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Hawaiian Airlines Adds New Flights to Maui

Hawaiian Airlines plans to increase flights to the Valley Isle again. That’s great news for Maui visitors and will bring more competition to the market. Today the company moved forward with their plan by commencing ticket sales on a new route connecting Maui and Phoenix. HA flight 57 will operate four times weekly. It is currently scheduled from May 21 until August 15. That could, of course, be extended if demand is adequate. We suspect that it will be.

The flights onboard Hawaiian’s narrow-body A321neo aircraft will leave Phoenix at 7 am Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, arriving on Maui at 1025 am. The returns depart Maui at 1040 am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday and arrives in Phoenix at 725 pm.

Maui resumes position in Hawaiian Airlines’ spotlight.

Hawaiian Airlines has sought further expansion of Maui flights for years and saw the A321 as strategic new fuel-efficient narrow-body vehicles for these thinner routes.

A321neo fleet enters its 4th year.

We wrote about the Hawaiian Airlines A321neo fleet when it was first introduced more than three years ago. It has allowed the airline to stake out some new neighbor island positions, including Maui, which were not previously accessible with its larger wide-body A330 planes.

Beat of Hawaii’s thoughts on more Maui flights.

We are excited to see new routes for less-traveled routes not requiring a widebody plane, such as this one. The new Phoenix route adds to existing nonstop Maui service from Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and San Jose.

Possible additional routes to Maui that we can envision in Hawaiian’s future plans could include Vancouver, Denver, and Salt Lake City. Can you think of any others?

8 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines Adds New Flights to Maui”

  1. Please add late night flights to LAX. We want to catch a flight to Mexico in the late morning several times each year and unless we fly from Maui late at night we need to spend a night in LAX. We wind up using another airline like United to make things work for us. Thank you for your service.

  2. Thank you so very much for having such beautiful people in all the most memorable islands. We have been to Hawaii four times. Diamond Head, road to Hana, seven pools , Haleakala, and those beautiful Luaus and so much more. Our memories of your beautiful hospitality will last in our hearts forever. Until we meet again.

  3. I rode one of Hawaiian Airlines A321 to Kona from LAX. It was THE MOST uncomfortable I have ever been on an airplane. I believe it is because the seats were so close together, they used seats that didn’t adjust too much, and had thinner cushioning. It was so bad, I will never ride in one again. I now check to see what type of plane it is before booking a flight. It’s too bad for me though. I’d much rather travel to Hawaii from Long Beach or Ontario, than from LAX, but to tally worth the trouble.

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