Hawaiian Airlines Cancels Many Flights As A321 Problems Deepen

Hawaiian A321 Deliveries Resume | New Routes + Airfare Sales Next

Hawaiian A321 deliveries have resumed. Last Friday the airline received the first of five additional planes scheduled to arrive between now and July. There will also be two more coming this fall, for a total of 9 in the Hawaiian Airlines fleet. “We have been working hard with Airbus and Pratt & Whitney to firm up our schedule.” –Alex Da Silva, HA Corporate Communications.

New routes can now resume.

These unforeseen delays meant that new routes had to be placed on hold pending resolution. As Hawaiian becomes comfortable that these planes will really arrive as scheduled this time, we will see the announcement of new routes shift into high gear.

Hawaii airfare sales ahead.

New routes will intensify already unprecedented competition on flights to Hawaii. As a reminder, so far this year we’ve already had two rounds of brief $99 Hawaii airfares, one from United and one from Alaska. That we haven’t seen before (other than from Allegiant). We’ve also had very regular $350 round trip United Hawaii and Delta Airlines deals from up and down the Pacific Coast. And Hawaiian bargain priced their nonstop flights between LA and Kauai at about $350 RT this spring (some dates still available).

Look for some of the next new A321 routes being from Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. Stay tuned for more on these very soon.

Two prior A321 delays.

The Hawaiian Airlines A321 narrow-body planes were to have been delivered starting late in 2017. That was twice delayed. The latest problem occurred in February, when an airworthiness directive was issued for many A321 planes. That temporarily grounded one of the two existing planes already at Hawaiian, as well as halting arrival of those that were in the delivery queue. That delay was based on issues with the new engines.

A321 from our experience.

We flew on the Hawaiian Airlines A321neo inaugural flight back in January. While we miss the wide-body, we loved it overall, and plan on many more flights on that plane.

30 thoughts on “Hawaiian A321 Deliveries Resume | New Routes + Airfare Sales Next”

  1. I’m taking my family to Kauai from 3/25/2019-4/01/2019. Their are 15 of us. What’s the best way to do this. Thanks for your help

    1. Hi James.

      First, call the airlines (plural) group travel desks for possible discount (when 10 or more travel together). Then book one or more vacation rentals as soon as possible since that is spring break and the best ones can sell out up to a year in advance. Enjoy!


  2. Hi I am planning a trip to Kauai, December 20 to Jan 1. We would be leaving from Minneapolis. Would you please give me some advice on where to fly out of to the Island, and what I may expect to pay,approximently, Thank you ever so much, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa.

      $1,400 with about 11 hours duration or as low as $1,137 with over 17 hours duration each way. On United. Probably won’t improve for your high season dates. Unfortunately price is nearly three times higher than traveling say in late summer.


  3. Let the people decide for themselves how good the new plans are. Narrow body planes are the pain for long flights. Even the Flight attendants confided to me that the hated the A321’s as well as ground crews for luggage handling reasons. Hawaiian should not have replaced their 767 fleet. Competition is good.

  4. We are flying to HNL from Indianapolis 11/15-11/22 over Thanksgiving. We found a flight on American from for $753 round trip. Should we wait? We were holding out for Southwest but not looking good. We could fly from Chicago too. Thank you!

    1. Hi Lori.

      Reasonable price for dates. There is also the nonstop from Chicago which is also not bad at $872. That save you over 4 hours. Suggest buying.


  5. We have already purchased our flights to Honolulu and are now looking for a flight from Honolulu to Las Vegas Thanksgiving night (November 22nd). The price has increased from $359 to $389.

    Do you expect fare on this specific route & date to go back down? We’re hopeful they will since it doesn’t appear Southwest will be flying to Hawaii by then.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Lisa.

      Definitely no on Southwest. Hard to say if price will go down or up. Downward potential is only to about $300. Probably better to buy than wait.


  6. I’m looking for round trip airline tickets from Texas to Maui in June 2019, are there any sales going on yet for June 2019?

  7. Going to Kaui July 14-21 and have a few days to be flexible with the travel dates. Leaving from Denver, although could fly Denver to Ca. first if flight prices to the Hawaii leg would be less expensive than Denver. Thoughts about the best way to arrange travel and airlines?

