Hawaiian Airlines A350

Hawaiian Airlines New A350 XWB Fleet

Hawaiian Airlines has committed to purchasing six of the new Airbus A350-800 aircraft and has options on six more. Manufacturer Airbus has just revealed what the new A350 may look like.

These planes were originally scheduled for delivery starting in 2017. There are reliable rumors that the Hawaiian Airlines orders may be converted to somewhat larger A350-900 craft in which case the deliveries may begin even sooner. Airbus is expected to delay the dash 800 variant for several years while the A350-900 is expected to begin first airline deliveries later this year.

Watch for a new Honolulu to London route to be at the top of their A350 route list, in addition to their flying further into Asia, such as Bangkok and Singapore among others.

Hawaiian Airlines A350

Hawaiian Airlines A350 Features

  • 25% reduced fuel consumption.
  • Nearly vertical interior walls. Especially good for window seat passengers.
  • 322 passengers in a two-class configuration.
  • 53% composite construction.
  • Range of 8,300 nautical miles allows for nonstop between Hawaii and Asia, Australasia, the Americas, and Europe. That’s over 2,000 miles more than is now possible.
  • State of the art Panasonic IFE (in flight entertainment) at all seats.
  • KU band satellite for entertainment and trans-oceanic wi-fi.
  • Cavernous overhead storage.
  • LED mood lighting that’s infinitely variable.
  • No control boxes under passenger seats – all are under the floor.

In economy, look for 9 abreast in 18″ wide seats, which is the standard A350 configuration. Hawaiian Airlines could also opt for 10 across 17″ seats.

Business class above features 4 abreast seating in sumptuous luxury. If the configuration shown comes to pass it will be quite an upgrade over any existing Hawaiian Airlines business class cabin.

Photos courtesy of Airbus.

6 thoughts on “Hawaiian Airlines New A350 XWB Fleet”

  1. Please don’t opt for the narrower 17 in seats! I always fly Hawaiian because the seats are slightly larger than your competitors even if the price is higher.

  2. Cram, er, coach, looks painfully narrow as it is at 18″ widths and three across, would hate to see them go even narrower.

    Any word when, or if, Hawaiian will move out of the International Terminal at SFO and back into a ‘regular’ one? The location requires long and tedious hikes from checkin to the plane and even more challenges getting to baggage claim and out.

  3. HNL to London??? This makes me very happy – although that would be one long flight! But still shorter than what it currently is….

  4. I like your airline we have flown with you if you choose to go with the 17″ wide seats we will not fly with you any more. I am 6’3″ tall and weigh 260# the smaller seat is not comfortable for a long flight.

  5. I’m so happy to see this! I hope Hawaiian opts for the higher end business cabin with lie flat seats. I”ve been thinking of jumping ship and flying United as their business/first class can be very sumptuous if you book the right flight with the Continental fleet planes.
    This would make me stay with Hawaiian!

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