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Hawaiian Airlines News: Waivers Extended + Seeks to Delay Widebody Fleet

Hawaiian Airlines news today for July 3, 2020. First, the company will extend its waiver on change fees for purchases through the end of July. Also, we are hearing that Hawaiian will seek to delay the delivery of their long-awaited Dreamliner widebody fleet.

Hawaiian Airlines change fee waivers extended.

There’s some good news for tickets purchased through July 31, 2020. If you can’t fly, any remaining value goes towards another ticket within two years of the original purchase date. The change fee is waived but fare differences will apply. Bottom line, no money is lost even if the fare is no longer available. Mark your calendar too because your new travel dates will need to be within two years of the original ticket purchase. If you used an award ticket, Hawaiian will also waive redeposit fees.

Hawaiian Airlines seeks to delay its comfortable, fuel-efficient widebody fleet.

We’ve long had hopes 0f a new Honolulu to London route before the world turned upside down, and new Southeast Asia destinations too. Those routes are off the table for now and also the potential to begin replacing the 10% less fuel-efficient, 7-year old, A330 fleet. Hawaiian is now asking Boeing to delay the delivery of ten 787-9 Dreamliners, which are/were scheduled to begin in March 2021. We first alluded to the potential delay in May.

Their cargo director, Brad Matheny, said this week that, “Expanding the fleet and adding new aircraft wouldn’t be in our best interest now. We’re in discussions with Boeing about the delivery dates. We’re dedicated to that aircraft. That is our long-haul aircraft of the future. It’s just timing-wise.”

Hawaiian Airlines has firm orders for the first ten Dreamliners, with options for an additional ten. When first announced in 2018, we reported on the exciting new Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet.


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  1. If you fly to Maui after getting a test at home but don’t have the results yet when you land, how can you get from the airport to your condo if you aren’t allowed to rent a car or use Uber without a negative test result? Thank you so much for all of your information!

  2. Do essential workers travel from the mainland to Hawaii without the required covid testing needed as a visitor, vacationer must have ?

  3. Just to clarify your paragraph on change fee waivers extended. Does the statement “If you can’t fly” mean that it is at the passenger’s discretion if he or she can’t or doesn’t want to fly. Does there have to be a stated reason? Is there a deadline date when you have to make the decision?
    I’m not attempting to split hairs here. We’re flying to Kauai in late September and we would like to see how things shake out before we make a decision on postponement.

    Thanks again BOH. Don’t know what we would do without you.

    1. Hi Curtis.

      Thanks That is their exact language, so probably best to clarify with them. We believe it means you can cancel for any reason at any point before the flight.


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