  8. We are hoping to spend Thanksgiving week in Kauai, traveling
    LAX to LIH. Any chance of some bargain fares during that holiday week, especially 11/16 to 11/23? Or is that week always expensive?

    Thanks so much, and we LOVE your straightforward and useful opinions and analysis!

    1. Hi Rick.

      Thank you! Your exact dates start at $783 nonstop. That’s actually okay a holiday week. If you could travel one day earlier in each direction, then far drops to $528 RT. Those are both on Delta.


  9. I am looking at mid-week departure & return from LIT to HNL mid November departure and mid January return. When should I book, and what prices do you predict?

  10. Aloha!
    I am looking to book 3 adult seats to Honolulu, in early December of 2019. I have availability to depart from Vancouver, Canada or Seattle/Tacoma, Washington or Bellingham, Washington. I would prefer a flight/hotel package as it is often more cost effective, but will accept just the flight costs. I cannot get prices after April 2019. Are you able to help with this, please.

    1. Hi Lena.

      We don’t get involved in pricing packages and truth be told they probably don’t save money, but rather may just be more convenient to you.

      Airlines generally sell tickets up to 330 days in advance. So you can’t start looking until early next year. Furthermore, if you will conclude your trip by about December 11 (or better yet earlier), then it will work best to wait until roughly 3 months before flying to get best prices.

      Hope that helps.


  11. Is $700ish/tix fr OAK/SFO to HNL, then OGG and back to OAK/SFO from 7/19-29 a good price?

  12. Hello will you be flying from st.louis to maui in the near future looking to schedule a trip in april of 2019 for my 59th birthday and the start of my retirement. Thanks and mahalo

    1. Hi Larry.

      We aren’t the airlines and we don’t speak for them. You’ll need to say towards end of April it appears in order to avoid spring break/high season prices. It will probably work best to buy tickets towards the end of this year or early next year. Target prices might be $525 to $650 depending on duration of flights and competition at that time.


  13. Hi,
    I am interested in frequent travel due to the birth of my grandson. Can you give insight as to the best airline with the best round trip fare? I am looking for something between 350 and 400 round trip. My travel dates will always be late Jan to early Feb due to his birthday. 🙂 I would very much appreciate your input in travel deals. So happy to have found this sight! It is amazing and so informative!

    1. Hi Becky.

      Thank you. Please tell us where you are flying from and to so that we can help. Generally speaking, flying to Hawaii in late January to early February is good in terms of prices.


  14. We are looking for round trip airfare from LAX to. Kona departing from LAX on or around November 1 and leavingKona on or around November 30th. Hoping it won’t be too high then. Thank you!

    1. Hi Terry.

      If you wanted to buy now, it’s running just over $500 on multiple airlines. By waiting price “might” drop by at least $100. If you have flexibility on days of the week, that makes best pricing more likely. Friday return could present a problem in that way.


  15. Looking for best HA round trip nonstop flights from Kona to LAX in October, leaving Saturday 10/6,returning Tuesday 10/23. Yesterday prices were $476 today they’re $546. Do you think they’ll come down to $476 again or should I just book now at $546? Thanks,Judy

    1. Hi Judy.

      $418 nonstop on United or Delta which is very fair. Hawaiian might come back too, but you won’t get best price obviously for your Saturday departure.


  16. I am looking to travel from Detroit to Honolulu in late September. Leaving on the 22nd and coming back on October 1st. When is the best time to buy my tickets for the best deals? Hoping to get a great deal. Would love to be able to fly Southwest. Will Southwest be flying to Hawaii by then?

    Thanks for anything you can find out for me.

    Have a great day…

    1. Hi Laurie.

      No they will not. Currently high $900’s with good connection. Could go down to mid $600’s for mid-week if you wait. But, while your return date is great price-wise, your Saturday departure will be somewhat more expensive.


  17. I am finding airfares in the $500 to $700 range for August from San Diego to Kona. Do you expect to see more like $400 prices for mid-August? Should I just keep checking and wait longer to purchase?

  18. Hello.I found airfare from San Diego to Kauai from June 11-18 on United. Could you please tell me if that is a good deal? We have never been to Hawaii before.
    Thank you,

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