Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321neo Damaged In San Francisco Airport Incident

Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321neo Damaged In San Francisco Airport Incident

Hawaiian Airlines flight HA42, an Airbus A321neo (registration N216HA), experienced a collision at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) four days ago that has left that aircraft grounded. Aviation Safety Network first reported this issue.

The aircraft sustained damage to its boarding door from being struck by a jet bridge while it was parked at the gate following arrival. This was lucky in some ways and very much not so in others.

Image courtesy of https://twitter.com/AFlyGuyTravels

According to multiple reports, the incident occurred soon after the aircraft arrived from Kahului Airport (OGG) on Maui. All passengers had luckily deplaned at the time of the jet-way collision, and outbound passengers hadn’t yet started boarding. As a result, no injuries were reported. However, the impact caused some damage to the aircraft, which raised concerns about safety protocols during ground operations.

The cost of an Airbus A321neo varies based on configuration, customer-specific customization, and manufacturer discounting. However, the list price for a new A321neo is typically around $130 million.

Hawaiian Airline plane damaged in ground incident
Image: Flightaware.

The incident led to the cancellation of the aircraft’s return flight, HA41.

Four days later, the plane remains grounded at SFO pending further assessment and repair. This disruption to Hawaiian Airlines’ operations has ramifications of possible financial and logistical impacts on the airline and its passengers.

We heard from passengers scheduled to be on the return flight from San Francisco inquiring about the issue.

This is the second known incident for this particular aircraft. The six-year-old plane hit a tow truck after the tow bar broke in 2019. That also required that the plane be taken out of service. There were no injuries.

Similar occurrences have been reported at other airports, prompting airport authorities to remain vigilant about safety measures and procedures to prevent future incidents. Investigations into the exact cause of the collision are underway, focusing on identifying any protocol lapses and implementing corrective measures.

As Hawaiian Airlines works to rectify the damage and resume normal operations, passengers are advised to stay informed about potential flight disruptions and to prioritize safety when traveling.

As of May 6, the plane remains on the ground at San Francisco Airport, has not flown since the incident occurred, and we don’t know when it will return to service.

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12 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321neo Damaged In San Francisco Airport Incident”

  1. It’s not what it has to do with the airline, or the aircraft. They just need to take care of those stuff.

  2. These aircraft mishaps grab headlines & I agree that they are scary, but statistically speaking we take a far greater risk of life & limb by getting into our automobiles & venturing out on public roadways.

  3. It sounds like to me a lack of professionalism on the part of a ramp employee but they are not all like that.

  4. IMO I’m just staying away from Airbus 321 Neo’s. Too many engine problems and now this. I guess this means one less flight of Mindful tourists traveling to Hawaii from SFO. With all the limited departures from the west coast making SFO the most busy this can only get worse. I guess the big question is? If Hawaii loses it’s tourists then does Hawaii lose the beat? Rob or Jeff any answer?

  5. What is going to be the availability of STVR’s going forward on each of the islands? Need to know soon.

    1. Hi Guys I think all these air mishaps are the result of nonchalance and distractions by the workers. I have watched them after I have boarded. It’s like they don’t take the job seriously. You wrote”prioritize safety when traveling”. Yet we are the sitting ducks on the plane. We just take it for granted that everything will go smoothly.I think the airlines should allow more time before flights to make Sure that everything is operational and Safe.

  6. Why are you saying it’s a collision like it’s Hawaiians fault. The plane was parked and the jet bridge collapsed wrecking the door.

    1. Wonder who manages the air bridges ? Could have attached to plane incorrectly ? I have been detained on plane waiting for air bridge to be hooked up by qualified person . We waited about 10-15 min. In stuffy humid plane.

      1. The bridges aren’t attached to the plane, but are pulled up next to the aircraft. If it collapsed it was not Hawaiian airlines fault. The jet bridge had to have been faulty or damaged by some other capacity. The ramp is always busy with vehicles, tugs, etc.

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