 25. These are in addition to Hawaiian’s current service between Sacramento and, Honolulu and Maui. The new Sacramento flights will operate using narrow-body A321neo aircraft.

WiFi will be offered on these and other flights starting early 2024.

Hawaiian Airlines also confirmed today that it’s offering free WiFi. They said it will “equip these A321neos with high-speed Starlink internet, which will be offered complimentary to all guests on aircraft outfitted with WI-FI starting early next year.” The only aircraft to not receive WiFi will be the current interisland fleet.

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8 thoughts on “Flight Expansion: Hawaiian Airlines Adds Three New Mainland Routes”

  1. Good to see Delta finally getting some competition out of SLC. They have been taking advantage of Utah customers for years with the only service here direct from SLC. Look for competition from SWA if the FAA ever certifies the Max 7! Surprised to see an expansion from Hawaiian given the problems with the 321 engine, but good to see anyway.

  2. That’s great news for us who fly out of Sacramento.

    As a note it appears that Maui’s daily arrival numbers are making a steady climb back to match last years arrival numbers during this period.

    As I’ve stated before I believe Maui’s tourism industry is going to recover faster then predicted by experts.

    Experts, LOL or hahaha

  3. Good to hear and good for the State….Not a big surprise that HA is the airline that supports Hawaii best…simply the best choice to travel to and from Hawaii.

      1. Frustrating to see such a major screw up…it’s happening everywhere, the F1 race in Las Vegas with all the talent and resources they have still screwed up in a similar way. One of many factors I think is poor communication, turf protection and cronyism. It’s a real issue in Hawaii Government and we are seeing it time and again….Lahaina, this, and countless other issues. Someone somewhere dropped the ball because they put ego and self interest ahead of good communication and problem solving. That’s my initial reaction anyway.

  4. Great news on the Sacramento to Kona route! We used the prior Alaska Airlines Sac to Kona route extensively, that is, until Alaska removed that route when Southwest add it to their services a few years back. Then Southwest pulled that route from their services shortly thereafter leaving no direct flights to Kona from Sacramento. We never flew the Southwest route, but the prior Alaska flights were always full, no matter what day of travel or month, so kind of a head scratcher when they removed it.

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